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Pain Management

Gout sufferer dances a jig without pain.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

We often see arthritis pains subside with EFT (not always, though) but, until now, I have not heard of any specific experiences with gout. Fortunately, an interesting gout case (with an apparent cure) was encountered by Tam and Mair Llewellyn-Edwards of the UK during an EFT workshop in Ireland.

Here are the details.

Hugs, Gary

by Tam and Mair Llewellyn-Edwards

This is a case that was encountered during a demonstration of EFT at a teaching workshop. The case proved difficult at first but yielded to persistence.

We teach EFT to therapists of other disciplines so that they can use it as an extra tool in their therapeutic workbox. During the workshop we use many demonstrations that call for members of the audience to act as volunteers. The first demonstration is very early in the course and we need this demonstration to be successful to set the tone for the rest of the course.

In order to help guarantee success we always demonstrate on a large number of volunteers - usually about 10 - to get the law of averages on our side. We ask for volunteers with obvious physical problems, as these are often easier to clear in the difficult conditions of a demonstration in front of a large audience. Mostly we clear headaches and backaches and similar problems and can usually expect over 80% success, which helps a lot at the start of a course.

At a recent workshop one of the volunteers, we will call him Sean, was obviously in great pain and distress and told us he was suffering from gout in his right foot and the SUDs level (a subjective assessment of his current pain level) was a maximum of 10 on a scale of 0 to 10. We try to start with the easiest cases and pain at a SUDs of 10 is probably one of the easiest as there is no problem in getting the client to focus on the problem. However, in the case of gout some tissue damage is to be expected and a rapid result is not usually an option.

We started the group session, with the volunteers at the front and the audience tapping along with them. Round by round the volunteers had their pains significantly reduced until we were left with Sean who was still reporting a SUDs of 10. I started a one to one session with him and used more varied and challenging Set Up Statements of the form :

"Even though I have this terrible gout pain, and it won't go away, and it is all my own fault anyway, I WILL be OK"

The SUDs remained stubbornly at 10 dropping to 9 (perhaps Sean was being kind in reaction to my efforts in front of an audience). Fortunately, the workshop was a two-day one, so I was able to leave the matter to be dealt with the next day as an example of a "difficult" case. Sean was given homework for the evening, which consisted of persevering with the use of EFT simply to reduce the pain.

The next day dawned and, ominously, Sean was missing. Then, just as we were to start the session he came running through the door! The pain was gone and he had been able to run from the car park and up two flights of stairs to the lecture theatre as he was late. He said he had something to report to the group and came dancing up to the platform where he performed an impromptu Irish jig (we were in Ireland!) and declared himself pain free. Perseverance had triumphed again. An e-mail contact after a month confirmed that he had had no further problems and that the gout had cleared completely.

Had EFT cleared up tissue damage overnight? I doubt it. Clearly the pain was gone, and possibly the uric acid crystals had been re-absorbed by the body, but it is hard to believe that any damaged tissue had been regenerated in such a short time. The point, however, was that the pain was gone, the client was happier and the problem was removed allowing the damaged tissue to repair itself in its own time but without Sean feeling any discomfort.

Tam & Mair Llewellyn-Edwards

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