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Thoughts on an emergency tapping point

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

William Cribb from the UK brings up the need for a tapping point to use in situations when we are welled up with emotion and want to calm down in a hurry. While he describes a particular point for this purpose (and gives his theory behind it) you can also use the "your point" process discussed in The EFT Course. This latter method has you pick an EFT point that seems particularly powerful for you. I've found it very helpful over the years and have used it many times. Experiment with William's point as well and see what works best for you.

Hugs, Gary

By William Cribb EFT-CC EFT-ADV

Dear Gary,

As we know there are fourteen major meridian lines that flow in and around the human body. These meridian lines can be accessed via any one or more of their access points. Although it is far better to access the meridian lines at their access points, it is my belief that meridian lines (to a point (not a pun)) can be accessed anywhere along their length.

To experiment is to discover new. I have been experimenting with what I term as an -'Emergency Tapping Point - For Negative Emotions'-. This sequence I have used for many months now, and it has worked 95% of the time. Plus I have received positive feed-back from many a friend and client.

Here's the idea from an article on my website.

Emergency Tapping Point - For Negative Emotions

Emergencies can flood into our lives at any time they choose, followed closely by the feelings and negative emotions that go with them. Sometimes to tap around a full EFT sequence may take too long (even-though, in reality, it only takes a minute to complete the full EFT routine). In an absolute emergency when flooded by a severe negative emotion that 'wells-up' through our abdominal area, and grips-us tight, we need -'an instant'- relief! Plus, not only do we want / need the -'instant'- relief, but, we want to tap-out this severe negative emotion before it resolves into something that the mind has time to think about, and turn it into a lot of unnecessary negative thinking that can start the spiral into disorders of the mind! So, to tap-out the 'root-cause' before it has time to take root, is a very good idea.

The emergency tapping point is very easy to locate and use:..

Tap (with four fingers - of either hand) quite firmly, the chest bone, in the centre about three inches down from the chin (To find an absolute exact spot is not necessary, because four fingers are going to cover the centre of the chest). Tap about five times whilst thinking about the severe negative emotion that has -'just arrived'-, in the abdominal area. The negative feeling / emotion should collapse, if not disappear all together. This method will certainly help until a full EFT routine can be implemented, if needed.

How does the 'emergency tapping point work? Using four fingers (of either hand) brings into play, eight meridian lines (of the fourteen major meridian lines). These eight m-lines transverse 'the central vessel' meridian line that travels down from the lower part of the face, down the central part of the torso, and through the abdominal region, where our emotions are created and stored.

The tapping action (along with the tapping action of the other EFT routines) creates a reverse resonance along the meridian lines to the torso area where the negative emotion resides, therefore collapsing the negative emotion (That's my own analysis, belief and gut feeling!).

To simplify:... pull quite tight a piece of string, twang one end, and the vibration will travel along the string to the other end. Twang both ends of the piece of string at -'exactly'- the same time... and the vibrations that travel along the piece of string from ether end will cancel-out (collapse) the vibration coming from the other end!

So... if a client has a resonant vibration / negative emotion, that has been created in their tummy area (by whatever source) and is now not being fueled by anything (its there, and it just bloody hurts!) a reverse resonation through it, will very likely cancel-out or collapse it. This is a similar premise to Homeopathy (Treat like-for-like)!

Note: The above: 'Emergency Tapping Point - For Negative Emotions' can be used on the approach to an emergency situation. For example, if you know you are heading into what is likely to be a nervous situation - then tap on the way in! Tap it out, before it gets in ... !

Hope this helps...


William Cribb EFT-CC EFT-ADV



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