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Core Issues

Two examples where core issues show up during an EFT session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Annie O'Grady from Australia tells us how previously buried core issues showed up in two of her EFT sessions. Note how listening carefully to the client will often reveal useful information.

Hugs, Gary

By Annie O’Grady, EFT-ADV

Some people are haunted by a repressed memory, and this is a constant drain on their energy that can go on over decades.  They feel that something bad happened to them around a particular age, but they can’t find out what it was.  Here are two cases (names changed) where EFT not only uncovered the ‘secrets’ but neutralized their lifelong impact, each in one session.

Bill, a truck driver in his sixties, had come for an EFT session because his girlfriend had experienced a big breakthrough from a session, and he was curious.  Initially, he thought he didn’t have any stress to work on.  But soon he mentioned that he was sad about his dead son - and had been sad every day for twenty-five years.

This involved a hospital memory that was still vivid for him.  We tapped away stress from the trauma he described.  He had held his newborn son in his arms for two hours, waiting for the baby to die from a congenital physical defect.  Finally a nurse told him it had happened. 

So we tapped...

Even though I still feel the pain from that awful event… 

Bill now felt a huge relief.  Somehow, he could now put that behind him.

As we had time left, we explored for other stress.  Now he said that he felt he’d always been carrying a big burden.  He felt something bad had happened to him when he was a toddler, but he couldn’t remember it.  He often wondered why he felt so worried about it, often speculating on what it could be.

Even though I can’t remember what happened when I was two years old, and I feel bad about it…

Perhaps his previous breakthrough in the session helped him to open up, because immediately he said there’s something around his throat.  This was a new part of the memory.  I asked whether it was something soft or hard?’  He said it was soft and we kept tapping.  A minute later he said it was a bandage.

We continued to tap while the memory surfaced in small pieces, until he had pulled it all out of his subconscious.  When he was two he had contracted mumps.  His mother, trying to make him feel better, had laid a hot towel on his swollen throat.  This made his throat swell more, and apparently he’d been rushed to a hospital where a doctor had cut open his throat and inserted a breathing tube.

Bill felt no distress, only a sudden big relaxation, because now he knew what had burdened him.  Previously he had not known about the operation, or else had repressed the knowledge.  Now he said he felt free - amazingly free.

The second case concerns Elise, now in her forties, who had always been haunted by a feeling that something awful happened to her when she was seven.  She told me, “If I can just get past that, my life will work better.”  We used EFT to first calm her big fears about what she might find.  Then we explored a memory picture that had recurred for decades.  She felt neutral about it, but it kept coming.  Gary, in the Personal Peace Procedure you say to pay attention to recurring memories even if they hold no emotion.

Elise recalled at seven years old being in a hospital bed, watching two male orderlies put screens around her bed. First we addressed the psychological reversal that was probably blocking out any significance of the memory, using Lindsay Kenny's preferred method of knocking both karate chop points together while saying three times, Even though I don't really want to get over (this problem) I do want to love and accept all parts of myself.

Then we tapped away more fears of what she might find out, including, had she been sexually assaulted?  As we continued to tap, Elise began to feel terror associated with the memory.  But she went on determinedly.  Tapping through the terror brought up a new spontaneous awareness.

Over a couple of minutes she realized that while she had been anesthetized for a tonsil operation, she had heard someone in the operating room lamenting that such pretty little girls ‘had to’ grow up into the illness, trouble and misery that the hospital staff routinely dealt with.

Apparently the child had subconsciously taken this statement to heart.  Elise has indeed a troubled health history, and is currently suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.  Nowadays it is well known that some people under anesthetic are vulnerable to the operating team’s conversation.  Some hospitals insist that the professionals monitor their words.

We spent time tapping away the traumatic feelings from this, which had followed her through decades.  Elise was sobbing with relief as at least one previous fear left her, “Those men (orderlies) didn’t do anything to me.”  Then we tapped on beliefs she may have adopted from the event, including a familiar but puzzling thought, “I’m ruined; nothing will ever be shiny again.”

It seemed probable that the recurring memory of the bed and the screens marked the moment when the child came back into consciousness from the anesthetic, and first felt the weight of the new ‘prophecy’, although she may not have remembered the cause.  After the session Elise said she felt hugely relieved.  A week later she reported a new lightness in her approach to her life.

Gary, EFT continues to astound me with its varied results.  I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude to you for first developing EFT and then releasing it to the world so freely. Thank you will have to do for now.

Annie O’Grady


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