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Conversations with Dr. Mercola - Part 1 of 7

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

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We have a special guest whose wisdom could be critical to many EFT'ers looking for better health.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a physician specializing in natural health methods whose philosophy and techniques beautifully augment those of EFT. As you are aware, EFT has been responsible for many impressive health improvements. Similarly, Dr. Mercola has an impressive list of health improvements, all or most of which have been achieved through diet and natural means.

As you might expect, he has discovered that blending EFT with his other methods has raised his results to a new level. It is no surprise, of course, that YOUR blending of EFT with HIS methods would likely improve your results too--perhaps substantially.

While I don't even pretend to be in Dr. Mercola's league, I can assure you that many of our physical ailments (and some emotional ones too) come about because PEOPLE ARE INUNDATING THEIR BODIES WITH IMPROPER FOODS, CHEMICALS AND THE LIKE. For example, I have seen depression completely disappear with the mere elimination of either wheat or the pesticides on an apple. No tapping necessary. No drugs either. The improper food actually caused the depression and the cure was to simply eliminate it. There are many examples of this which I'm sure Dr. Mercola will address.

The proliferation of pesticides, preservatives, radiated foods and various other chemical and electronic pollution has played games with our systems and many of us have become big losers because of it. In addition to EFT, there are some lifestyle do's and don'ts that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in our well being.

During the next few emails, Dr. Mercola and I will be discussing how his methods and EFT can go together to produce new levels of health for many of our joint readers. It should be a lively and informative discussion as Dr. Mercola is a very creative and dedicated physician. We will both be expanding on our techniques in a manner that should be stimulating to all.

Soon, Dr. Mercola will respond to this message with a brief overview of his methods and will give you a glimpse of some of the major healings that have occurred under his guidance. In the meantime, you might want to check out Dr. Mercola's substantial web site at It is loaded with useful articles and is now one of the most highly visited alternative health web sites on the Internet.

Hugs, Gary

P.S. Some readers may have dietary beliefs that differ in part from those of Dr. Mercola. Others may find his ideas healthfully refreshing. Whatever your position, you may find many useful ideas within his writings. I urge you to visit Dr. Mercola's web site and to use his on-site search engine to find useful information on virtually any health topic you can name (it peruses over 15,000 pages).

P.P.S. Of particular interest to EFT practitioners is Dr. Mercola's desire to create a referral source for masterful EFT'ers to apply their skills. More on this in the latter stages of this email series.


Note: Dr. Mercola's extensive web site includes a detailed description of his eating plan. You can view it at....

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the opportunity to participate on your forum.

I have been interested in natural health since I was a young child and started my journey with running way back in 1968, long before it had become popular.

I started medical school ten years later and was determined to use exercise and nutrition to help people regain their health. A funny thing happened in med school though: I was brainwashed into the traditional medical paradigm and came out a drug-prescribing doctor. Although I always maintained my interest in health, my perspective was pharmacologically warped and I used drugs as my primary healing model.

After about five years of using this model, it became quite clear that it was in no way, shape or form treating the underlying cause; so I transitioned into replacing drugs with nutrition. Over the last ten years, I have developed an eating plan that helps to restore the health of nearly everyone that adopts it. About the only time it fails to work is when there is unresolved emotional stress. The program has a strong emphasis on water as one's exclusive beverage, raw vegetables, and a restriction of grains for most people.

The major problem with my nutritional program though is that it requires enormous amounts of will-power to apply. There is only a small percentage of the population who could successfully apply it long-term. That is one of the main reasons why I was so delighted to learn of your EFT work. I serve as the medical director of one of the largest natural health clinics in the Midwest. We implemented EFT in June to help our patients with compliance to the eating plan and it was absolutely phenomenal.

I was very impressed with EFT's effectiveness and rapidly adopted it for a variety of other issues which I can discuss later.

It saddens me that it took me so long to learn of EFT. I had studied TFT three years earlier but quickly dropped it as, in my hands, it was not consistently effective. However, EFT seems to work well over 85% of the time in our clinic. My passion is to facilitate the transformation of the traditional medical paradigm through the use of natural therapies and it is quite clear to me that EFT type therapies are absolutely critical to nearly all health optimizing strategies.

Thanks so much for your passion in developing this wonderful healing tool.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

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