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EFT improves a mentally disabled young man

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This is a glowing testimonial for Surrogate EFT (tapping on behalf of someone else) AND the general notion of "Try it on Everything!" Many thanks to Libby Lervik for submitting it.

Hugs, Gary

By Libby Lervik

Dear Gary:

I am a relative newbie to EFT and am awed by the technique.  This letter is to tell you about a 27-year old named, “Bob.”  Bob appears mentally disabled but a battery of tests in childhood showed no brain damage, but instead, that “his neurotransmitters are not wired properly.”

Bob has the mind of about a twelve-year-old child. He does not like conversation and gives a “Yes,” or “No” answer when possible. If he has to repeat a word, he just stops talking. He loves to play catch but I watched him for nearly a half-hour and he only caught it once.  (His body movements are very awkward although he does ride a bike and sometimes chops wood).

Also, wherever he goes he MUST have his backpack with him.  He does not ever, ever leave home without it.  Soiling his pants is another problem and it’s been happening at least three times daily…every day his whole life.  He uses the computer but does not do anything but look at the wrestling sites, (because it has pictures). His attention span is extremely short and he gives up on things very quickly.

I have been surrogate-tapping on Bob for two weeks now. His mother is watching him for changes.  This is what she has seen.

He has only soiled his pants once.  He only missed the ball once in playing catch for over a half-hour.

He is engaging in ‘real’ conversation and when asked to repeat a word, he does, and continues with the conversation.  His speech is improving daily and he is much easier to understand.

For the past three days he has not taken his backpack once and he even forgot to take it into the house from the truck.

His father works in Siberia.  While home this time, dad walked into his bedroom and found a beautiful Russian flag that Bob had obviously copied and printed and it read: To dad from Bob.

He likes to try chopping wood but normally only cuts about two pieces then loses interest and stops.  Two days ago he started chopping wood. He worked for about twenty-five minutes straight…cutting all the wood that needed splitting.  He didn’t stop until the job was finished.

Bob has agreed to meet with me as I explained to mom that if we could teach Bob to do his own tapping it might speed up the healing process.

This is my phraseology when I do my surrogate tapping:

I always start with “Bob, this is for you.” I do the full sequence saying: Even though my neurotransmitters are not wired properly I love and accept myself…I’m a real neat guy…I accept myself anyway…I love and appreciate myself.

Reminder phrase:  Neurotransmitters aren’t wired properly…brain needs rewiring…I pee & poop my pants…I don’t speak clearly…I don’t like conversations…I don’t like talking to people.

An update from mom:  Yesterday Bob was in the mall with mom when he suddenly looked frantic and started to walk away from her.  When she asked him where he was going he said, “Baffroom.” He then ran up to a clerk and asked where it was. (He has never walked up to a stranger before unless his mother was right beside him.) When he got back mom asked him if he made it.  He said, “Nope, little bit in my pants so I frewed them in the garbage.”  He has never cleaned himself up before either.  And another “First,” he bought himself a hat and walked up to the cashier on his own, his mom said, “I was FLOORED! He’s NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE! He ALWAYS makes sure I am right beside him in a line-up!”

I hope this helps others who may be doing this work on mentally handicapped individuals. Never give up! Try it on EVERTHING! 

Big hugs to you,

Libby Lervik


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