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Using EFT

Using EFT for old and frail people

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By Marita Hubert

Hello, dear Gary,

first of all I wish you a very successful new year with many thanks for the treasure of your frequent newsletters. I also wish a successful new year to all of our EFT-community worldwide, to those who help people to get back their deserved share of life.

I am a naturopath in Berlin, Germany. Our patients are the ones who don't feel understood anymore, not enough attended or not taken serious, often disregarded, not meeting healing success or given up by their physicians. But with our natural treatments and remedies and the longer rate of time at a session we dedicate listening to them we still can state having a success rate of 80% which is not too bad. And now that I operate with EFT (since 4 months) my success rate has raised remarkably.

To me the most exciting and thrilling issue is the treatment of old and frail people, whose chances for an improvement of their ailments have gotten small because of their gradually fading energy. The EFT-treatment to the weakest is always good for any surprise of unexpected phenomena. The effect from the treatment mostly comes in with delay and you never know what the manifest will be. But then... what a feeling, watching things disappear like magic.

The current story is about the EFT-success on an old gentleman in his early eighties suffering from an apoplectic insult (stroke of the brain) four years ago, which left his right brain hemisphere damaged and invalid with the left side paralyzed. When I first visited him he was mentally in the state of a 6 years old child, helpless, well registering the loss of his mental faculties, loss of perspective eyesight and being full of fears of almost everything and totally depleted of energy. So I decided to first treat his loss of energy and some of his fears:. The fear of looking down on the street from his window in the 4th floor and falling down although the pane was closed.

"Although I feel weak...",

"Although I am afraid of falling down through the window...",

"Although I am afraid of high places and of the depth...".

A few days later his wife told me, that straight after the treatment he had felt slight nauseas. So he went to bed and slept for one our. Then he got up and had a feeling "as if something would come down from his chest" leaving him light, stronger and in better spirits a completely new sensation (While he had been in hospital with the stroke he had to get heart surgery with the application of a bypass unit. The OP wound got infected with bacteria and had to be reopened which took the most part of his energy and left him an uncomfortable sensation in the area). Next day the wife saw him standing at the window interestedly watching the snowflakes come down. He virtually had forgotten his fear from the depth.

My next visit I dedicated to tapping for his fears of visiting his daughter and family's home. He always made a huge issue of it upsetting every member of the family already one or even two weeks before that event. Fearful of getting down the elevator in his wheelchair, getting into the taxi cap, and in front of his daughters house walking up the stairs to the front door and most of all "climbing this horrible ladder to get over the roof of the garage". There was absolutely no such ladder or need to getting over the garage. It only existed in his imagination. I tabbed "Although I am full of fear of that ladder...".

So X-mas came and until that very day he never mentioned any objection or fear of the visit.

He entered the house of his daughter having forgotten about the ladder for completely. Then at his way back home he told the family: "I didn't feel a bit of fear!". A few days later he phoned me, which he had never felt strong enough to do before, and reported what had happened and thanked me for it. I am sure he was not happier at that moment than I was.

So dear Gary, I am waiting for your next newsletter in happy anticipation.

Yours as always

Marita Hubert


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