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Using EFT with a tumbling team--the statistical results

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Judy Whitcraft used EFT with her tumbling students and compiled statistics evidencing their impressive improvement.

Hugs, Gary

By Judy Whitcraft

For 34 years I have owned my own tumbling/dance studio. For over a year I have been using EFT in the tumbling classes that I teach personally in the studio, and also for our tumbling team.

Our team competes in three tumbling meets each year.

80 girls, ages 3-16,  competed this past season with our team.

The first two meets are qualifying meets, and then there is a championship trophy meet where only the winners from the first two meets compete in their age and skill division. My girls have always done extremely well in qualifying for the championship, and done very well in bringing home trophies at Championships.

This year, on the back of the tumbling meet entry form, I added a release form for the parent to give me permission to use EFT with their child to enhance peak performance. At the first practice, I demonstrated EFT, using flexibility, and had the parents tap along with the children. EFT was very well received by most all the girls and parents, and we definitely were seeing results at the practices.  

A few of the set up phrases we used included,

  • Even though my toes weren’t pointed, I have great muscles.
  • Even though my splits are not all the way down, I have a flexible body.
  • Even though I didn’t land my trick, my body knows how to do it.
  • Even though I don’t like to be judged, I choose to have fun anyway.
  • Even though I am afraid I might mess up and feel bad, I am an awesome kid anyway.

And of course we used EFT for headaches, breathing problems, strained muscles, fear and general pain.

One practice with an advanced group of 10-11 year olds had an interesting outcome. The girls had to be there 2 hours, and after only 45 minutes, they were tired, irritable, acting silly and were wasting EVERYONE’S time.  I sat them down in a circle, and we all tapped together:

  • Even though I don’t want to be here and my mom is making me stay, I choose to have a great practice.
  • Even though Judy is being mean and I just want to go home and play, I choose to have fun anyway.
  • Even though I don’t want to do this, you can’t make me, I don’t wanna, I ain’t gonna,  I’m still an awesome kid.

The change was MIRACULOUS !!!  For the rest of the practice ALL eight of the girls were energetic, cooperative, worked hard, got a lot accomplished AND HAD FUN !

Thank you EFT!

After the Championship tumbling meet in March, as I printed out the list of trophy winners to display on the wall, I kept thinking that the 48 trophies we won were beyond what we had ever done before.  I was prompted to put together statistics to see if this were so. The figures showed we had brought home 28% more trophies than the previous year ! Then I went back 5 years and put those statistics together. When I averaged the 5 previous years together, we had upgraded that number by 45%  !

(There were approximately 80 girls each year on the team. That variable was minimal.)

It also seemed that the places won were higher. More firsts, seconds and thirds. When I gave each place a value like a track meet, (6 team points for first, 5 team points for second, etc.) the figures between year 2005 and 2006 showed a  30% increase. Over the past 5 year average, it was a 43% increase. So the level of placement was high, along with the number of trophies.

Three of the mothers told me they tapped with their children in the car all the way to the tumbling meet. Other mothers reported stories of improvement at practices at home using EFT. I decided to take a survey of how the girls had used EFT on their own, away from the studio.  Results are as follows:

  • 63%     Tapped the day of the meet
  • 60%     Tapped while practicing at home
  • 63%     Used EFT for an issue (other than tumbling) when away from the studio
  • 47%     Other members of their family now use EFT
  • 26%     Have taught friends to use EFT

There were a variety of issues (other than tumbling skills) where the girls had used EFT. And they all reported successful results!  Most of the girls are elementary school age!

They used EFT for  headaches, ear ache/blockage, runny nose, toothache, neck ache, allergies, asthma, riding a bike, endurance running, basketball, softball, swimming, karate, math speed cards, math homework, spelling, achievement test fear, thunderstorms, climbing a tree, and when they are mad at their friends.

Many of my instructors and assistants also reported that they are using EFT on their own and with others.

I have been very pleased with the receptive attitude in our small community. Of course some roll their eyes and laugh, but the results speak for themselves.

My thanks for making EFT so easy, even a 7 year old can use it.


Judy Whitcraft



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