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Fears And Phobias


Tunnel phobia--"oh that is so easy"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Sylvia Hawley reports on her first attempt at applying EFT to another person. It turned out to be one of those delightful "one minute wonders" that are such fun to watch.

Hugs, Gary

by Sylvia Hawley

Hi Gary

Here's a story I shared on the Myss Forum where your call for NY phobics was reprinted ...

Remember that I recently bought your training materials, promised to go through in order, and to be specific ... working on myself, and with the materials, I have only progressed as far as the video tapes. I still use the complete basic recipe and until yesterday had not used it on another person. So here's what happened ...

Driving to the coast with friends Susan and Lenny, two of the most healthy, loving, in love, harmony and faith oriented people I've known. Sharing time with them has been such a blessing. So I was surprised to hear Susan say (not knowing about my fledgling EFT work) that she had to hide her head in Lenny's lap whenever they drove through a tunnel. She went on to describe her utter unreasoning terror of being in the tunnel. As she described this, I realized this might respond to EFT.

Lenny was driving, Susan was in the passenger seat, and I behind. I said, "well I can help with that if you want. We can do it right now." We were a good half hour's drive from the tunnel. She's an open hearted person so she did it. I did the full set up, basic, 9 gamut, and she did too. Before we started I had her think herself into the tunnel and see what her level of anxiety was. She thought it was 4. Because we were not anywhere near the tunnel, she could only get to 4.

After we went through EFT, she doing her own tapping and me modeling it and speaking out loud with her (basically doing it with her), I asked her what her level was. "None," she said, "there's nothing, it's gone." "Ok," I said, "we'll see if it helps."

I think we all forgot about it until we approached the tunnel and Susan reached out for Lenny's hand. We went in and drove through and coming out she said, "well that was amazing." "Huh," we said. "Well," she said, "it was gone. There was nothing and I could look at the tunnel. I have never been able to do that."

GC COMMENT: The fact that Susan reached for Lenny's hand is indicative of two possibilities.

1. She was apprehensive because she knew what the tunnel phobia used to be like. She felt calm but had the expectation that her old fear would return. Chances are, even if the phobia is completely gone (likely) she will still reach nervously for Lenny's hand the next 3 or 4 times.

2. There is some remaining remnant (aspect) of the problem that still needs to be addressed.

SYLVIA CONTINUES: Many hours later driving home I think we had all forgotten again until we approached the tunnel and Susan again reached out for Lenny's hand. We drove in and this time I noticed that it IS a very long tunnel. Coming out is always very beautiful in this part of Oregon. Susan said, "oh that is so easy. It is so easy. It is gone. I didn't have any at all."

So thanks again to you Gary. I've loved reading your letters and being on this list. I've added EFT to my massage therapy business card although I've never worked professionally, just as a hobby, and said "EFT for Addictions and Phobias" ... if that's not okay please let me know for I haven't received the cards or used this professionally at all.

GC COMMENT: No problem. You are encouraged to use EFT in any ethical way you see fit.

SYLVIA CONTINUES: I have used it a LOT for myself with excellent results. As soon as I get through all the audio tapes I'll be moving on ... you might get a kick out of knowing that I was listening to your work with insomnia and fell asleep for five straight hours. That is probably why my progress has been a bit slow ...

GC COMMENT: I don't know what really happened here but it is likely that just watching the tapping produced results on your insomnia. This happens often enough to comment on it.

SYLVIA CONTINUES: Love and Hugs to you,

Sylvia Hawley


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