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Hollywood film maker resolves deep personal traumas with EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Bret Carr teamed up with Quinn Redeker (writer of the academy award winning The Deer Hunter) to create an inspirational film entitled RevoLOUtion. It is the story of Lou Benedetti, a psychologically traumatized boxer who overcomes his "demons." Interestingly, Bret's personal life has some parallels with that of Lou Benedetti. This, of course, makes him the ideal person to star in the film. This article is Bret's description of an hour long EFT session he and I had regarding his personal traumas. Note that we ended up addressing core pre-birth issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Bret Carr

Dear Gary,

I have been an advocate of repeatedly psychodramatizing (reliving) childhood traumas (regression) until those brain-circuits are laughable.  So, when you offered to EFT me, I never expected such profound and dramatic results!

After years of study and application with top people in the field of self help, the kind of people that directing an acclaimed movie would allow me access to, I must say that EFT is the simplest, most effective tool of them all, because it can be used simply, quickly and be done by yourself, and it is POWERFUL.

Here’s my story:  I developed a lot of built-up anger from my childhood (abusive alcoholic mother, judgmental grandfather, critical abusive father) and this shows up in my life with some frequency. For example, two weeks before we worked together with EFT, a surfer at a nearby beach was "evil-eyeing" me. This ended up with me replaying all my huge reservoir of previous anger scripts, feeling threatened and punching him twice in the face.

We worked on this episode with EFT and as we tapped and reintegrated the armature that built up as a child and let the feelings find a pathway through my body again, TEARS STARTED ROLLING down my face. At this stage, no lengthy analysis or investigation to an earlier incident was necessary.

Yet the core of this issue came by itself due to all my previous work. We went back within minutes to pre-natal memories which, though I had worked through them before with other methods, ended up what I believe is a FINAL RELEASE. The pre-natal memories were (1) my mother saying to my dad, “you’re a BROKE PIECE OF X)#&%, my father is going to have you killed” and (2) my mother screaming "Get it OUT" as I was coming through the birth canal. With a few minutes of EFT, these reduced to blissful laughter. But how would this relief hold up in the real world?

Well, the next day I went to the beach and was confronted again by the same guy I hit previously ... and five of his friends. They threatened me, screamed at me abusively, and told me I had to leave the beach! To get OUT. The very words that were a trigger in our session and which caused me so much restimulation. INterestingly, my heart rate didn’t even increase, and I stood there and completely acknowledged them whilst watching their anger turn to sarcasm, and then to disbelief. I was able to be fully present, and although I think it may take more work, the one abusive girl in the group ended up giving me a surf lesson.

One of the guys who sneered at me and wouldn’t shake my hand, when I calmly repeated my intention to resolve this with ‘more communication not less’, took my hand and said, “we just want to resolve this”. And though the guy I hit was stalking me later, it seemed his stalking was more in amazement that the mirror in him which must have attracted both of us to this situation, was going, “I DON”T BELIEVE IT!!!”

I felt so at peace in a situation which could have driven me to potentially disastrous consequences.

This same attitude sees me being defensive in business and social situations and killing off, before they reject me, potential partnerships that could otherwise blossom. And simply walking away from some dysfunctional childlike producer in Hollywood because of my ego could be a career killer. Instead with EFT, I can let go of all of that and give the next guy his importance. Listen and acknowledge his needs to bully, or to be right. And then and only then can you fractionally change a situation with love.

Thank You for giving me a portion of my life back.


Bret Carr


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