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Insights on Borrowing Benefits with EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT Master Andy Bryce was an on-stage "client" of mine during a Borrowing Benefits workshop and shares his thoughts with us on the process. For those not familiar with Borrowing Benefits, it consists of identifying an issue of your own and tapping along with the person on-stage (or on your computer or DVD screen) as though you were that person. Properly done, your issue will improve even though it is a different issue than the person on stage.

Hugs, Gary

By Andy Bryce, EFT Master

The first Borrowing Benefits Workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona, led by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT was my first personal exposure to the concept of Borrowing Benefits, even though I had been working with EFT for years.

I went to the course with two intentions in mind. The first was to release any and all impediments to my success in life, especially regarding my work and the other was to become as good at EFT as anyone in the world. 

That workshop was recorded.  If you have seen the Borrowing Benefits DVD set you are aware of my experience on stage with Gary as his client.  Our session, entitled on the DVD set as: “Andy-I could never do anything right”, along with the four days of constant tapping with the other people on stage with Gary, transformed my life.

Many people have thanked me for being willing to go through my ‘stuff’ on camera and I have had many wonderful comments on this session.  Others tell me they use my session in Level Two classes, (because there are so many specific events).  One woman came up to me after a Serious Disease workshop where I had been assisting Gary and Carol Look as an Emotional Assistant.  She told me she watched my Borrowing Benefits session before the workshop.  She said: “After observing you over the last several days I now could see that this EFT thing really works!”

I believe that we are all one at some level and that we are all connected.  At the same time our uniqueness is the gift of physical life. I have no doubt that when someone releases a negative belief or thought form from their reality it is cleared from the Collective Consciousness as well.

This is the greatest gift that arises from Borrowing Benefits, aside from the obvious personal benefits received; we also contribute to the well being of the rest of humanity as we heal ourselves.

The impact of working with EFT can be accelerated when done in a group environment as the energy builds and has a positive effect on the individual, whether they are the focus person or not.

The idea of writing down a list of issues and events, that are painful or traumatic, the more specific the better, choosing one of them and giving it a 0-10 intensity level and then focusing on the demonstration on stage in order to get a benefit for my own issue, without paying conscious attention to it or suffering through the releasing of it was astounding to me.

The size of the group can be as small as three or four people or could range to any number.  It is exciting to imagine a stadium that seats thousands tapping out their issues of anger and fear and I can see the potential peacefulness that could bring about in the world.

A participant in a recent workshop I presented in Washington State on beautiful San Juan Island called “The Art of Receiving”, Yvonne Hertach wrote;

“I had the most profound experience tapping along while someone else was undergoing EFT - borrowing benefits!

We tap to support others – in our mind – whereas in fact we tap for ourselves. Even though I experienced borrowing benefits before, it was only on the Art of Receiving Workshop that I completely understood and experienced its concept and benefit.   

I am not sure if this makes sense to you at all, but I don’t know how to explain it differently.  In other words; while tapping along “for others” I emotionally submerged into my world and issues and all of a sudden everything and everyone merged, it felt like the physicality disappeared – I felt/saw ONENESS – we were – ONE.

I talked about oneness, I understand oneness, I always knew that all is connected, that all is one, but I never experienced it, I didn’t know how that feels or looks like, I now know; now I “own” it because I’ve been there. That experience is enormous; I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing these words.”

Yvonne had the experience of truly connecting with the others in the group.  She had results for her own identified issues on while someone else was in the one on one situation with me.

Many other participants in my groups have had significant changes occur after tapping along with people who had similar or even unrelated issues, regardless of the degree of intensity of the sessions.

Another client began to heal an issue that had been affecting her for years which she previously did not want to disclose to anyone, a specific event that affected all the members of her family at the time. Over the next year or two as she began to heal the issue for herself, she discovered that other family members have followed her lead to finally heal themselves regarding that issue.

Personal privacy is also respected since we don’t need to talk about an issue in detail to be free of it. One client that participated in a small class of five, burst into tears when it was her turn to be the focus person, but she didn’t want to say to the group what the event was, so we tapped on “this event” until she was calm and felt neutral or a zero about it. When asked several weeks later, how she felt about the issue, she replied that it had not bothered her since that evening.

I feel that the “Borrowing Benefits” DVD set has a unique practical value for those who are concerned about “doing it right” or “don’t know what words to say when I tap” because all you have to do is tap along with one of the recorded sessions. The BB DVD set has a wide range of issues and personalities to choose from, with Stacey’s humor and Roger and Mary’s unique relationship issues, to Betty and Tam, and my favorite dance partner La Verne - there is a session for anyone at anytime for any issue.

The circumstances of human existence are almost infinite and vary with culture and location but there are only a very small number of ways a human can process these circumstances, through coping, or anger or depression to name a few, and EFT allows us all an opportunity to be free of the past, to welcome the future and to be fully in our present.  Emotional freedom is a basic human right, which leads to the freedom to choose how we respond to every day situations and can create the potential for peaceful acceptance of each other and ourselves.

I have a vision of a world populated by individuals of unique and varied cultures all thriving together in peace and harmony, celebrating the diversity of life and I believe that when we clear negative thoughts from our individual consciousness we clear them from the collective and that it is increased exponentially when done in a group.  I encourage you to attend group sessions whenever you can

In gratitude and love I wish you all lives filled with grace, abundance, love and joy.

Andy Bryce, EFT Master


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