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EFT and Aikido

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a worthwhile use of EFT for performance issues by Alvaro Munoz of Colombia.

Hugs, Gary

By Alvaro Munoz

Dear Gary

I just want to share my experience with EFT and Aikido:

Aikido is a Japanese martial art consisting on leading attacker´s energy and returning to him/her back; although I am a Karate black belt and have some experience in martial arts, I must confess that Aikido is a world apart; every technique I used to learn karate failed when learning Aikido... I practiced and practiced and practiced for years but my performance got to a certain level and suddenly started to slow down as well as my enthusiasm..... I felt disappointed, tired, frustrated and soon found myself anxious.... I also considering surrendering but knowing it would only make me feel guilty, decided to keep practicing; however, I was attending to the dojo more as a habit than looking for growth.... soon again found myself making excuses to avoid the practice... until I tried EFT:

First of all I checked all the limiting beliefs around me practicing Aikido, and tapped around them:

Even though, Aikido is so hard to learn...
Even though, I can´t relax during the practice..
Even though, I have no much time to practice...

and then I tapped around my feelings when practicing:

Even though, I feel so anxious to do it well...
Even though, I want my hakama (kind of black belt degree)...
Even though, I want to understand this discipline
Even though, I feel so stressed when my sensei (teacher) approaches...
Even though, newer mates are doing better than me....
Even though, I try and I try and I try....
Even though, my shoulders are so stressed during the practice...
Even though, I don´t understand Aikido
Even though, I am competing to myself
Even though, I am putting so much pressure on my self...
Even though, I am not enjoying this...

Finally I realized that the emotion that kept me from improving was my anxiety so I tapped again with the following final part of the setup phrase:

Even though, I am so anxious about being a master...
Even though, I want to be a master now!...
Even though, I want to make everything right from the first time...
Even though, I want to be fast...
.... I have the power to remain relaxed, center and calmed.
.... I am always in my territory (myself).

I did this recently for about an hour I tapped on everything coming to my mind about Aikido and anxiety; today, before my practice I did four or five more rounds, just in case... and guess what:

My practice the next day was so cool ! I was completely relaxed, my shoulders didn't disturb my posture, my arms were moving free, even when I saw my sensei coming I didn't felt that weird sense of being observed and qualified, rather I performed with the intention that she corrected me, felt confident and totally enjoyed the practice.

PS: I also noticed that after the anxiety-tapping session, my body feels much more relaxed when driving.

I will keep tapping on everything that arises and before every practice.

Domo Arigato Gary-san

(Thank you very much, honorable Gary) for this so wonderful technique and the service you are providing to release human consciousness!!!

May peace be with you,

Alvaro Muñoz
Bogotá, Colombia


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