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Other Physical Issues


Using EFT for Dyscalculus

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Dyscalculus is a form of Dyslexia involving a difficulty in dealing with numbers. In my experience, the cause of most forms of Dyslexia boil down to unresolved emotional issues that, once handled, leave the client free to read, do math, etc. In the case below, Ben Meijer from the Netherlands, addresses a number of emotional issues for his client and, in doing so, collapses the dyscalculus and gives her freedom to do math.

By Ben Meijer, EFT Therapist and Trainer

Here is a case about how EFT successfully helped a lady with dyscalculus.

The client, Mrs. S., told me about her math weakness, and how strongly it affected her life (shopping!!) She must do all math VERY slowly, everything on paper, double check multiple times. She told me how she used to switch digits and mix digits up and have trouble visualizing anything with numbers. She suffered horribly during school as a child, and was behind several grades in math only. She had NO dyslexia whatsoever.

The EFT treatment for this dyscalculus consisted of several short treatments of about 20-30 minutes, as she just got so tired from the emotions. The 0-10 intensity all went down to 0 in 3 or 4 rounds per setup statement. We dealt with the following aspects, as can be seen in the following setup statements:

  • "Even though I don't see it, I deeply accept myself"[math/calculations implied]
  • "Even though I don't understand it..."[math/calculations implied]
  • "Even though I don't get it..."[math/calculations implied]
  • "Even though I feel stupid/dumb.."
  • "Even though I don't want to do any math because I'm afraid of making mistakes..."
  • "I forgive myself for making errors with math/calculations"
  • "I feel fuzzy when doing math"
  • "Trouble with math"
    "I cannot visualize the numbers"
  • "forgive myself for trouble with mental arithmetic"
  • "I give myself permission to let this issue go"
  • "I accept myself completely with this unsafe arithmetic"

Initially, the improvement seemed substantial, it felt like a liberation during the treatment itself. No fear, arithmetic went easily and quicker. She could mentally see numbers steadily for mental arithmetic.

Soon new aspects emerged.

The measuring stick was the amount of time and ease with which calculations could be performed.

- fear of not being able to do price: weight comparisons in the store

- calculating money exchange rates

- belief: "I'm always off a few digits/cents/etc"

Now the treatments have finished and the client feels free to do math. This does not imply she has become a math genius or grown fond of doing math puzzles. She just is not inhibited from using math any more, for instance during shopping.

Later, I spoke with her again, and she commented she was pleasantly surprised that she could now easily do the complex geometry and calculations for setting up mandalas without stress or errors.

Regards from

Ben Meijer

EFT Therapist and Trainer


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