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Breathing problems, surrogate tapping, depression and Try it on Everything

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here are several recent EFT cases. Where appropriate, I intersperse my own comments.

Hugs, Gary

by Catherine O'Driscoll

Hi Gary

I met a taxi driver earlier this week. His breathing was terrible.

GC COMMENT: I have many experiences where breathing problems are linked to emotional issues--even when they appear to have physical causes. Sometimes, when a client has difficulty articulating their emotional issue(s), I look for breathing constrictions and start there. This can often be a good lead-in to core issues. This method is described in detail on our advanced tapes (Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist).

CATHERINE CONTINUES: Don't know why, but I told him about EFT, and he was very eager to come for treatment. He has been suffering from what he describes as a trapped nerve for six years. The medical establishment couldn't identify a problem, and couldn't fix it. We had him pain free within about three minutes.

Fred also suffers from asbestosis - he is 69 but used to work as a bus mechanic when the brake linings were made of asbestos. Within one round of tapping, his breathing went from a 10 to "I can't believe this!". He was breathing like a fish out of water - big deep breaths all the way down to his boots. When he arrived, he rattled through the door and couldn't breathe past his heart.

Fred is coming again next week, this time with his learning disabled granddaughter. It's interesting how some people resist EFT and don't want to alleviate their problems. Fred is a natural - he knew he wanted to do it, and asked no questions, just did it.




Hi, Gary!

Treated a mom last week who was suicidally depressed over mental health issues with her daughter. The girl, 17 1/2 yo (which is bad, funding-wise, in most states under managed care), had used up all her funds and was about to be discharged from the psych unit of the local children's hospital, with nowhere to go. Symptoms include anorexia and bulimia and self-mutilation. She has been hospitalized for most of the past year with no progress, only deterioration. She will no longer speak to her mom, much less go home with her. Other options were quite bleak, since "locked" beds in this state are precious few.

The mom did a splendid job of doing her homework, tapping many, many times surrogately each day for her daughter. I suggested to her the tapping was likely to have a carry-over effect on the tapper, but we'd have no real way to measure the effect it might have on her daughter. But to just do it anyway. She did.

This week, she reported her depression is gone and she can't believe it. (She's been depressed most of her life, but especially since the girl's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer during her pregnancy with this child. He died when the girl was 2). The girl got a couple days reprieve to stay at the hospital, then transferred to the best, and least likely to get, facility. She has 30 days there, and it's the facility most likely to allow this alternative sort of intervention. To the surprise of everyone, she made the transition easily. Who knows, eh?

GC RESPONSE: Right. Who knows? If the surrogate tapping, indeed, helped the daughter (and, by the way, all other interventions appeared to have failed), that is good. Lifting a lifelong depression for the mother, however, is not a bad "side benefit." I would encourage more people to take this route. I hear nothing but good reports about it.

Mernie Graham

FROM JOAN HITLIN: Another creative addition to our "Try it on Everything" files.

Dear Gary,

I had an interesting experience last week. A new client, on Spring break from a university in Massachusetts, came for a one (and only one) session.

She tearfully explained that the reason she came to see me was because someone had intentionally hypnotized her, without her knowledge or permission. She thought he was causing all sorts of symptoms, including disorganization and an inability to get information by reading.

I was thinking, good grief, what can I do with this? It sounded like full blown paranoia or spirit intrusion. She had considered exorcism.

Well. I only had this one session, and I kept hearing: ***Try it on Everything.***

So I said: "You're absolutely right! The guy clearly messed with your energy system. And I have just the thing to re-balance your energy system."

After a few rounds of EFT she was laughing and relieved. I gave her something to read, and she said she could read just fine now. I taught her the steps, and told her that if anyone messed with her energy system ever again she should use these steps, or call for a phone appointment.

Of course, I don't know what happened once she got home. But her change in affect was impressive. More impressive was my own reaction to what in the past would have felt really scary. I felt really brave and creative - all that tapping has made a real difference in me, and hopefully in her too.

Thanks for everything, Joan

Joan Hitlin


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