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Stunning surrogate use of EFT during the world's largest timed cycle race

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

We have many articles on this web site depicting circumstances where people have successfully used EFT by tapping on themselves in behalf of others. This Surrogate Tapping may seem quite strange ... even laughable ... to uninformed skeptics. However, the reports are far too numerous too ignore and THIS report (below) by Madelein Walker from South Africa is flat out stunning. If you haven't tried Surrogate EFT before, this article should give you motivation to do so.

By Madelein Walker

Surrogate EFT helps me survive and finish the biggest timed cycle race in the world under the worst conditions I could ever imagine!

I write this letter in absolute awe of EFT and my wonderful friend, Elsie who carried me through this very difficult cycle race. Not only did she help me face my worst fear where cycling is concerned, but she also proved the magic of EFT because she sat 1,400 kilometres away from me on that day while surrogate tapping!

Let me start this wonderful story by giving some background on our experiment. We are both newcomers to EFT and have loved it since the day we started. Our first experiment with surrogate tapping happened here in Johannesburg - South Africa with a very small cycling race. The race was 78 kilometres, starting from a small town called Brakpan, about 15 kilometres from Springs, our hometown. We had an agreement that I would not do any tapping at all and would phone her with all my aches and pains for tapping. She would then 'tune in' as she calls it, and surrogate tap for whatever I needed in that moment.

It worked brilliantly! The headache I had disappeared almost instantly and I finished the race in record time!

We then decided to really put it to the test, and I mean really put it to the test!

- Elsie would do surrogate tapping for me when I ride the Argus!

Now, the Argus is the biggest timed cycle race in the world with about 36 000 cyclists taking on this mammoth challenge every single year! And not only is it the biggest timed race but it is also one of the more difficult races as it is over a distance of 108 kilometres, going over mountains and many steep hills in our beautiful city of Cape Town!

Some of our concerns were the fact that she would be so far away (1 400km's) and our ability to communicate as it would be very difficult and dangerous to phone while navigating your way through thousands of cyclists.

We decided on a strategy before the time. She had a basic list of a few things that I always, always have a problem with during any long cycle races for which she would constantly tap for, on the hour whether I phoned her or not. The list included:

Painful quadriceps. (Usually from quick tiring and the wind chill factor)

Positive mental attitude. (I tend to easily do negative self-talk, especially when the going gets tough.)

High energy levels.

A runny nose! (One of my big problems! As soon as I get on a bicycle my nose starts running like a tap that has been opened. This happens all the time, whether I ride 30km's or 100km's, makes no difference!)

She would also keep record of what she tapped on and when.

Both my husband and I flew to Cape Town on the morning of 12 March and the race was to take place on 13 March 2005. On our arrival we still needed to visit the expo, fetch our bikes and put them together and drive to the Strand were we would be staying. We were having a family week together so of course we first had to stop off to say hallo to everyone and could only settle in much later at the flat we rented. And it was in this late afternoon where things started to go wrong for me. The Cape Southeaster Wind started blowing with all its might! When we walked into our flat we realised that it was also not up to standard where comfort was concerned and with the wind blowing so fiercely, it sounded on the 8th floor as if the windows were going to be ripped from their frames!

Needless to say, we hardly slept that night and had to get up very early that morning of 13 March to get back to Cape Town to be in time for our different starting times. My husband had a nice early start time but I started much later that morning. The later in the day you start, the worst the wind factor usually gets.

I was so tired and couldn't keep my eyes open and must admit that I was very tempted to do some tapping but decided not to in order to stay true to our experiment. I phoned Elsie while I was waiting to be loaded in my pen and requested her to tap for:

7 Tiredness and low energy levels, mentally and physically

7 Pre-race anxiety. (For the first time ever the thousands of people made me feel anxious!)

(At this point in time I didn't think about letting her know about the wind as it was quiet within the city mainly because of the huge buildings shielding us from the wind.)

And so the EFT magic started. With our previous experiment we realised that it worked best if I just 'let go' and not wait for 'something to happen'. I therefore specifically took my focus of any expectations I had, sat down next to my bicycle and just watched the people and their funny outfits. By the time my group was ready to go about 15 minutes later I realised that the tiredness was gone and I was calm and focused enough to tackle the race. I send her a cell phone text message to let her know she was spot on and that it was working. The gun went off, and there we went!

While cycling within the city on the way out everything was fine and there was no sign of the wind. I thought that the wind must have stopped! What a false sense of safety that was! As soon as we headed out onto the highway the wind literally within seconds blew people all over the road and a few people around me went into a panic state! "Watch out!", "keep your line!" the shouts echoed around me and I knew that today I will either have to face my worst fear or I will be returning on a sweeping vehicle!

My first thoughts were, "At this rate you will never make it!" "Stop and phone Elsie before it is too late" "You know you can't cycle in wind, it is Mellis's (my husband) fault that I have to suffer like this today, I told him I didn't want to cycle this year!" "I am sitting on a brand new bike, a racer, where is my mountain bike now? What was I thinking?" "This thing is too light, I can't hold it straight in this wind!" "This damned wind!" "I must find a place to stop, I can't do this!"

And so the thoughts went on and as negative thoughts have a negative impact on the body, I felt myself getting more and more tired! All within the first hour of the race! I was setting myself up for failure!

It was too dangerous to stop within the first part of the race due to the route and the sheer amounts of people which usually gets more spread out as the race progresses. By the time I thought it was safe enough to stop I realised I didn't need to! My legs were pumping and even though I had to hold on to my bike for dear life and have my wits about me to make sure other people don't get blown into me, or me blown into other people I was doing just fine!

Unbelievable! I just kept going and going! I had to stop twice to re-adjust my helmet as it was almost blown off my head. It went very slow, but it didn't matter. I kept on going and going and strangely I started overtaking more and more people. Usually people overtake me!

Then I also noticed that I haven't needed to take out a tissue once to blow my nose... my nose was as dry as a bone! I couldn't believe my own eyes, or should I say nose...!

At about 63 km's to go I stopped at a watering point and gave Elsie a quick call. I could not hear her on the other side the wind was so bad, but told her to continue to tap and do whatever she was doing, it worked magic!

The race continued at this pace and if I wanted to get negative or give up, I needed to force myself to do that! Even when we were stopped at the top of Chapman's Peak for about 25 minutes so that they could airlift someone who had a heart attack, I still remained positive and strong.

Of course the stop affected my overall time and the last 20 - 25 km's became very stressful and dangerous. My nerves were shot going down the rest of Chapman's Peak at a very high speed amongst thousands of cyclists who by now caught up. Suikerbossie, a very long and steep hill became one big sea of people all trying to get to the top at the same time while still fighting the wind. In spite of my nervousness, I remained strong and positive.

I eventually finished the race at almost exactly the same time as the previous year, with a minute to spare. If I hadn't been stopped at the top of Chapmans Peak and the last 25km's were less congested I would have improved at least 30 minutes on my previous year! And that under the worst cycling conditions ever!

My husband couldn't believe his eyes when he saw me arriving back with a medal in my hand! He was almost sure to see me arrive back in a sweeping vehicle because he knew how much I hated cycling in the wind and I am generally not strong enough to keep it up!

I phoned Elsie the first instant I could sit down and catch my breath. I was exhilarated and could almost not explain in words what effect her tapping had on my race. I know in my heart that if it wasn't for her and EFT, I wouldn't have finished the race! I faced the wind, my worst fear on a bicycle and together we beat the Cape Southeaster!

According to Elsie

She pretty much did all the work on intuition. Because I couldn't phone her on a regular basis she had to estimate and follow her intuition on what and when to tap. She obviously tapped on the elements we pre-agreed upon and then added whatever 'came through'. When we compared her list afterwards with what I experienced it was simply amazing!

She knew when to tap and picked up many issues such as shortness of breath (due to altitude change) without it being on the list! And the two very profound effects were the wind and my nose!

Be reminded that I didn't tell her about the wind at the beginning because I thought it had stopped while waiting at the start. I was also so nervous and tired that I actually couldn't think straight to realise that it was only the buildings shielding us. She in fact only realised that the famous Southeaster was blowing after seeing it on TV, about an hour into my race. She immediately started tapping and some of her phrases were as follows:

"Even though the wind is blowing in my face I choose to cycle strong"

"Even though the wind is strong, I am cycling strong and I positively accept myself"

"Even though the wind is strong, I feel comfortable and the wind doesn't bother me"

"Even though the wind is causing discomfort in my body, I deeply and completely accept myself" (My arms got very painful from time to time from holding on so tight)

"Even though I have this anxiety because of the wind, I deeply and completely accept myself"

"Even though I have this Fear of strong wind, I deeply and completely accept myself" "Even though this is a difficult race, I choose to be motivated"

"Even though there is this strong wind, I feel safe and I am having a safe ride"

"Even though I am almost there, I am still motivated, I am still cycling strong and I have enough energy to finish the race"

There were many other aspects that she tapped on, but the above were just amazing, it was like she 'knew' what was going on in my mind! But yet still the most amazing part was the fact that I was ready to give up within the first hour of my race and as soon as she started tapping after that first hour for the wind factor, I had a change in cognition, motivation and physical strength!

The other miracle was my running nose. She tapped once at the beginning of the race for my running nose and I had a dry nose for the whole race! I went cycling again recently without any tapping and my runny nose was back again! To me that is proof beyond reasonable doubt that surrogate EFT works, even if you are 1,400 km's apart!

In conclusion I would like to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to Elsie for her relentless tapping and dedication on the day, a day I will never forget.

All my good wishes to all EFT'ers!

Madelein Walker


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