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A 14 year old boy with dyslexia gets glowing reports in school after EFT. One teacher called him

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,We've had many impressive reports over the years regarding EFT and dyslexia. Renee McRandal from Ireland reports yet another -- and this one clearly qualifies as one of our "one minute wonders."

Hugs, Gary

By Renee McRandal

David’s mother asked if I would help him with his reading homework.  He is 14 years old and dyslexic and receives additional help with this in school.  He read a story to me and his reading was word-perfect.  I had a hunch that he was just remembering it and not reading it at all.  With his sheepish grin he confirmed that this was the case.

We talked a bit about his dyslexia and I asked him to tell me all about it and how it made him feel in class and he told me: stupid, isolated, different, embarrassed, humiliated.  I sympathized with him and asked him if he’d like to see if I could help him.  He knew that I did something strange as I had helped an older brother with a sports injury some months before.  We tapped.

Even though I feel stupid in front of the other boys, I am a good boy.(His preferred words.

Even though I feel different from the other boys, I’m OK

Even though I feel embarrassed/humiliated at school, my Mammy and Daddy love me and I’m a good boy.

Then I asked him to look at the book and tell me what he saw on the page.  He said he didn’t see anything but squiggles.  “What do you mean squiggles.  What are they like. Where are they?”  He told me they were all over the letters and he couldn’t see the words because they were behind all the letters and the squiggles were on top of the letters.  Logical enough!  So we tapped.

Even though I just see squiggles…

Even though the words are all mixed up...

Even though the words are hiding behind the squiggles…

With only one full round on this we went back to the book and he shouted, “The squiggles are away”.  His mother just came into the room and I asked him to tell her what he just told me.  Neither of us could believe it at first.  He was delighted and then said he would be able to learn how to read now that he could see the words.

Three months later I got a card written by him saying, “Thank you for helping me with my reading.  Before, I thought I skipped lines and now I know I don’t.  Before the lines seemed to run into each other and I became confused.  It feels good to read now.  Now I will learn to enjoy reading.  It used to be hard to read and now it is getting better”.

His mother also sent me a letter saying “We were blown away with and quite mesmerized by all the glowing reports!!” (at the Parent/Teacher meeting sometime after our session).  “Four months earlier his reading age was 6/7 years, now after the tapping it is 9 years.  What you have done has certainly removed a barrier and he is a much happier child.  In the past he was reported as being easily distracted in class and at times his behaviour had been disruptive.  Every single teacher spoke about him as having matured and settled”.

One spoke of him as ‘my young Einstein’, another said he had “Become a very pleasant helpful and attentive young man.” 

I spoke to him last week and his reading and writing continues to improve – so much better than before EFT.  Once again, thank you Gary Craig for all the hard work you did to give such a gift to the world.


Renee McRandal, N.Ireland


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