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Cataract surgery goes perfectly after releasing inner child Issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article by Deborah Miller, PhD from Mexico points out the many benefits of using EFT on unresolved emotional issues from childhood. She says, "Isn’t it marvelous how a woman with serious inner child issues with her mother and doctors, could after a few EFT sessions release that emotional and physical pain, have confidence in doctors after being treated badly by them since birth, have a speedy recovery from cataract surgery, attain 20/20 vision, recognize her old beliefs and make new choices, be enthused about her life, and visualize how delightful life is."

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, Ph.D

Lee had been using EFT but without the desired results, yet felt nervous asking an EFT practitioner for help.  In fact, we began with a brief round to release those fears. 

Lee’s History: Lee is the 5th of 7 children.  She was her mother’s scapegoat and felt unloved and totally alone.  Lee’s birth was long and difficult (her mother and doctor decided to induce labor early) with the doctor dislocating her right shoulder in the process.

He didn’t notice or check her afterwards so she has reduced mobility in her right arm, compromised muscles on the right side of her face, and her right eye turns outward slightly.  (Note that Lee has been telling about her bad relationship with doctors since birth)

As an adult, she’s had lots of brain fog, lacked stamina, energy and vitality, was dizzy when walking or standing, and didn’t go anywhere.  Her whole life seemed to be in suspended animation, and without direction.  She felt completely ALONE in the world with her problems, feeling despair. After months of analysis she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem.  Her medications made her condition worse.  She had vision problems; including a botched eye surgery, and was scheduled for cataract surgery.

We began with a childhood experience.  When Lee was 4 or 5 years old, she came downstairs to sit in her mother’s lap while she was reading but was turned away.  One morning Lee’s younger sister was in her mother’s lap.  She asked why and her mother’s response of, “You’re too big to sit on my lap” shocked little Lee because it never occurred to her that you could be too big to sit on your mother’s lap.  

She turned and ran into the bathroom linen closet and closed the door hoping her mother would come find her but she never did.  Lee waited there a long time.  When she finally came out she had the childish notion to show her mother that she was mad at her sister with the hopes that her mother would fix it.  But instead her mother got mad back at her.  Lee explained that it shocked her all the way to her feet and she never ever felt good after that.  For Lee, it was the end of her childhood.

After tapping, she saw herself coming down the stairs and leaving the room in the opposite direction, as if she had rewritten the mental "writing on her wall."  She could see how she chose to be unlovable, which meant she could choose differently. 

Between sessions, Lee realized she didn’t want to go in the opposite direction, but walk past her mother and those old issues.  I felt guided to work with the little girl in Lee.  I asked Lee to go to the closet door and talk to the little girl within.  

Lee felt good, which was represented by the image of a lovely light sky blue like a beautiful spring day.  The little girl in her liked the light blue sky because her whole life she’d pull back the curtain to only see pain.  Lee’s pain disappeared.  She felt movement of energy on the tops of both of her feet and sensations in her lower legs (Remember the original memory shook her to her feet).

Following this EFT session, after years of absence from family events, Lee went to one, stayed longer than expected and had a great time.

Lee contacted me a day before a scheduled cataract surgery on her right eye.  She was afraid to go because of her birth experience and a previous botched eye surgery.  She feared her current doctor would botch the surgery even though he is a great doctor.  (Notice that Lee is conscious that not all doctors are bad.)  We worked on her issues with doctors and continued with the inner child in the closet.

Lee’s inner child didn’t find it safe to come out of the closet and didn’t trust the adult in Lee.  While tapping, Lee recognized how stubborn and distrusting the little girl within was.  The little girl never felt she had a parent.  We tapped until the little girl was at the doorway hugging the adult in Lee feeling happy, but still untrusting.

Even though she was in the same closet, her adult self opened the door.  The adult in her carried the little girl out so they could be partners.  This was brand new for her and the little girl, who absolutely loved being asked to learn with her.  At the end of the round she felt no resentment, blame, or fear and they were outside the bathroom.  (Isn’t it amazing how the little child in us has very specific needs and when they are met is very pleased.)

Regarding the surgery we did some visualizing along with the tapping.  She imagined how she would like the surgery to go, and the outcomes she’d like to attain.  I asked her what makes her feel happy.  Lee said for her it was the flower jasmine.  I suggested she imagine receiving a bouquet of jasmine after the surgery.  This made her smile.

Then we tapped and envisioned: The surgery went well.  The doctor was confident.  He re-checked his work.  He did follow-up.  She came out of the surgery well.  Her eyesight was perfect. She recovered without pain.  She was cared for.  The outcome was so good that it even surprised the doctor.  (That got a chuckle)  Lee was ready for her surgery.

Here’s a summary of what Lee wrote after her cataract surgery.  The cataract surgery went off without a hitch (hoorah!) … and NO PAIN afterwards, either.  She did "jasmine" visualization before she went to sleep, and it was wonderful. 

Driving there, she had a lot of adrenaline, but was feeling fine, and wanted to stay centered in front of my grown son (who drove her).  The following day she would have a vision check-up and post surgery check-up with the surgeon.  She visualized that the outcome was going to be even better than he expected, that she could see beautifully already.

Here’s a summary of Lee’s post vision check-up report.  The doctor said that her healing is so well underway it doesn't even look like she just had surgery.  Her vision tested out at 20/20.  What makes that outcome remarkable is that she had had two prior laser surgeries on that eye to correct her vision.  

Lee stated, “You introduced me to a whole new idea by having me tap on I choose to give up my need to have a problem.  I had not thought of myself as having a "need" for negativity, but yet the minute you said this, my eyes flew wide open due to recognition of the truth of this.  (It is an unconscious need, of course! and you helped make it conscious.) 

Actually, I have used that relinquishment phrase for quite a few things since then, such as: I release my need to be late; (2nd round: I choose to be on top of things, including arriving early).  Or, I choose to release my need to have minor accidents that immobilize my legs [I have had two this year]; (2nd round: I choose to move forward with purpose and confidence.)

Isn’t it marvelous how a woman with serious inner child issues with her mother and doctors, could after a few EFT sessions release that emotional and physical pain, have confidence in doctors after being treated badly by them since birth, have a speedy recovery from cataract surgery, attain 20/20 vision, recognize her old beliefs and make new choices, be enthused about her life, and visualize how delightful life is.

I’m so pleased that Lee took this step to free her inner child from the old pains and step into wholeness.  I wish her a life filled with joy-producing jasmine.

Deborah Miller, PhD


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