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Jason flips into The Unseen Therapist's ultimate love

Hi Everyone,

During an Optimal EFT oriented session, Karen Degen, an EFT Practitioner in New Zealand, was helping her client, Jason, with an anger issue when, suddenly, Jason flipped into a state of complete calm and ultimate love. This state is available to us all and is profound evidence of The Unseen Therapist's presence.

Fortunately, Karen had the presence of mind to turn on her camera and record Jason in this spiritual experience. Watch this video and listen to Jason narrate his journey. Unforgettable.

Our gratitude to both Jason and Karen for sharing this priceless moment. It helps us Touch the World.



PS: Here's Jason's follow-up letter to me...

Thanks Gary you've done such a great job of this. I feel very privileged to be able to share this with people and hope it does help others.

I can still get the feeling back when I want to which is fantastic and I do so when I need to. I drop down into my body and get present to this amazing feeling and experience of love.

I'm so grateful to Karen for helping me have this experience and it is having impacts in all other areas of my life. With my children, my business and all my relationships, especially with my family.

Thank you to both of you xx

Lots of love, Jason


 e-hugs, Gary