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Fears And Phobias

Water / Swimming

Anthony's water phobia--gone in an afternoon

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Read how Lisa Burks helps 13 year old Anthony get over an intense fear of water.

Hugs, Gary

By Lisa Burks

I've been using the tapping technique you shared with us since 1999. I went from muliple 'perceived' health issues to NONE. But I want to share a success story and the joy I felt helping a child release his fear of water with you. It truly was remarkable.

I recently took my son and his 13 year old friend, Anthony, on a trip to the nearby State park. The park is beautiful, has a lake with canoe rental and kayak rental. I asked my son if he wanted to go canoeing and he said yes. I then invited Anthony, his friend, to come along. It was Anthony's birthday and I thought he would enjoy it. My son and I both told Anthony we were going caneoing on the lake and to make sure it was alright with his father. He checked, it was fine and off we went. Not once did Anthony mention that he was terrified of water.

We got our canoe rented, began slipping into our life jackets when Anthony leaned over to me and barely whispered 'I'm scared'. I said, 'of what son? Anthony replied 'the water'. I said, 'there's nothing to worry about, you're with me and we have our life jackets, plus we will not be rocking the canoe." Anthony reluctantly got in the middle seat and clutched both sides of the canoe until his knuckles were white.

My son shoved us off and we began to paddle. The canoe moved a bit from side to side due to my son switching the paddles back and forth, and that was all it took for Anthony to go into a complete phobic reaction.

He began whimpering and muttering-rocking his head from side to side- I at first thought he was in shock. I immediately thought to tap. I said 'Anthony, if there was a way that I could help you stop being afraid of the water would you want me to show you? His head rapidly began to nod yes!

I then showed him the karate chop version and said the set up phrase. That child tapped his little heart out. By the time we were finished, his knuckles weren't so white, he was breathing better and much more relaxed. When the boat moved again, he started the phobic reaction again.

I then tapped with him for the remaining fear of water when he said himself, "Even though I have this AMAZING fear of water, I know that I am safe'. We tapped three rounds total. When all was said and done, Anthony felt comfortable enough to settle down and eat his sandwich in the boat enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine on his face. The boat moving was still a bit too much for him and I asked him then if he wanted to return to the shore. He nodded yes, but not as vehemently as before. We paddled back to the shore, got him out of the boat and sat the land lubber under a beautiful oak tree.

He watched us wistfully from the shore, I could tell he wanted back in the water. The park had paddle boats available - and lo and behold Anthony, who once had an AMAZING fear of water jumped in the paddle boat and took off paddling with my son. They paddled in the boat for almost an hour.

EFT, what a wonder.

On a related note: It seems to me that people are more open to learning alternative measures such as EFT lately. I've sent the EFT website url to many friends, they've downloaded the free manual and are using tapping on themselves and giving the manual to relatives. One woman told me recently that she 'didn't know if she'd ever thanked me or not for sending that EFT Manual to her, but that she and her husband are tapping and giving the manual to friends that don't have computers." She told me that the heart condition she's had for umpteen years is simply gone as well as her over rapid heartbeat. :)

Thank you,

L. Burks


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