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EFT and visible changes in physical appearance

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Catherine O'Driscoll from Scotland provides this useful case where her client, Lawrence, has an impressive physical transformation that could be seen right before her eyes. I've had several reports of this over the years and have seen it a few times myself.

By Catherine O'Driscoll

Some years ago, I wrote to you to tell you about Sophie, a Golden Retriever who had arthritis in her front paws so bad that her paws had become very swollen and deformed. I tapped on myself (surrogately) for Sophie's arthritis and, much to my surprise, they changed in front of my eyes, becoming normal like a Hollywood special effect. The change was so astounding that I didn't believe it until my sister visited a couple of weeks later, when Sophie's paws had reverted to their swollen form. I tapped again, with my sister watching, and we both saw them normalize in front of our eyes. I sent this example off to you. (Sophie made her transition four years later at the great age of 17, and she never had swollen paws again.)

You telephoned, Gary, to ask me about what might have happened. At the time, you said that you had only heard of a visible physical change once before. GC Comment: I have since seen other physical transformations. You wanted to know what was going on, what might be happening, and you asked questions like, did I have a special bond with Sophie. I did, but then I have a special bond with all of my dogs. I was as bemused as you at the time.

More recently, a remarkable man called Lawrence Clifford came to one of my workshops. Lawrence arrived as a man on a mission, full speed ahead. He's a karate champion and competes for his country; he's a teacher and coach, and a extraordinary human being. We also had an osteopath on the course, who proved to be particularly useful.

Lawrence wanted to work on a sports injury in his lower back that sometimes prevented him from competing. The pain would be so intense that he simply could not perform. Our osteopath friend noticed that Lawrence's body was lop-sided. His left ear, shoulder, nipple, and hip were all about an inch higher than those on his right side. Lawrence tapped for this.

He paced around the room, tapping away as if his life depended upon it. We were watching with total focus, total concentration and total intent. And thanks to the osteopath's expert intuition in observation, we were also watching a physical transformation as he straightened up in front of our eyes.

GC COMMENT: While Catherine doesn't discuss the tapping phrases involved I might suggest the following would be useful...

Even though I have this intense pain....

Even though my body is lop-sided....

Even though I have some rigid leanings in my life....

If the desired result is slow in coming with the above, I would likely search for specific emotional events in Lawrence's life that may contribute to the problem. EFT usually does quite well with this approach.

CATHERINE CONTINUES: So here, several years on, is what I think is the answer to your question (perhaps you found the answer yourself in the meantime).

It is my belief that EFT is even more successful when the person doing the tapping is able to give total, undivided attention and intent to the problem in hand. A background of meditation, or martial arts, or some form of mind discipline or consciousness work, is the tool which makes this possible, as far as I can see.

I checked with Lawrence before sending this case story off to you, and he wanted me to add more. Lawrence has seen physical transformations with two of his clients now. Both of these clients are martial artists, and both trust Lawrence implicitly. He told me that when he met me, he was able to conclude that he had no doubt in my abilities, and that he believed in me (something he has a hard time doing with most people). He believes that this trust is an important part of the healing process.

I'll add something, too. I believe that we are not the healers. As you say in Steps Towards Becoming the Ultimate Therapist, the healing is not done by us, it's done through us. I never use EFT, or teach a class, without first asking a Power higher than myself to work through me, and I believe implicitly in that Power.

Great, isn't it!

With love
Catherine O'Driscoll


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