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Serious Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis

Hank Hadley - Multiple Sclerosis and more-- The rest of the story

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a glimpse of a long term follow-up we don't often get to see.  It has been more than 2 years since EFT Master Sophia Cayer told us of Hank's initial success in overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and a multitude of other challenges.  Read more of his story and how he has overcome new challenges through EFT.

Hugs, Gary

By Sophia Cayer, EFT Master

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Hank for quite some time. Until now, you've known him as “Harry”, the name we used when I first shared Hank’s story in Gary Craig’s newsletter.

If you have yet to view Gary Craig’s EFT Introduction Video, I would encourage you to invest the seven minutes or so it requires. 

And who did I find to be the most impressive star in that video?  None other than Mr. Hank Hadley.  Hank’s determination, courage and persistence should be an inspiration to anyone.  It certainly has been to me.   He continues to enjoy telling me that the Universe delivered him to me as my greatest life’s challenge.  While Hank made miraculous progress in our first four months of work together, life goes on and new challenges present themselves.  One of the things I admire about Hank is that he continues to be committed to working through the issues as they come up.  Just because he overcame some of his greatest physical and emotional challenges, he didn’t stop there.  He continues to tap on a daily basis, and we continue to work together on the more difficult issues.  

From the very beginning, Hank made it clear to me that his goal was to help and inspire others through his own healing.  I’d say those were pretty lofty thoughts for someone in the condition he was in at the time.  I applaud him for that.  Even now when he talks about making a positive difference, his sincerity brings tears to his eyes.  He is so unassuming, I don’t think he has a clue how many he has offered hope to through his willingness to share his story.  So it is in his honor that I share the continuing story.

It has now been close to three years since Hank’s turn around.  And while we often read about the “One Minute Wonders” and life long issues being cleared in a few sessions, we don’t often have the opportunity to hear the rest of the story.  What happens with those folks six months or a few years down the road?  I am happy to be able to share more of his story with you.  And for those of you who may not know his story, the link can be found on my website or here on the site.  Just type my name into the search area.

So what’s transpired in Hank’s world since the last update?  I offer you the Reader’s Digest version here, because what’s transpired in itself could easily fill a book.

The happiest news of all is that there are no signs or symptoms of MS to be found. For the most part, Hank has remained happy and healthy as he continues to enjoy his newfound freedom.  

Along the way though, a variety of new issues presented themselves that spanned from childhood to present. With some persistence we worked through them, one at a time.  A few of these reared their ugly little heads so close on the heals of my submitting the follow-up article, that I debated having Gary halt the presses for so that I could include the latest.  I decided against it, because I felt the follow-up needed to get out there.  I will share with you that the issues presenting themselves were nothing less than complex.  Unfortunately at this writing, I won’t be able to offer those details, but what I will offer you are the very latest hurdles that Hank has valiantly worked his

way through.

One of the recent challenges developed when Hank viewed the new EFT video introduction.  As much work as we had done on the issue in the past, something was triggered.  The thing that was so interesting to me in all this was that Hank had visited the actual barn where the event took place and gleefully reported having no adverse reaction or even a hint of emotion.  We were both excited thrilled about it, and felt confident that we had successfully and permanently diffused the event.  Yeah us!

And then…

A few days following the release of the video, Hank came to see me.

As much as he was smiling, I could sense something was up. He was excited and happy about the video, but said he had decided that perhaps Drew Herior, Director, might have done too good a job with the reenactment of his fall. Hank had shared the details with Drew and left it to him to come up with a way to portray it in the video.  Hank wasn’t privy to its contents until the video was released.  The first time he watched it, he had a strong reaction.  He chose to watch it a few more times to see if he could work through it on his own, but was experiencing difficulty getting past it.  

Please know that many times when we believe we are “done”, new aspects can present themselves.  This doesn’t mean that EFT didn’t work, it simply means more work remains to be done.  You would think that visiting the site of the event and having no reaction would be more than a reasonable test, but you never know.  Sometimes the emotions can be deeply buried or are exceptionally good at hiding from us.  Don’t be discouraged when a new aspect presents itself; view it as a wonderful opportunity to put to rest yet another disruption in your energy system.

With some effort, we were able to get beyond it. Whew! Several new aspects related to the fall and some familial relationships showed up. This doesn’t mean we originally neglected our “homework”. It simply means that those particular aspects had yet to surface.

Another important point is that often, as we do this work and continue to clear various aspects, it opens the way for those things that heretofore have been securely stowed away, to then surface. View it as a blessing, and please give serious consideration to seizing the opportunity.

Back to Hank.  Due to Hank’s dramatic childhood fall, various accidents and surgeries through the years, he has faced some unique challenges.  EFT helped him relieve the day to day pain issues and allowed him to eliminate pain medications. But as time has rolled on some new issues came to bear.  

Most recently, due to a bone graft disconnecting, and a few other mechanical situations in the cervical area, as much as he wasn’t happy about it, surgery was required.  So why didn’t we work on it with EFT? Believe me, we did some extensive work to prepare him for the surgery, but in the doctor’s opinion the surgery couldn’t be delayed.

In addition to working through the issues related to the fears and concerns surrounding the surgery, a bigger issue for Hank was his feeling that he had somehow let me down.  He also felt he had disappointed me, as well as Gary Craig.  The feelings associated with the issue were quite intense, and we invested a great deal of time in order to get beyond all the aspects that presented themselves. 

When the day arrived, Hank was feeling much better prepared to

face the surgery.  I told Hank I would be at hospital to offer my support and keep his wife company.  Of course, surrogate tapping was part of the plan. There was a whole lot of tapping going on, even in my mind as I drove to the hospital.  As I sat with his wife Della, a minister from one of the local churches dropped in to visit.  He was curious to know more about who I was and what I did.  With little encouragement, I found myself guiding him through the process to deal with one of his issues.  Needless to say, I garnered more than a few inquisitive glances in the crowded waiting room. I got over any feelings of embarrassment about those things years ago. Laugh if you will, but I now welcome those times.  It often gives me the opportunity to share EFT with new people who might not have learned about it otherwise. Hank came through the surgery with flying colors.  I am happy to report his recovery and healing process are happening in record time.  Everyone was surprised to see him back at work so soon.

He’s still tapping, and takes advantage of any opportunity he can to introduce others to EFT.  

While this is supposed to be about Hank, I want to interject what I believe to be an important point when it comes to working with EFT.  We usually begin working with EFT due to a specific challenge, and once that challenge has been dealt with, many tend to put it on the shelf.  I would ask you to consider the value of continuing to work with it every single day.  How far do you choose to go?  If you give it some thought, my guess is that on almost a daily basis you face situations where EFT could prove beneficial. Whether it is a simple frustration or a lifetime goal, know the possibility of achieving more peace in your life and realizing those goals can be easily attainable when EFT is properly applied.

Hank’s case has obviously been a complex, multi-faceted one. It is a great example for many of the various benefits of EFT, and further that even when we think we are “done”, we simply never are. 

Sophia Cayer 


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