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Eight Easy Ways to Remember to Do EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

It's human nature, I suppose, to sometimes revert to old habits and not remember EFT's value, even during instances when it would be most helpful. EFT Master Pat Carrington addresses this problem with 8 helpful tips.

Hugs, Gary

By Patricia Carrington PhD, EFT Master

Have you ever noticed that when you are upset, or extremely busy, or you face some urgent situation, you are apt to forget to use EFT to make it easier for yourself?  In fact, when you need EFT the most may be the very time you are least likely to even think of using it! 

Here are some ways that you can forestall this all too common problem and make a more effective use of EFT in your life.  They all make use of strategic EFT Reminders.


1.  Print out Gary Craig's EFT logo of the dove, then cut it out and post it with scotch tape, glue, a thumbtack, or some other means in prominent places in your home, office, car etc.  You might even want to place the little dove on your refrigerator using one of those magnets that hold notes to the metal.  He’s a great reminder to bring EFT to the rescue exactly when you need it.

2.  Write out a little note or a quote or saying which reminds you immediately of EFT.  You might, for example, type out the words “Try it on everything", obviously a reminder to use EFT when faced with any problem.  Or you might want to put up Post-It notes in prominent places with the words, “I deeply and completely accept myself” written on them.  This can serve the dual purpose of reminding you to do EFT, and encouraging you to accept yourself at all times.

3.  Remind yourself to do EFT when a problem arises by placing a representation of a person or animal which you dub your "EFT statue", in a prominent place in your home or office.  You will know what it signifies but no one else will unless you tell them.  Every time you look at the little statue, it will remind you to start tapping on any problem you may be facing you at the moment.

4. If you have an appointment book or organizer, write "Do EFT!" in large letters across the top of every page for the rest of the year, and then circle these words in RED.  Every time you open your organizer, the first thing you will see will be the words, “Do EFT!”.  This is a powerful way to build EFT into your daily life.

5. Affix a sticker with “EFT” written on it, on the side of your telephone where you can see it easily.  The number of times you pick up your phone during the day is probably astronomical, and this can create a constant awareness of the possibility of using EFT.

6. Make an EFT Reminder card using a 3” x 5” index card, and carry it with you during the day.  You can put on it a short phrase such as “Remember EFT” which will serve as an incentive to start tapping whenever you run into difficulty.

7.  Attach an EFT Reminder to the top of your computer monitor, or better yet, place an EFT icon on your computer’s desktop to remind you to use EFT.  If you are not adept at creating your own icons, you can download an attractive EFT icon from my website free of charge (, the link to it is right on the home page).

8. Conduct an EFT Review at the end of the day.  This takes only a few minutes of your time before going to bed and is a stunning way to ensure that you remember to apply EFT to the things that count in your life.  To do this you will review in your mind the things that have happened during that day which you would rather not have had happen and would like to clear up for yourself before going to sleep.  These may be annoyances which rankle within you, problems that are unsolved, an incident that distressed you which keeps running through your mind, or something else that needs handling before you can sleep peacefully.  Then tap on as many of these things as you have time for to bring your stress level way down on them.  A, EFT Review at the end of your day is a great way to bring EFT into play in your life in a new way.  It helps you use EFT as it is intended to be used –– to clear away problems quickly and efficiently before they magnify and cause much more serious problems later on.

The point of using EFT Reminders is to build a habit of using EFT more frequently and more extensively than you have ever done before.  When you’ve been using such a system for a week or more you may notice a distinct change in the flavor of your life.  Doing EFT this frequently can help your life take on a brightness and hopefulness that you may not have experienced before.  You will now know that you don't have to carry the burdens of unsolved problems with you, but can shed them periodically as they occur during the day, or clear them en masse just before bedtime, and have deep relief as a result.

Pat Carrington


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