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Bedwetting and stammering

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here are two useful EFT applications that I am adding to the Children's section on our web site. Robert Huffman describes his use of EFT on bedwetting while Rick Saruna applies EFT to his son's stammering problem. Note Rick's persistence and the eventual unfolding of a core issue, namely, the subtle "fear of being kidnapped."

Hugs, Gary


What spurred me to write today in particular is that I met with a 9 year-old boy this morning to follow up on a session I had with his mother and him last week to deal with bedwetting. He has rarely had a dry night in memory. But he reported to me today that after our 30 minute session last week (working on embarrassment, anger, deserving, expectation of success, etc. and then finally the bedwetting itself) and then tapping each night before bed, he has been dry 4 of the 5 nights. The wet one was in the middle. We worked a little more today (EFT) and I sent him on his way to "keep tapping".

Anyway, it felt so good to be able to help him with EFT and to see the smile on his face!


Robert Huffman


Hi Gary,

A while back ago I spoke with you in regard to my 7 year old (now 8) son's speech problems and some of the events that happened to him previous to the problem. These included the death of both grandfathers within 3 weeks, the following month another relative, a loss of a kitten during a declaw surgery, along with a few other events all within about a 6 month period. He was also very scared to be left alone and always had to have one of his parents within view.

He started to develop a stuttering problem, and using some stress techniques (before I knew EFT), I eliminated the stutter and somehow it resulted in a stammer (where in mid sentence the words suddenly stop and he is straining to speak). I heard of the EFT course and ordered it.

Well, I began looking at issues and eliminating them. After a couple of days working on the grandfather thing, he says to me, "Dad that doesn't bother me, I'm ok with that," but he is still having problems completing sentences. We worked on a few other issues and they also cleared up. Still the problem persists. At each level he would actually tell me that those things no longer bother him. So, I finally ask him if there was anything that 'maybe' bothered him that he perhaps wanted to get rid of. So he says to me yes, "the fear of being kidnapped !!" I was at a loss to think of where that came from and why a child would have that fear. I then realized that when he was quite young, he always wanted to stay in the car. He was always forced to come out.

Then I realized that my wife used to say to him , "c'mon out because I don't want someone to kidnap you." It was then obvious that this was another issue that needed to be dealt with. It took only several sessions of tapping for this for a couple of days and this fear of being left alone in a car or even in school has totally disappeared.

His speech has improved and continues to do so as more time passes. We are currently doing, "I really really really like myself, even though I have a problem talking." And this has been helping dramatically. His shyness has gone away dramatically (I hope I haven't created a MONSTER!) and the issues of the past losses are all but something in the past. We lost a grandmother (suddenly) in December, which we tapped for immediately and there was no problem and no negative reaction whatsoever from the child. I see him improving and I will keep you posted. It was interesting for me to have him to tell me what was bothering him and what he was really scared about. All I needed to do was to ask him. It's easy to sometimes see the events and think you know what the problems are. He has taught me a lot with the process and his progress has been fantastic.

Rick Saruna

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