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Deborah Miller introduces EFT at a children

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Note how Deborah Miller from Mexico addresses many issues in a public setting. It is not always easy to test your results under such circumstances but, nonetheless, a lot of benefits can be provided.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, Ph.D.

I was invited to participate in a local Kid’s Health Fair. EFT is a wonderful technique to use at a Health Fair or public event. It is easy to present with little prep while still getting lovely results. In fact, a clown interviewed me and let me explain what I was going to do. How’s that for fun!

I admit, “clowning” around with the kids with EFT was a lot of fun. Their openness, curiosity and willingness to try something new is delightful. I tend to use the phrase “Magic Fingers” when I’m introducing EFT to kids. I ask them if they know that they have “Magic Fingers”. Their eyes usually open wide and they shake their head no. Then I ask them if they’d like to learn how to use their “Magic Fingers.” Most of the time, there is a vigorous nod yes. 

With that simple introduction I show them how to tap the EFT tapping points. Then I ask them if they have a fear of something that they’d like to get rid of. Usually something comes up.

Here are a few examples of what the kids wanted to change when given the opportunity.

Fearful Boy:

When I asked him if he had any fears, I could see in the expression on his face that he was going over all the fears he had.  It was obvious that he had many and couldn’t decide which one to share.  Since I live in Mexico and most boys here like to play soccer, I asked him if he liked soccer and wanted to play better.  He nodded yes.  He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to kick the ball well.  We tapped:

Even though I like soccer but I’m not very good at it, I am a good kid.

Even though I want to kick the ball, I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong, I’m a great kid.

Even though I don’t kick the ball very well, I’m a really great kid.

Eyebrow: I don’t kick the ball very well.

Side of Eye: I don’t feel confident.

Under the Eye: I feel afraid. That fear is in my belly.

Under Nose: The fear in my belly doesn’t let me kick the ball.

Chin: I don’t want to look bad or have the other kids laugh at me.

Collarbone: I’m not confident.

Under the Arm: I feel bad so I don’t try very hard.

Top of Head: Well, I put “Power” in my belly.

Eyebrow: I put “Power” in my belly to help me kick the ball.

Side of Eye: I imagine kicking the ball very well. I see myself doing it.

Under the Eye: I imagine myself kicking the ball really well. I like it. It is fun.

Under Nose: I have fun playing soccer. It is supposed to be fun. It is play.

Chin: I have fun playing no matter what anybody says.

Collarbone: I have “Power” in me so I can play well and have fun too.

Under the Arm: I am a team player and that helps me make friends too.

Top of Head: It is so fun to kick the ball when I have “Power” in my belly.

His eyes lightened up.  His fear went away.  He could imagine himself playing well, kicking the ball well, and having lots of fun.  Even though we didn’t touch on any of the other fears, putting the “Power” back in his belly was my way of helping him recover his own sense of power, not depending on what others wanted, thought or felt about him.  It obviously helped.

Later I saw him pass by and I asked him how he was feeling.  His eyes were brightly shining as he said he felt “Great!”  His posture was upright and he literally looked taller, stronger and in his own power.

Tapping with Teen led to Family Tapping Fear of Butterflies

A young lady in her late teens came by with a fear of butterflies.  Now this is not a usual fear, but it obviously was a strong one for her.  I asked her how strong her fear was.  It was a 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, just thinking about them.  I started to tap on simple ideas like:

Even though I’m afraid of butterflies, I’m a great young lady.

Even though I’m afraid of butterflies when most people think they are beautiful, I love and accept myself.

Even though butterflies terrify me, I love and accept myself.

Eyebrow: Fear of butterflies

Side of Eye: Fear of butterflies, that they’ll sit on my head.

Under the Eye: Fear that I’ve had since I was little, 4 years old or so.

Under the Nose: They scare me. I’m afraid they’ll do something to me.

Chin: I know it isn’t logical to be afraid of something like butterflies but they scare me.

Collarbone: I’ve been scared of butterflies for so long I can’t remember why, I just remember the fear and feel afraid every time I see one.

Under the arm: My fear of butterflies

Top of Head: Butterflies sitting on my head scares me.  I have to wear a heat to prevent it. (She wore a hat most of the time just in case a butterfly may come near)

I asked her to check on her level of intensity.  It had dropped down to a 4 out of 10.  I asked her what it was about butterflies that made her afraid.  Was it what they looked like?  She shook her head no.  I gently waved my hands near my head and asked if it was the way they moved.  She literally jumped back.  Definitely a sign that their movement caused fear.  I asked if she remembered the first time a butterfly scared her, but she said no, just that she was very young somewhere around 4, but it has felt like forever.

Even though the movement of butterflies is what scares me, I love myself.

Even though butterfly movements are fluttery, they scare me…

Even though I hate that movement especially near my head, I love myself.

Eyebrow: That horrible fluttering.

Side of Eye: It scared me. I didn’t know what it was. I was so small.

Under the Eye: It was so big. I felt it around my head. I was afraid it was going to attack me.

Under Nose: It was big and fluttery.

Chin: I was so little and it seemed so big. I didn’t know what it was going to do.

Collarbone: Maybe it sat on my head or fluttered by my head.

Under the Arm: It doesn’t matter. It is only a butterfly. They don’t do anything.

Top of Head: There are big black butterflies here but they don’t do anything either. They just flutter by. That’s it. (Here in Mexico there is a type of moth that is big and black – about 4-5 inches, which can be intimidating especially if you are little)

Eyebrow: I can let go of my fear. They don’t do anything. Just flutter.

Side of Eye: They aren’t harmful. Just move in a silly way.

Under the Eye: I let go of my fear. I have my hat on to protect my head.

Under Nose: I am protected. Even without my hat I’m protected because they don’t do anything.

Chin: I let go of the fear. I relax. I observe the butterfly.

Collarbone: It doesn’t do anything but move around. I can let go of my fear and relax.

Top of Head: I am free of this fear. Even the fluttering doesn’t bother me. At last, I’m free of this fear. I feel good.

Afterwards I asked her if the fluttering bothered her.  It didn’t.  I moved my hands as before by my head.  No response.  It didn’t bother her.  I asked her to imagine a big butterfly fluttering around her head.  No trigger.  I asked her to imagine taking off her hat and seeing a butterfly flutter by her head. Still no trigger. We stopped at this point because we couldn’t find a trigger, but of course the final test will be when she sees a butterfly.  I have a feeling she will be fine.

Sister with Anger

As I finished with the young lady and her fear of butterflies, she pointed to her younger sister and asked if I could get rid of her anger.  Her sister was angry all the time, grumpy, belligerent, insolent and reticent to do anything.  The sister agreed to tap because she said she doesn’t want to be angry.  She doesn’t know why she feels angry, but she is.  Everything irritates her.  We tapped on her anger.

Even though I’m angry all the time and I don’t know why, I love myself.

Even though I’m grumpy and angry with everyone about everything, I’m a good girl.

Even though I’m angry with myself and everyone else about everything without knowing why, I love myself.

Eyebrow: All of this anger.

Side of Eye: All of this anger stored inside of me.

Under the Eye: All the anger bursting out of me.  I can’t control it.

Under Nose: The anger comes pouring out of me and I can’t stop it.

Chin: I don’t even know why I feel it.  I hate that.

Collarbone: I don’t like being angry but I can’t stop.

Under the Arm: All this anger.

Top of Head: I’m so angry all the time. It is so frustrating.

Eyebrow: I release the anger. I don’t need it.

Side of Eye: I release the anger because I don’t like it.

Under the Eye: I don’t even feel like it’s mine, so I can release it.

Under Nose: This doesn’t feel like my anger so I can get rid of it all.

Chin: I toss out the anger and put peace and love in my body instead.

Under the Arm: I choose to be content, relaxed and at peace.

Top of Head: I choose to feel love and contentment. That is who I really am. I let go of the anger and choose to feel good.

At this point, the young girl felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of her.  She couldn’t find the anger within her. She felt really good.

Mom’s Anger

We turned to look at her mother and found her softly crying.  When I asked why, she said that as we were tapping she remembered her childhood and how angry she had been the whole time.  She felt her own anger shift during the session for the daughter.  She felt happy that her daughter didn’t need to feel that anger.  We tapped for the mom:

Even though I was angry all of my childhood, I love myself.

Even though it hurt to see my daughter angry all the time just like I was, I love myself.

Even though I felt I must have passed on my anger to my daughter and it was my fault, I love and forgive myself.

Eyebrow: I forgive myself for feeling angry.

Side of Eye: I had all that anger when I was a child.

Under the Eye: Seeing my daughter release her anger reminded me of how angry I was when I was young.

Under Nose: I am so happy that she won’t have to carry that anger like I did.

Chin: I feel guilty for somehow passing it on to her.

Collarbone: I forgive myself and let go of the guilt and that old stored up anger.

Under the Arm: It doesn’t help me or anyone so I let it go. The past is over.

Top of Head: I choose to feel at peace too. I choose to feel calm and happy. That is who I really am.

At this point the mom was completely calm.  She picked up the EFT script and audio I have for “Anger” to guide her and help her clear any leftover anger.  The whole family walked away arm in arm looking so much happier.

Baseball Boy

This young 9 year old boy loves to play baseball.  He is a fielder and was having trouble catching the ball.  It made him feel bad.  He didn’t want to let down his team, his dad, or himself. We tapped on the following:

Even though I love baseball, I drop the ball a lot and that makes me feel bad, I’m a good kid.

Even though I worry that I’ll drop the ball more than I really do, I’m a great kid.

Even though I don’t want to make a mistake, I’m a good boy. 

Eyebrow: I love playing baseball but worry that I’m not good at it.

Side of Eye: I worry I’ll drop the ball when a fly ball comes my way.

Under the Eye: I don’t want to fail. That would be embarrassing.

Under Nose: There is a lot of pressure to play well.

Chin: I don’t feel confident.

Collarbone: I don’t want anyone to laugh at me.

Under the Arm: I want to play well because I love baseball, but I don’t believe in myself.

Top of Head: I don’t have a lot of confidence that I can do it.

Eyebrow: I choose to imagine me playing well. I can do it.

Side of Eye: I imagine myself having so much fun catching the ball.

Under the Eye: I imagine how good it feels to hear the ball smack my glove as I catch the ball.

Under Nose: I raise my arm high showing everyone I’ve got the ball. And everyone cheers.
Chin: I feel so good. I know I can do it. I can catch the ball.

Collarbone: I practice imagining myself catching the ball over and over again. I catch it every time.

Under the Arm: I feel great. I am having so much fun that I don’t worry about anything.

Top of Head: I know I’m a great kid and can do anything I set my mind to.

The look on his face showed me that he could see himself catching the ball, having fun and feeling confident about playing baseball. He confirmed it. He went away excited about his new ability to tap and visualize to help him play baseball well.

Deborah Miller


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