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Using EFT

Using EFT for Abundance releases limiting beliefs

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

In a past EFT/Abundance oriented teleclass, Dr. Carol Look dealt with a participant over the phone on various limiting beliefs. What follows is an example of what is possible when EFT is expertly administered. Notice the many insightful concepts Carol brings to the table.

By Dr. Carol Look

Karen participated in my 90 minute Attracting Abundance with EFT teleclass last week. She wrote me to tell me of all that had improved for her. While you may call the changes "coincidences" she knows that EFT helped neutralize her limiting beliefs which in turn, changed her energy and allowed her to attract more abundance into her life.


Karen had been feeling quite stressed out. She had been laid off from her job of 7.5 years a few months ago, and was caught in alimiting belief that told her there was no way for her to get a new job that included a high salary without suffering from incredible stress and pressure from her boss about meeting monthly sales figures. In her words, her last job had been extremely "dysfunctional."

Karen stored her stress in her body, and had been very diligent about getting regular massages when she was employed. Since she no longer traveled for work, she could not go back to her favorite massage practitioner who was 3 hours away, along her work route. Despite her efforts, she had yet to find a good practitioner nearby, and was feeling the negative effects of the build up of stress in her body.

Karen also had put on weight since being laid off, and was feeling very uncomfortable about it.


During the abundance teleclass, Karen was one of the callers who took an individual turn with me while everyone else participated in"borrowing benefits."

In an email before the call, Karen had written me that she was afraid she could never "be successful again." During the call, she told me that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to get the "right job" for her, and that she associated success with being controlled, unhappy and stressed out. When I asked her to rate the "fear of being successful again" because she couldn't attract the "right job" she said it was a "7."

While everyone else was tapping and borrowing benefits, Karen and I tapped as follows:

Even though I'm convinced I won't attract the right job, I deeply and completely accept and love myself ANYWAY...

Even though I'm afraid I won't attract the right job for me, I've decided to relax about the whole issue...

Even though I'm afraid I won't attract the right job this time, I've decided to relax about this employment issue and accept who I am...

Then as she tapped the sequence of points, I asked her to say the following phrases:

What if I don't attract the right job for me?...That really scares me...What if I lose it again?...What if I'm all stressed out?...I feel so much pressure...This pressure to attract the perfect job...No wonder I'm overeating...Too much pressure...I have to do it right...

Too much pressure...This anxiety...I'm going to release the anxiety...I choose to feel calm and peaceful...

I asked Karen to take a deep breath after the tapping before measuring the intensity of the fear again. She said "It cleared pretty quickly." When I asked her to rate the stress that had been at a "7" she said "the stress about not attracting the right job is now totally cleared and is at a 0."

When I asked if any other issues came up, she said that her recent weight gain since being laid off had surfaced. I asked her what might be the "upside" of this weight gain, and how it served her in a positive way. "The weight is making me feel safer, and allows me to hibernate from people...blocking out feelings...insulating me from my feelings and from others."

Then I asked her, "If you lost the weight, what would be the strongest feeling that would come up?"She immediately answered: "Fear of freedom." We tapped as follows:

Even though I'm anxious about the freedom I could have, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway...

Even though I'm afraid of the freedom I might be able to wonder I'm overeating...I've decided to calm myself down...

Even though I'm afraid of the freedom that's possible...I choose to accept myself anyway...

Even though there's so much anxiety around freedom and how powerful I really am...I choose to accept and love who I am...

Again, I "rambled" (as Gary likes to call it) and suggested phrases while she tapped on the sequence of points:

I'm afraid of my power...Afraid of my freedom...What if I had divine freedom?...I am so afraid...I'd rather feel safe...It feels good to hibernate...I like blocking my feelings...I had no idea I was afraid of freedom...What if I could feel free...and enjoy it...And feel safe...I choose to feel safe...I love feeling FREE AND SAFE...Ok, what if I don't lose this weight?...I don't know what to do with the time and space...I might be so anxious...I don't know what to do with my freedom...I don't know what to do with time and space...I can feel the anxiety...I am releasing the anxiety...I choose to release the anxiety and embrace my power and make new choices...


During the week following the abundance teleclass, Karen experienced some delightful changes, and told me she feels confident that clearing her limiting beliefs with EFT influenced the outcome of her week tremendously. She experienced a "huge release of body pressure" and got "the buzz" she normally gets after doingEFT. She felt wonderful after the physical release and felt peaceful and at her "peak" energy level.

The day after the call, she received a fantastic job offer! The boss's attitude was to "make money, have fun, and not experience any stress"...a totally win-win situation. Karen told me that the job description fits her desire perfectly---no pressure from the boss, minimal training, a real "natural fit" suited to her abilities.

Also on the day following the call, Karen sold her boat slip for $36,000! It had been on the market for 2 months. AND...the man who purchased it is allowing her to continue to keep her tiny boat there at no charge. This is a huge "plus" for her.

And, after searching for an excellent massage practitioner since she had been laid off, her friend introduced her to a place nearby that offered her a new, special kind of table massageFREE every day for a month before she is required to sign up or pay for anything! She was thrilled.

Then she was able to find a cell phone service for half the price and twice the minutes...but she hadn't been able to "find" this plan for the last few months...and the list goes on and on...

Here is a "p.s." from Karen regarding the "freedom"issue that we tapped on:

...Long story short, after our abundance tapping call, I have been almost overloaded with the desire to get things done that I have been avoiding for the past two months. I have been going, going, going and doing things out of the house with no anxiety at all--- doing returns at the stores---(not usually something you look forward to), going to the gym, getting my car washed, buying groceries, meeting up with friends for lunch, getting my hair
cut/colored, it is just amazing! And in the last three days or so my
newfound freedom has allowed for so much "movement" that I now have to slow down and find some balance and get things squared away "around the house."

...The other insight I gained through this is that so much of my "busyness" of making messes and cleaning them up, or buying things and not installing them, or making lists and not finishing them is just another coping method for "filling in the spaces" and keeping so busy that you don't miss having fulfilling relationships, or you don't feel "safe" and allow people into your life because you are so "busy"....This was a thought in my head frequently but it was reinforced by something someone else said during the
teleclass. Again, borrowing benefits is so amazing--- so often we have the same issues and someone else is the one to bring up an aspect that unlocks another clearing...Looking forward to more ABUNDANT LIVING!!!

In gratitude,
Karen :)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the many benefits were borrowed by everyone!



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