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Fears And Phobias


EFT's Peace Potential: Establishing rapport and trust with a wasp

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Andi Whitaker from the UK gives us a quality example what I call the "Peace Potential" of EFT. He uses EFT to eliminate a fear of wasps and creates such a peaceful state that an agitated, house-trapped wasp crawls up on his finger while he escorts it outside. This is similar to those times when wild animals sense no danger from you and are perfectly willing to eat out of your hand, sit next to you and so on. EFT can help with this and using it for this peaceful purpose is highly recommended.

By Andi Whitaker

Dear Gary,

The other day I had an interesting experience with a wasp and EFT.

When I was 13 I used to kill lots of wasps with rolled up newspapers, then I thought this was unfair and killed them by flicking them with my fingernail against the window pane.

At 17, I thought, why am I doing this, and made a solemn pact with the wasps. I apologized to the Great Wasp Spirit and promised never to kill a wasp and in return they would not sting me.

For 7 years I honored the pact, then at 24, I unthinkingly killed a wasp. As I watched the wasp die I knew this was a terrible and serious thing and walked out into the garden feeling really bad. I sat down on a wicker chair and felt a red hot pain in my left shoulder blade, as if someone had stubbed a cigarette into my shoulder; I twisted round and saw a wasp flying away.

At 47, I found an exhausted wasp on the carpet, helped it onto my palm, took it outside and it rested on my palm until it recovered and flew away.

Last week while staying at a friend's house, my wife and I were doing EFT over the phone with her Mum in Japan, when I noticed an agitated wasp trying to escape into the garden. The window was locked and as I wanted to help her, I did some EFT for having the wasp come onto my finger.

Even though:

I am afraid of being stung...

I feel nervous...

I made the pact and they will not sting me...

I can command the wasp to sit on my finger...

Just 4 rounds. The wasp was still very agitated. I placed my finger against the pane and near the wasp. She calmed down and I commanded her to step onto my finger. She walked across, sensed me and stepped onto my finger. I felt a bit nervous, so she stepped off. 3 more rounds of EFT.

Even though:

I am afraid of being stung...

I am calm...

I can command the wasp...

Feeling calm and still, I placed my finger near the wasp and in a soft, firm voice said "Come on little one, step onto my finger, I am going to let you out."

The wasp unhesitatingly climbed onto my finger and I told her to stay there while we walked to the door. We tried to open it for a minute or so, with much rattling and pulling of bolts. Me with one hand and the wasp continuing to stay quietly and calmly on my finger; fortunately a friend of mine turned up and he stared curiously at the wasp. I explained she was my friend and he opened the door. I raised my arm and a few moments later she flew away.

We were all amazed and for me it was a wonderful experience to use EFT for fear and also to be trusted by the wasp. I believe that EFT allows us to return to a very open, spontaneous and natural state of being and the Universe then responds in all sorts of surprising ways.

Further to this idea, some days I find shop assistants choose to serve me rather than someone who has been waiting longer in the queue. The strange thing is the person in front doesn't mind and here in the U.K. - the Land of the Queue - this is very surprising.

Andi Whitaker


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