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Articles & Ideas

Using EFT

Success by using EFT while reading our Newsletter articles

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Here's a useful idea from Peggy Lawson. For nearly two years she has tapped while reading all of our newsletter articles and reports a long string of successes. This is a clever combination of Borrowing Benefits and our Personal Peace Procedure. At the end of this article I have also appended her answers to many questions she received about this idea.

By Peggy Lawson

Dear Gary:

I always read the newsletter you send out thoroughly. I make myself a cup of tea and sit down and then tap on each one of the issues that every author is portraying in their stories. By doing this for almost two years, I have cleared so many personal issues that would not have even occurred to me to tap on and freed myself from so much pain and conflict.

However, I had a real epiphany reading Joan Hitlin's account of a "possessed" young woman. She said:

"More impressive was my own reaction to what in the past would have felt really scary. I felt really brave and creative -"

This realization is, to me, the most important one in my life. Before EFT, who had time for courage and creativity? I was too busy just surviving in a terrible world. I KNOW now that whatever situation comes up, I have a remarkable tool. Does it change the challenge I am confronting? No. It changes the way I react to it. Moreover, if I use surrogate tapping on anyone else who is involved in the situation, they also change for the better. Peaceful resolution to the conflict becomes possible in ways that could never have happened before. What a surge of self-confidence that brings! I no longer have to be afraid of predicaments that would have overwhelmed me before, causing me to be stuck and wallow in a pitiful "Why is this happening to me?" attitude. I tap on it, deal with it and move on. No resentments against myself, the other person, or even God. (I have dumped a lot of anger and resentment on Him. Sorry, Lord!)

The result has been an enormous lessening in anxiety, fear, procrastination and conflict. My road rage is almost nonexistent (as a salesperson, I drive A LOT!), my financial situation has improved dramatically and I am certainly much healthier mentally and physically. A cold last one or two days, tops, and I no longer have terrible headaches. Disputes in my personal relationships are quickly rectified, instead of lasting days, weeks or sometimes even years. AND, I easily lost 35 pounds over a 5 month period of time and have just as easily kept it off. Also, with such a vacuum created from removing all the suffering in my life, joy actually has a place to rush in and fill the empty space. That's an emotion I didn't have the capacity to feel for a long time!

Now, if I could just find the right phrasing to overcome my hot flashes, life would be perfect! Well, I'm working on it. With the track record that consistent use of EFT has produced, I'm confident that I'll stumble across it one day.

Thanks and bless you, Gary, for EFT.

Peggy Lawson

Questions and Answers from readers

Dear Gary:

I have received quite a bit of feedback from the article I wrote that you posted on your website about doing EFT while reading the newsletter. It seems that most people have the same questions and I wanted to clarify what I was doing. Basically, I had written that I would thoroughly read the newsletter and tap while I was reading it. I suppose that since I am a multi-tasker, I felt it would be a good time to do an EFT session, and it was a regularly scheduled session, since the newsletter comes out weekly. I was going to read it anyway and it was a good use of my time. Although I still tap when something upsets or worries me during the week, the newsletter session is certainly more intensive.

Regardless of whether I thought the issue in the newsletter pertained to me or not, I tapped on it while reading it. Several people asked what I would use as setup phrases. If setups were included, I would use those. If not, I would simply tap or a setup phrase would occur to me while I was tapping. I simply read and tapped. As I told one person, you can't make a mistake, except not to start tapping. The consistent, persistent use of EFT over an extended period of time provided the benefits. ANYTIME someone uses the tool of EFT, it certainly can't hurt them and always seemed to help me. Focusing on what the subject was saying seemed to be enough to make a difference to me over and over again.

There were times when I was so moved by the author's issues, that surprisingly, I would burst into tears while tapping. Aha! Now I knew I must have been relating to that issue, but wasn't even aware I had the same feelings! Once the shift that occurred was so dramatic and intense, I had to hold on to the arms of the chair I was sitting in to keep from falling out. That only happened once, and since then, although sometimes I am still moved to tears, I don't always feel a benefit right away. But I tap anyway.

Once, I remember tapping on the story of a little girl around 4 years-old. I was still so unsuspecting of my reactions at the time, and again was surprised by how intensely I related to what she was saying in the article. I had to read the article several times to clear whatever was upsetting me so much, but in a few minutes it was gone. To this day, I don't really even know what the issue was.

As each negative aspect in my past is cleared by using EFT, I become freer and lighter. I'm still human and still make TONS of mistakes everyday...but I deeply and completely accept myself anyway! (I would be tapping right now if I were reading this!) Tapping while reading the newsletter is an EASY thing to do, and you have everything you need right now to get started. Look down at the end of your arm and let your fingers do the healing! (I may have started a new ad slogan! (smile) It's free and there's no time like right now to start. Good luck to anyone who wants to give it a try. It sure works for me.

P. S. In a later article, I would like to explain another technique I have stumbled on, which I call future tapping. Tapping on things that I fear MIGHT happen, but haven't yet. It prepares me to handle anxieties that I used to make myself sick worrying about and allows me to let them go, so that I am not caught up in the fear of the future anymore.


Peggy Lawson


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