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How Rebecca Gurland started with the EFT Personal Peace Procedure and wound up collapsing her major core issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article should be of major interest to those looking for ways to locate core issues. With diligence use of the EFT Personal Peace Procedure and some of our other techniques, Rebecca Gurland locates many traumatic issues and collapses them all. Very instructional.

Hugs, Gary

By Rebecca Gurland

Dear Gary,

I am the person who very hesitantly sent you a handwritten note about a year ago.  Writing to thank you, and actually mailing it was difficult.  I couldn't seem to get over the issue that turned out to be a "big" one for me.  It started out to be about inhibitions to writing and posting on the internet, and ultimately this was about reaching out further.  I am now reaching out much further than I ever thought possible, thanks to EFT.  As I felt ready to share my EFT adventure with you and this awesome EFT community, I didn't know where to start.  Although now that I've started writing…!

With the free downloaded manual to the basic course, I became intrigued by the perceptions realized.  I started tapping on everything and then had to get the DVDs!  There were some great "one minute wonders" for others and myself.  Yet I was not able to post any question or comment on the forums and discussion groups.  I had frustration with myself going up to an intensity level of 8 out of 10.  Hmmm, maybe I had some big tabletops and psychological reversals going on here - so I made my list of bothersome memories for the Personal Peace Procedure.

"The time I was embarrassed in front of English class in high school" was a likely place to start.  After tapping, what a great feeling it was to go back and imagine the incident again - very vividly, and find that I was laughing with the class!

I still wasn’t posting to the forums though.  So I went to, “Even though my friends wrote their term papers like a breeze and I labored over mine..."  This was another likely one to collapse and I tapped and tapped and felt better and better, yet, still no posting.

So I checked that list again.  Oh, here it was, my big trauma had been stuffed away for 50 years (a 16 year old boy tried to rape my 13 year old sister in front of me).

Using the Movie Technique, I titled my movie "The boy with the knife" and subtitled it, "my mother said never talk about this with anyone."  I couldn't say the title out loud without getting to an intensity level of 10 out of 10 (heart pounding and tears starting).  Thank you, thank you, and thank you, Gary, especially for Borrowing Benefits.  When fears, confusion and angers are released, suddenly it becomes obvious that they have been inhibiting in many ways!

There were many crescendos in what seemed to be 10-minute terrifying movie.  As the borrowing benefits series progressed, I watched and tapped and cried and hugged myself.  When I worked on the "my mother said never talk about it to anyone" movie, I found myself talking in a child's voice, Even though my mommy won't let me ask questions.  

In my movie I began to tell a few friends about the incident and noticed when there was a little heart pounding at some point - there was another aspect to address with EFT.  The incident was bigger than life and I was right there.  I kept tapping on aspects and remembered details.  Revelations came to me about what I was still carrying from that time.  I had been tapping on forgiving my mother, understanding her inhibitions and protectiveness.  I found that first I did have to get in touch with, and then release, the anger about not being able to talk about it.

Then the memory started to become hazy and I watched a little girl who was really scared, then run home unhurt!  It was time to test to see if there was remaining fear.  I piled some blankets against the wall in the bedroom to be the embankment the boy made us sit against in the woods.  Yikes, a 10!  

My shoulders were up to my ears as I crouched in terror (Well, I had been consciously and unsuccessfully trying to relax my shoulders for years, using EFT too).  Then I worked on …

“Even though I am carrying a 6 years old's terror in my shoulders…”  and

“Even though I don't want to hear what's going on…”

Now this has made some difference!  There is a more then 50-year habit to consider, yet now I notice many times that my shoulders are relaxed!

I was still feeling frustrated about my inhibition to post on these discussion groups.  At that point I tried, with lots of emphasis and a few more descriptive words …

"Even though I am too stupid to ever be able to communicate this way...’

I did a few rounds, adding more tapping points.  Right then a realization struck: "it isn't that I can't post, it's just not the right time."  Wow!  I noticed a great feeling of happy relief.  No pressure now, just knowing that the time would be right at some point.  Soon after that I participated in a chat room with ease - and it was fun!

Gosh, this was great!  I told my son that this technique is so awesome that I have to share it more; it needs a website so I can write about it.  He offered his technical help and I went off to find a domain name.  A whole website started growing before I realized that I was writing on it every day- really reaching out!  I started telling people that it was there, even knowing that there was lots of editing and additions needed.  I was saying, “this is unbelievable”- then I realized that I do believe!  “It’s amazing”!

Someone saw the site, and called me to say there’s lots of good info there, can I write an article for the small local paper?  I almost said, “I can't write.”  Then I heard myself say, “Sure, I can adapt a page from the site!”  This has turned into a series of articles.  The premise of the website is inspired by you Gary.  It’s the 5 major doors of healing (that you mention in FAQ about healing serious diseases).  This is such a great understanding, and as I write, more doors and keys are discovered!  I became aware of the connection between all of my areas of interest: accessing abundant energy!  I'm positively energized!

Thank you Gary, and thanks to all your inspirational contributors,

Rebecca Gurland



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