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Perpetually terrified teenager gains major relief

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Study this story by Laura Slagle who successfully applies EFT to her badly traumatized son. After a terrifying event she expected to be up all night with her son and have aftermaths for a month or two. After a few minutes of EFT, however, the whole problem resolved and he went to bed. Laura says, "I sat in the living room afterward, just dumbfounded!"

Hugs, Gary

By Laura Slagle


I am the mother of a 16-yr-old with various emotional issues due to early trauma and neglect before we adopted him. DJ has such intense fears, that we have to be very careful where he goes and what he watches on TV or at the movies. Sometimes he seems to be dong better, but if he sees something scary by accident, there is a huge setback and he is so terrified that he cannot go to sleep alone or even be in a room alone during the daytime. I have been wanting to tell you how my very first try at EFT went with my son - it was incredible!

The Halloween season is very difficult for him, and it usually takes him at least a couple months to get over it each year. I have never let my son go to "Haunted Houses," but last October the church youth group was going to one that was supposed to teach a positive message, so I let him go. It turned out to be very traumatic for him.

They used real life situations including drugs, domestic violence, car accidents, and suicide to teach a lesson in each room. The event was appropriately named, "The Nightmare". My son came home absolutely terrified! He was literally shaking all over, and he held his eyes wide open at all times because if he closed them he would see scenes from the event. He sat straight up in a chair and said he was not going to bed. He was going to sit right there all night and wanted me to stay there with him.

DJ knew I had been studying EFT and thought it sounded "weird". I asked him if he would like to try it for his fear. He said, "Well, I have to try something!" I told him it might seem a little silly, but we could just do it anyway and see what happens. After all, we had nothing else to day but sit there all night. I pointed out the different spots to him before we started.

I asked DJ how strong his fear was on a scale of 1 - 10. He said it was 11! We found his sore spot and started with "Even though I have this fear of The Nightmare, I totally and completely accept myself."

He told me that sounded really "cheesy" and I said, "I know, that's okay." We tapped through all of the spots for "this Fear of The Nightmare." He said his fear was down to an 8. We then tapped on "this remaining Fear." and he went down to a 6.

He mentioned that he kept seeing a picture in his head of the girl shooting herself, so we tapped through "this suicide picture" a couple times. He said he was down to a 0 or 1, so I asked him to imagine himself walking through The Nightmare. When he reached a certain room, it brought him back up to an 8. He said that the part where there was a lady going into labor at a drug party really scared him because it made him think of his baby sister, who was a foster child we had that had been born at a drug party. He said he kept seeing that picture in his mind, so we tapped through "this picture of the lady in labor".

Next, he said it made him worry about his baby sister so we tapped through, "this worried feeling" and then he said it made him miss her (we no longer have her, which has been very traumatic for him), so we tapped through "missing Rachael", "this lonely feeling", and for good measure, "any remaining fear". I was about to ask him what number he was at, when he suddenly got up and said, "Mom, I'm really tired. I'm going to bed." And he walked to his room and went to sleep. I took that to mean he was finally at a 0. This whole process took about 45 minutes.

I sat in the living room afterward, just dumbfounded! I couldn't believe what had just happened. In fact, I'll admit that I was still expecting to be up with DJ all night long, but I never heard a peep from him even once during the night and he had no fears the following day. In fact, he did not have his usual fears that linger on after Halloween. And he seems more at peace about his baby sister being gone too. He mentions her, but not with the same urgency and panic as before.

I had only just begun studying EFT when this happened and had only watched the first DVD with the intro and the demonstration of Dave's fear of water. I was so glad I had watched that one, because it really showed me how to keep doing the tapping process over and over until there is nothing left at all and to keep looking for new aspects.


Laura Slagle

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