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Mary Hunt on Intuition: Getting yourself out of the way.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Those who have been around EFT for awhile are well aware of the so-called "APEX effect." This refers to the tendency of a client to "explain away" the obvious results they are getting simply because the process violates their belief system. Mary Hunt from the UK recognized another version of this effect regarding her new found ability to use her intuition with profound results. She describes the immense value of "getting herself out of the way" and gives examples to emphasize the point. To me, this ability to trust our innate intuitive abilities is what separates the truly masterful EFT practitioners from those that merely perform the mechanics.

By Mary Hunt

This story is not strictly about a true APEX problem. Nevertheless, it amounts to similarly, not realising that a real shift had occurred until one year later, when l chose to look back at how I had developed as a practitioner. There must be a word describing that!

In this particular case, my problem was subtle yet distinctly different; it was not so much a case of not hearing or trusting my intuition, but a feeling of not 'being connected' to it. Trust me when I say it is different! If you feel that you are not connected then how can you expect to hear or trust? It has always been a common cry for many when trying, for instance, muscle-testing, people cannot seem to trust the outcome. For me the more I tried to connect or feel it, the more my subconscious beliefs got in the way, all my fears about spiritual connection surfaced. Here is what I mean.

When I cast my mind back to when I had realised, and tried to clear my lack of feeling connected (using EFT), it would have been about 1 year and 3 months ago during a typical 'end of an EFT workshop de-brief' that my sister Helen and I had hosted. Prior to that date, during the workshops that we were hosting, I would usually lead the participants through their learning and applying and Helen would be keeping a close eye on any potential abreactions that might occur during personal work. At the time, we were unaware of how beautifully, safely intense, and focused our workshops were. Results were great and our participants often wrote encouraging thank you letters.

What I had not realised, until that above mentioned de-brief, was that I became so involved that I had switched off my ego (subconscious) state and gone into an intuitive state. This often resulted in my not being able to remember most of what I had said during the day! You may be saying or thinking; 'Well what's her problem, she is connected!' I agree that when I do not try, then it just happens - but when I consciously try (such as with the muscle-testing problem); I would fail because conscious involvement equals subconscious involvement i.e. my belief structure! My intuition is always there ready to help me but unfortunately, I would naturally and unwittingly, dip into my subconscious for help!

I could not understand why I had trouble remembering half of what I had said. I had not made the important realisation until Helen pointed out the possibility, that when you are subconsciously involved, then you are using all your resources stored within your personal belief structure, in other words, you are limiting your skills to your professional experiences/knowledge. When you 'get out of the way' as Gary likes to say, your intuition, the important gateway or connection to the Universe kicks in and your resources are limitless and full of pure wisdom and love. It also means that you are connecting not only to the Universe but also and as importantly, to the person or persons with whom you are interacting.

This, I believe, is why Gary's Borrowing Benefits workshops work so well. When a group are working collectively to effect a positive outcome for one person then that connection, that synergy, that integrity, usually results in a unique focus where ego is only evident by its absence. Ego takes over only when one is looking for recognition or praise. When you are working, heads together in perfect harmony or vibration, then energies merge, information flows and healing occurs!

This was an important lesson for me and I wanted to understand it more. Yet, as long as I continued to try and consciously tune in, then I was doomed to fail because I had all this background talk preventing it. During the workshops, I was so intent on what we were doing that I had not realised that I had gone into a different mind state. Pure intention to help people takes you naturally into this state.

Have any of you that are practitioners, ever sat there and listened to a particular client giving you a list so long and complex that you can feel alarm creeping in on how you ever going to help them? This is your subconscious, riddled with hang-ups about your level of ability and skills kicking in! (I now always make a mental note when I react to anything during my work and find the time later to explore it.)

Going back to the apex problem at the beginning of this story, I had not realised that I had in fact successfully EFT'd my fears and actually cleared them! This realisation came about 3 months ago. I had decided to take Patricia Carrington's Advanced EFT exam, and needed to re-watch Gary's DVD set: Steps towards Becoming the Ultimate Therapist. There is a lot of information on Intuition. Apart from Gary's experiences, there are many guest speakers with their own invaluable input. It was whilst watching some of the videos, I compared my own thoughts on my intuitive skills, and suddenly realised that important shifts must have occurred a year ago because of my personal work on clearing certain fears and beliefs.

What occurs now (when faced with a complex case), is an instant awareness that I am trying too hard, that I am getting in the way, that I am busy scanning my subconscious resources to help the client resolve their problems. This instant awareness (feeling!), I believe, is my intuitive connection giving me a prod saying 'Hello - stop thinking and let the Universe do its job!'

Work just flows then! It flows with incredible ease! Notice how your heart sings at the end of a session that has been intuitive based, where your client has connected with you and unknowingly with the Universe. If you feel that you are having to work too hard, that judgement and opinion are involved, then examine your beliefs about connecting to and using the Universes resources. You may even find yourself having to clear beliefs about how too easy or too canny the answers that come up are!

It is interesting how we cannot help but continue to evolve once on our own self-development path. Even though I have been an EFT practitioner for nearly 6 years, that particular piece of EFT work one year ago, was probably the most significant, and the most important one for me in terms of development. My acknowledgement, (this was missing) of feeling a connection has expanded my awareness, my sensitivity, in the most amazing ways.

As I continue to acknowledge feeling my connection, it strengthens. My work has taken on a new direction; now at the start of a session with a client, I need only close my eyes, 'ask' to be connected to the person in front of me spiritually, and then wait a few minutes. The room temperature usually drops and then images start rolling. I am 'shown' enough to describe and pinpoint a time in the person's life when a core issue was established. This, as you can imagine has a profound 'Ah Ah' effect on both of us .The more I trust in what is being shown, even if I can't make sense of it, the person that I am with can, then the more the images unfold!

I profoundly believe that the more you work on yourself and ask for help, or guidance, then the more will be offered to you, in ways you cannot begin to imagine! The more you wish to help others, then the more important it becomes to find help for yourself. Use the Universe. It is waiting for you to call and connect!

Now try this little experiment if you wish: Either draw, or imagine that, one year ago, you are like a beautiful closed flower bud, one with many leaves such as a rose. All the leaves are tightly closed. Begin by closing your eyes, breathe in slowly and deeply, and then ask your intuition, make a point of saying my intuition, not my subconscious: "During this last year please recall any new positive shifts or learning's that have occurred." Then wait to see how many of your leaves unfold. Draw them or count them. Be aware that you may try to affect an outcome through internal influence, this will be your subconscious, ask it to stop, to rest quietly.

Try again, or rather don't try, just relax and allow it to happen and when it feels right - natural, with your fingertip, or imagination, trace the outline of each of your unfolded leaves and allow a link to form between each leaf with an important new learning or shift that has occurred within the last year. Feel for any energy movement within you, for any emotional charges or physical reactions that these links might bring. Thank your intuition for bringing these learning's or shifts to your attention. Then ask your intuition to continue finding ways to strengthen your awareness, an openness to continue receiving new information until you are fully blossomed and content. Any sensation is an indication that you have just communicated with your Higher Self/Spirit/Soul via your intuition. This is the opposite to Gary's work of peeling away the onionskins! As well as clearing old 'stuff' we need to learn to acknowledge receiving new 'stuff'! When I tried this little experiment I saw and sensed that each of the many open petals represented clients who had brought me many new learnings.

There are many excellent EFT workshops now offering application skills so I have decided to work on introducing Understanding and Recognising Intuition workshops here in the UK.

Namaste (I greet the light in you)

Mary Hunt


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