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Performance anxiety in school

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT makes a HUGE difference for students and should be used prolifically in every classroom on the planet. To emphasize this, EFT Master Andy Bryce submits a letter by his school teacher client. If you are the parent of a student, please place this article (and all the other school related articles on our website) on the desks of all the teachers and principals within driving distance.

Hugs, Gary

By Andy Bryce, EFT Master

Hello Gary,

My client Patsy Green, is a school teacher who has a split class of grade three and four. We have had some success in our sessions and so Patsy tried EFT with her class for performance anxiety for a math test. Here is her letter to me about the results.


Andy Bryce, EFT Master 

Hi Andy,

You wanted me to write about EFT with my class so here goes:

Once I recognized the amazing benefits of EFT for myself, I decided to show my grade threes and fours how it can work for test anxiety. 

My students are given a weekly math speed test with 100 basic multiplication facts.  Their goal is to improve their mark each week by at least three percent.  When I asked them who felt stressed or anxious during these tests they all admitted to experiencing stress to varying degrees. 

I told them that I was learning a new technique to help me with my own worries.  Then I gave them your metaphor of a free flowing river and what happens to the river once a tree falls across it and blocks the flow of the water, so that they could understand what happens to their minds when they're experiencing stress. 

I taught them the basic karate chop tapping method and gave them an affirmation to repeat a few times.  After the students marked their tests we noticed that those who were not yet achieving 99% or 100% each week had all improved their marks.  They were quite impressed! 

But best of all was the huge smile on Brychan's face. He stood up and yelled, "I got 100!  I got 100!"He had improved his mark by 18%. This is a child whom I have taught for two years and has great difficulty with written output. Afterwards he said to me,  "You know, meditation could work too."  I agreed with him that it could, just not during a speed test!

The following week we tried EFT again with similar results.   Then I gave my grade fours a lesson on equivalent fractions. I obviously didn't teach it very well, and after noticing most of them working at frustration level I attempted to reteach the concept.

While I was explaining, I noticed that two children were tapping!  I smiled and asked, "Do equivalent fractions make you feel that anxious?"  One girl grinned right back at me and said, "Yep!" 

I realized again what a wonderful teaching tool EFT is.  Not only does it help children relieve their anxieties and help to improve their test scores, it can also enlighten me as to when my students are having difficulty understanding concepts or when they're feeling frustrated.  Often the children who are the least vocal are the ones who experience the most anxiety, and tapping is a polite way for them to make me aware that they need some assistance or compassion.

Thanks again, Andy!

Sincerely, Patsy Green


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