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Pain Management

Tap while you listen to what your aching body has to say

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a useful idea from Angie Muccillo (of Australia) that has widespread uses. The basic idea is to listen to your body in a unique way and let it tell you about the real issues underlying your pain. Then use EFT (and common sense lifestyle changes) for relief. You will enjoy this well written article.

Hugs, Gary

By Angie Muccillo, EFT-CC

If Your Aching Shoulder Could Talk, What Would It Say?

You complain about your body complaints - that damn shoulder, those bung knees, that creaky neck - but how about giving your body complaints a chance to complain about you? I wonder what they would have to say.

The purpose of this exercise is to give your painful body parts a chance to voice their point of view, express their pain, and hurt while giving you a chance to really listen and take note. In this exercise, you will be paying attention to your aching screaming body parts. This is an exercise in "in-tuition" Learning from within. It involves tuning in to your body and learning what it needs by listening to how it feels.

Communicating with your body in this way can re-establish or strengthen your connection to it. Sometimes we spend so much time complaining about our pain (either silently or aloud) that we forget to stop and listen for the message in the pain. Once we understand what our shoulder is angry about, for example we can release it with EFT.

Let's see what a typical shoulder has to say. If you have a shoulder complaint of any sort then do your shoulder a favor and tap along. Simply tap the EFT points continuously as you read this script. You can borrow the benefits from this shoulder complaint. This is definitely one uptight shoulder!

A Word From Your Shoulder Complaint

Hi it's me, your shoulder, yes that right REMEMBER ME? It's nice to be heard FINALLY! Where do I begin? I've tried and tried to get your attention over and over again but you just won't listen to me. I have sent you repeated pain signals and messages but you ignore all my warnings and push on despite them. What's that all about? I don't understand why I have to get so red and angry to be heard. It's the only time you acknowledge me - and when you do, all I get is condemned. "That damn shoulder!" you cry. I feel like hunching over every time you hurl abuse at me. How do you think that makes me feel?

You complain about me, well you know what? I've got a few complaints of my own. I've been carrying your load and burdens all these years and what sort of appreciation do I get? NONE! To be honest I am fed up and angry with you for treating me so badly. I've been supporting you all these years but I'm cracking and crumbling under the pressure. All I want is to know that I am doing a good job. Just the slightest acknowledgment would do. Some positive attention for a change would be greatly appreciated.

BUT you keep saying 'yes', when you mean 'no. 'I'm sick and tired of it. I wish you would follow your 'no's' for a change. But because you don't follow your 'no's', you always end up over-committing yourself and working too long and too hard and you don't even enjoy it most of the time. Then you take it all out on me and complain incessantly about how I bother you and what a pain I am and how I stop you from doing what you need to do. I just tighten up more and more every time I hear you say yes to something you don't want to do or be or have. I'm sick and tired of being tied up in knots all the time!

If you insist on carrying all those burdens and don't learn to say no, when you mean no, then I'm going to have to say it for you by flaring up and firing a few more pain signals your way. I might even freeze right up so you can't move and then you'll be forced to stop what you are doing right there and then. I know that may seem a little harsh but that way you might get the message that I'm overworked and overtired and deserve a holiday!! Here's the deal. I'll rush you a load of those feel good chemicals you like so much, just as soon as you relax and give me a break! Deal?

Step by Step Guidelines For Writing Your Own Script - How To "Take Note" of Your Complaints

Step 1. Choose a physical complaint, and ask your complaint to state its own complaints.

Step 2. Invite your aching body part to speak up. Ask for the loudest complaint to come forward and deal with this one first.

Step 3. Focus on the area of your body you would like to heal - shoulder, neck, back, stomach - and ask it to talk to you about how it is feeling. Encourage your chosen body part to express any complaints and upsets openly and honestly and without holding back. Listen carefully and write down everything you are being told, take note of every complaint, every unheard request and every upset. You are at the service of your body here. Your job is simply to take note. Allow yourself to be creative in the process.

Step 4. Once you have finished your script, read it aloud and either tap continuously on the EFT points OR rub the sore spot until you get to the end of the script and then use a reminder phrase at each point such as, "this (name of body part) complaint."

Step 5. Write a reply to your complaint in the form of a Self Care Plan. This is your chance to address your body's complaints. Write to your complaint or simply talk to it about your intentions to address its concerns. You may want to start by acknowledging its complaints and showing empathy for what it is experiencing. You can then explain what you plan to do (what action you will take) to address these complaints. For example, a Self Care Plan for the above shoulder complaint might sound something like the letter below. Again tap along to borrow the benefits.

Dear Shoulder,
Yes I hear you loud and clear now that I've stopped and taken time out of my busy schedule to take note of how you feel about all this. I know I've been a pain to live with lately, but things are going to change now. Even though in the past I have been guilty of not listening to you, from now on I vow to tune in to how you are feeling and do what is necessary to take care of it. As soon as I start to receive a pain signal from you, I will promise to stop and look at what I'm doing that is overloading you. I vow to take care of you, respect you, praise you and appreciate you for all your hard work.

Yes you have carried me all this time and now I take the time to show my appreciation. How's this - I will ensure that you get a massage at least once a fortnight (or weekly if you're complaining gets too loud!) I will take your advice and start saying no, when I mean no. Even though I've been guilty of saying 'yes' when I mean 'no,' I choose to follow my 'no's' from now on. I will take a long hard look at what I take on and whether it is in my best interest. I put you first and focus on getting balance back into my life so that you don't have to work so hard. Hey and guess what! I just went to see the boss and I've put in for 6 weeks off. Now does that sound like a "Self Care Plan" or what? 

Do You Need Extra Help Tuning In?

If you have difficulty tuning into to your body and you can't 'hear' the messages, try these little EFT Tune Ups:

Even though I can't tune in to what my body is trying to tell me, I choose to listen for the message in the pain.

Even though I'm so out of touch with my body's needs, I choose to practice listening and taking note of what my body is trying to tell me.

Even though until now I have neglected and ignored the messages from my body, I choose to pay more attention from now on.

Recommended Uses

This technique can be used for pain management, whether it is for long-term chronic pain or injury, illness or postoperative related pain.

The more you take note of your body's complaints and tap on these complaints, the less likely your body will complain. You can apply this process to all your physical complaints, starting with the loudest ones first.

Using this technique regularly may lead to pain reduction. It can also be used in a preventative manner by helping you stay in tune with your body and giving it what it needs for optimum health, whether it is better nutrition, more rest, more exercise, recovery time, letting go of certain obligations, cutting back work hours, increasing recreation time, increasing creative pursuits etc.

Angie Muccillo


Here's a nice addition by Nancy Porter-Steele, PhD

Hi, Gary.

In connection with the excellent article by Angie Muccillo, regarding listening to your body, I offer something that I developed, and which I call the "Any Body's, Every Body's Mantra".

This mantra can be used aloud or silently, at any time, and especially when first sitting down or lying down, as the body starts to let go of some of its effort; that's often the moment when pain is noticed. The mantra is, "Thank you, body. Thank you, body. Thank you, body." Repeat many times.

If there is a particular part of the body feeling bad, direct the mantra there. For example, "Thank you, shoulder, for all you do for me. Thank you for all you've put up with."

I have been talking to my own body for years, expressing appreciation sometimes, and sometimes regret for all the body part has suffered. This body likes it, a lot.

May this be helpful to many other bodies!

Many good wishes,

Nancy Porter-Steele



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