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"Impossible" Healings

Gabrielle Rutten, MD's "impossible" Optimal EFT result with her students

Listen in as Dr. Rutten and I discuss her "impossible" Optimal EFT results for 18 students... all within a few minutes. A video interview follows.

Definition of "Impossible":

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Gabrielle's intro:  

Hi Gary,

ImpossibleJust a short note from the Nederlands about the miraculous help of The Unseen Therapist.

In preparation of our launch of the Dutch Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center and the Optimal EFT course, I just gave an introduction workshop on Optimal EFT for 18 students.

As preparation for the "Ballroom Meditation" (a group invitation to The Unseen Therapist), I asked the audience to assess how true their core negative beliefs felt for them right at that moment. So I had hem mindfully say their core negative beliefs (I am not good enough, not lovable, don't fit in, etc) with their eyes closed with the instruction to feel how true this statement felt emotionally, not rationally. Most people assessed their initial 0-10 intensity ratings at well over 5, most 8 or 9, some 7. Then I guided them through the Ballroom Meditation which lasted maybe 6-7 minutes. Again I asked people to assess the validity of their core negative believe as described, and everybody went way down to 1-2, some even to 0.

How do you like them apples? This kind of results with conventional EFT, or any other man-made method, is just not feasible. Obviously, I explained to the audience that they may need to customize the process for lasting results but it is an appealing example of the loving power of The Unseen Therapist.



Here's the video interview with Gabrielle:  



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