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Emphatic EFT dramatically shifts many things--use this on stubborn issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Study this mega-important article by Rex Jantze. By yelling and dramatically emphasizing his EFT session for low back pain, he generated a long list of impressive "side benefits."

Hugs, Gary

By Rex Jantze

Dear Gary,

I had my first, real, amazing breakthrough last night with EFT when I used a not-so-subtle technique.  I could honestly call it an OMW (one-minute wonder).  I have had chronic low back and hip pain for the last year, unsure of where and when it began.  It manifested itself during a summer tour of a theatre mask troupe I was performing in, which forced me to resign the following fall.

Last night, while perusing the recent EFT newsletter, I went back into the EFT website to look up more articles on pain issues.  I remember having seen articles where people had success by putting more emphasis on the setup statements, speaking it loudly or shouting it, putting more emotion into it than they could honestly feel during the session.  

I have learned that memory and learning is more successful if the person puts emotional energy into what he or she is learning or reading.  This is why traumatic memory is the most persistent and untenable of memories, creating powerful filters by which we receive and transmit all other events and situations in our lives.

My friends and family regard me as a generally calm, relaxed, humorous person.  Almost non-emotional.  (Not that things or events don’t move me, I just don’t get as worked up about them.) As an actor, though, I know how to get my blood boiling convincingly without being actually angry; I can weep without being actually sad.  I can get the chemicals and molecules of emotion flowing in my brain and body and actually feel it - the tension, the passion, the tragedy or humor - though I know I am just faking it.

I say this now more in retrospect (I didn’t really pre-plan this session) because that is what I did with EFT last night - I completely exaggerated my frustration and anger and sadness associated with the pain in my back (especially the frustration), not really knowing if it would work.  Without waking the house, I shouted my frustration in my head, I tensed my body and made it feel almost psychopathically angry and upset about my pain issue, violently stabbing my karate chop point as hard and fast as I could for my setup phrases, then continuing the exaggerated feelings and hard tapping (if you tense enough and throw enough emotion into it, you won’t really hurt yourself) as I blustered and pissed and pleaded my way through the reminder phrases, struggling with my faux deep frustration how it just won’t go away and I really want it to and my life is ruined if it won’t cease, etc.

Now, a round would consist of one set of setups and two to three sets of tapping, including the fingers and eye movements.  I swear that in four rounds of this I had a pain of 8 out of 10 reduced to a level of intensity of 2 out of 10.  And before this I could barely budge the pain with my usual EFT program, thinking and believing I had some deeper core issue I couldn’t find therefore wasn’t addressing.  Also, I utilized two other tips I read in the newsletter; using “somehow” and trying multiple postures/positions (sitting, standing, etc.)

Interestingly, that set of EFT rounds manifested at least two other remarkable results for me.  I had an amazing amount of energy this morning, more than I can ever remember having after sleeping.  Probably because, again for the first time, I did not toss and turn as I usually do, but relaxed last night into deep sleep.  I had two vivid, colorful dreams of doing remarkable or impossible things including telekinetically moving fresh-made popcorn from the kitchen to a bowl in my room without anyone noticing, and floating an inch above the ground so that I could push myself from place to place without moving my legs. 

Also, my usual habit of sleeping in (if I don’t use an alarm), another problem I’ve been trying to break, seems to have corrected itself naturally.  I woke naturally and full of energy and with a relaxed mind at 7 am, completely not my usual hardwired habit of sleeping until 10 or later.  

Another more subtle change is that as I write this letter the words are just flowing out of me, quite the opposite of my usual writing block of starting a letter and then quitting not long after because I don’t know what or how to say what I want.  And one more - the lesser yet sharp pains between my shoulder blades have also, for now, released and disappeared - at least for this morning.

Now, I have been also loosely studying NLP and other modalities on my own for a short time.  It is understood that there are three primary modes or senses that people operate from (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) in the course of a day, usually with one dominating the rest.  In my understanding, it is a learned and hardwired modality that most events are initially filtered through.  

A possible explanation for this kind of efficiency with EFT is that people who are auditory (which I am) and visual may need to focus or push (exaggerate) their emotions a little harder into the issues and get those emotional molecules and chemicals the brain makes flowing through the body.  People who are kinesthetics and children, who already possess a strong attachment to their emotions, probably have more immediate success at EFT - they may possibly get faster results than the rest of us on average.

My back is still a 1 or 2 this morning, and my energy is still amazingly high as I write this.  I will tell more soon as I continue experimenting with EFT and exaggerating my emotions as I tap.  I will attempt to define, refine, and elaborate on my procedure in detail in another letter.  I intend to get my pain to a zero by the end of today.  My new motto for EFT: If it just can’t wait ... If it just won’t break ... EXAGGERATE!!

Thank you, Gary!

Rex Jantze


Follow-Up #1, Day 2

I have been noticing even more subtle effects from that short session than I could have dreamed. Several things I've wanted to change and have worked on previously all seem to be manifesting. My writing block has gone away.  My bad food and eating habits changed dramatically, for the better, another set of issues I have desired to change.  All the emotional energy I used to put into food and meals needing to eat - all just vanished or shifted. (I will elaborate on this later in another article.  Health and Weight-Loss is an area that inspires me.)

I don't exactly remember what I said in that session, but I apparently touched several nerves and pushed some major walls out of my way.  I am still high on energy, though my back still feels about a 2, but that's still way better than what it was doing.  By the way, I did kind of bruise myself a little from that session, just a little sensitive in those tapping areas today.  I'm not black and blue, but I am going to wait a few more days before I attempt such a violent tapping session again. (The karate chop is the only point not bruised by my EFT tantrum.)  I will develop this method further, I just need a name - like The EFT Super Plunger (breaks through ALL the s#!t!) or EFT Home Wrecker (busting out ALL the walls!) or The EFT Bully (a better way to beat yourself up! Ouch!! Ahhhh...).

I didn’t really go looking for a core issue, but I considered and visualized possibilities (possible events or experiences that occurred that could have been blamed on the problem) and I brought them all up in the set-up, and I did use statements like "I don’t know what it is causing this, but my subconscious probably does, and I REALLY need to get over this NOW!"


Follow-Up #2, Day 4

I have done nothing else other than that short session 4 days ago.  My back remains about a 1-2, though I am now able to exercise and not hurt myself further and strengthen those areas that are weak.  As a residual effect, my relationship with food, has entirely changed; it seems I am connected with and collaborating with my body on a new level.  My poor eating habits (food choices, eating too much at one time, eating too fast, eating when I’m not hungry) have all shifted or collapsed.  I kid not!  I am trying to lose about 10 pounds, this has been a remarkable start to see that happen.  And I wasn’t even working on that issue at that time, though it has been an emotional issue I’ve been trying to deal with.

My sleeping pattern has changed, and I sleep more deeply and comfortably without tossing and turning so much - another issue I wasn’t even focused on during the session.  It just got better - more natural on its own.  There have been several other subtle or profound positive residual effects on other problems I have been trying to change.  I am also calmer overall.  I will experiment with this again in a few days, when my skin desensitizes and heals a little more from that first crazy session.

Another possible explanation is that there may be a subtle tail-ender in the feeling that we’ve come to accept and submit to the issue as being a part of us, as though it were actually OK and good for us.  Or that we accept the reduction of the problem and need not go any further, since it’s better than what it was - “That’s good enough for now, I can accept that.  Probably won’t get any better.”  

A possible thing to try is to make an absolute resolution in the setup and reminder statements, such as “Even though this problem refuses to budge any further, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and this problem is no longer an option.  This problem is no longer welcome here. It is to pack its bags and leave immediately.  This problem ends here, now, today.  End of issue.” I am going to try that in my next session.  


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