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Other Physical Issues

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Snoring, love pain and Stuttering

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here are three topics that should expand your understanding of EFT. My responses, where applicable, are interspersed within the messages.

Hugs, Gary

FROM "HARRIET" on snoring

Snoring. My partner and I have used EFT, BSFF and surrogate tapping with only partial and temporary relief. Then I got the brilliant idea to get myself out of the way by using loving intention rather than desperation for her to stop snoring! How many times have you said that, Gary! So, there was much improvement with a decrease in intensity of snoring and more long lasting. But it increases again if we don't treat. The obvious thought might be to treat every night to get to 0 permanently. My question is, are there any other "obvious" thoughts that I'm missing!


GC COMMENT: I'm no expert on snoring but I am quite aware of its widespread impact in the bedrooms around the world. To those who must listen to it, it is annoying, aggravating and has the potential for wrecking romances (Oh my! This beast must be stopped immediately).

I wish snoring was one of our instant fixes, but it isn't--at least not usually. We've had varied results with snoring and many of them have echoed your positive (though not perfect) experience. The fact that you got "much improvement" is encouraging because, to my knowledge, very little else offers any relief for this problem.

I was trying to think of other available "cures" for snoring and I recalled reading somewhere about a surgical procedure that *might* help the problem. That was years ago and I haven't heard about it since. Also, I haven't heard of any medications or other procedures that offer consistent results. They may exist, of course, but they certainly aren't generally known to the public. Snoring, it would seem, ranks somewhere between difficult and incurable.

Or does it?

Could it be that the results you achieved with a few rounds of EFT is evidence of a breakthrough in the relief of snoring? I mean, think about it. It was easy to do, effective, inexpensive and had no apparent negative side effects--AND--it did better than any other method known to you. It fell short of perfection, of course, but maybe that means we have more investigation to do. Maybe we just need to refine or deepen our method.

A possible approach here is to search for emotional issues behind the snoring. Snoring and breathing problems seem to go hand in hand so why not look for breathing related traumas, fears, guilt, etc. in one's past? Were there occasions, for example, when your partner "couldn't breathe" or "felt suffocated?" Once located, these issues can be EFT'd so that your partner breathes more easily. Does that mean the snoring will stop? Perhaps. If not, then maybe there's more work to do or maybe you need to try another approach.

Perhaps you can tap on "this constricted breathing" instead of "this snoring problem." Maybe the real issue is "feeling constricted in my life" or "needing to be free." Play detective. Experiment. Dig for issues. EFT has opened the door for you by providing an impressive degree of relief with a simple procedure. Expand your skills still further by going beyond the mechanics of tapping. See what else is possible. Widen your horizons. Develop your "art of delivery."

Note: Here is a follow up message from Eric Robins, MD regarding snoring.

Hi Gary,

Regarding the snoring, had a recent experience last night. I am still buzzing from it (and reveling too!!!). my son Jonah was having a difficult time getting to bed. He was whiney, saying he was scared of the dark, scared of nightmares, etc. In the past, I've been fairly impatient with this, primarily because he reminds me of me when I was his age. And I guess I still feel uncomfortable with his insecurities (I didn't make this connection, by the way, until last night). However last night, something changed. Instead of yelling, I heard a voice in the back of my head saying something like, "be a source of love". I used some techniques of body centered therapy, as well as EFT tapping for the issue...

I went into his room with a whole different attitude. I didn't specifically address his fears, didn't get caught up in them, didn't yell. Just decided to be there for him and give him love. So I started rubbing his head gently. And I decided mentally that I wasn't going to rush out of his room either, as soon as he fell asleep, but I was going to stay there with him for at least 5 minutes after he was asleep; just BE with him. And he dozed off quickly.

What is particularly interesting about all of this is that Jonah is a big time snorer. He regularly stops breathing for a few seconds at a time at night. In fact, we have an appt. with the ENT doc this coming week to see about getting his tonsils out. Well last night, he didn't snore at all. It blew me away how a major attitudinal shift in me could create such an impressive physiologic change in him, and yet intellectually I know that this can happen. When a person changes at depth, the vibes that they send out must also change. Reminds me of that quote from the book, Autobiography of Gandhi, where it said something like, ...."he was able to change the course of history by conquering himself".

GC COMMENT: Thank you for articulating this. This attitudinal shift in you that appeared to manifest in your son is evidence of the "Oneness" that is put forward by most spiritual disciplines. We appear separate, of course, and find it difficult to believe that we are capable of "another state." Nonetheless, your experience here, together with the many reports of success we get with surrogate and intentional tapping, is becoming increasingly harder to ignore.

ERIC CONTINUES: I agree (medically) 100% with your assessment of snoring and its relationship to constricted breathing and other negative emotions.


Eric Robins, MD

FROM JANESON RAYNE on love pain.

I've got to tell you, I was working with a friend of mine, a musician who suffers from manic depression. He refuses to be a "lab rat" and take any medication. I knew when I ordered your course, instinctively, that this technique could help Michael. It would be something he could take home with himself, and use at his own discretion. He has been suffering from several things at once....which have created a rather large knot for him emotionally.

Love pain....having "lost" his musician lady friend to another musician almost a year ago....his arms have also been giving him trouble, to the point where he has been unable to carry things and he had next to no interest in playing his guitar. I went through the Basic Recipe with him three times and I could see and feel the energy release in him. He said he felt that for the first time in a long time, he was actually IN his body. Then he proceeded to talk, like I've never heard him talk, for about two hours, while we walked my dog. He wondered also if it would last. The next day he called me up, asking me to tell him again what the last part of the sentence was. It was the part about "deeply and completely..." It didn't surprise me that he kept forgetting it! And as soon as I told him what it was, there was a sigh of relief from him..."ahhhh...yes, that's it!" as his whole Being remembered.

Anyway, today, two weeks after our tapping session, I was sitting in my office doing some work and I heard, out on my front porch, the most amazing guitar music. I looked out and it was Michael, playing away. I let him play undisturbed, because I could feel the importance of it, and finally when I went out about half an hour later, he said "you know, I haven't felt like playing like this for years!"

Blessings of love, peace, and gratitude,

Janeson Rayne

FROM ROBERT HIMPFEN on stuttering.

Hi Gary: Two days ago I ordered your course, and am looking forward to it's arrival. Before that though, I have a question for you. For many years I have had a speech impediment (stuttering) and even though I am a certified hypnotherapist, I have not been able to eradicate it completely. I wonder with your method if you can give me instructions on exactly what I can do to get rid of this problem. I am required to give talks in my community now and then, and I can be a struggle. I hope you can give me the proper method before my course arrives so I can get started. Failing that, what to do when the course arrives. I hope you can realize my predicament, and help me here with this.

Many thanks,

Robert Himpfen

GC RESPONSE: Note: Robert and I discussed this problem over the phone after I received his message.

I don't know how to provide a quickie course on EFT given the constraints of this email medium. However, we did discuss this over the phone so that you have some avenues to pursue while waiting for your EFT Course.

You told me that you are left handed but were required to write right handed by a nun/teacher during your early childhood. If this is the ONLY emotional issue behind your stuttering, then resolution of that issue (together with any related aspects) may be all that is necessary. Wouldn't that be nice?

Chances are, though, that your stuttering is reflective of many emotional issues that have accumulated over the years. If so, these must also be addressed before the stuttering is relieved. Persistence will likely be required.


Further update on Robert Himpfen from Sharon Toole.

Hi, Gary,

On looking through some case hx on your website I came across a note from Robert Himpfen asking you about EFT with stuttering. At that time, I offered to help him - he's a hypnotherapist, in his 70's, who's stuttered since he was a small child. First session was over the phone, next session he drove the 3 hours to see me and we spent 2-3 hours together (after which he took me out for lunch since I wasn't charging him for the sessions).

Some time later he wrote that his wife asked him if he realized that he hadn't been stuttering. This was 1 1/2 years ago. I spoke to him since and he was completely stutter free.

Here's what he wrote to me a few months after I saw him:

FROM ROBERT HIMPFEN: Hi Sharon: Please let me tell you that after I came home, from seeing you and the work that you did with me, I noticed a significant improvement in my speech. I continued to work on my own with EFT, and BSFF that I learned at the conference, and I believe now that I had been speaking quite fluently for quite some time before my wife made me notice the change.

Quite often a gradual improvement is not noticed, and this was so in my case. I remember giving a talk at the local library after I had returned from my session with you, and I gave the talk without stammering, and remarkably with lots of confidence. This did not quite sink in that I could talk fluently all the time (although I think I knew) until I was having a long talk with my wife. Thank you, I do believe you helped, perhaps even put the final touches that I needed. Again, thanks, Robert

SHARON CONTINUES: About a month ago, I received 2 brochures from him announcing a series of lectures that he was giving. The attached note said, "The 1st three lectures were very successful. Not bad for someone who never dreamed he could make a public speech".

And, to be complete, here's another note I received from Robert.

"I had stuttered from a very early age. I met Sharon via the internet. She invited me to telephone her and she would take me through the EFT steps. This only convinced me there was more to this, and I wanted to learn more. I suggested I meet with Sharon at her home in Toronto. She agreed. This said to me she had a very caring heart. At no cost to me, we spent at least four hours together going over all the aspects of my stuttering. I don't believe I was instantly cured of my speech problem when I left Sharon to drive home. Or was I? I continued with EFT after I got home, and one day my wife said to me, "Robert, you don't stutter anymore!" I looked at her with surprise. Was it possible that we both had been so used to me stuttering, that words coming from my mouth normally and fluently had not registered? This was certainly in the realm of possibility, and I thank Sharon for her kindness and patience." Robert Himpfen, CHt

Note: Here is a follow up message regarding stuttering from Martha Delafield.

Hi Gary,

I just saw your post from the gentleman who has a stuttering problem. A couple of years ago I had a nice long chat with you about the same issue, as my son was suffering terribly with it.

What has worked magnificently for him has been to first clear any emotional debris from having the speech problem in the first place (shame, embarrassment, anxiety, etc.), then do collarbone breathing and a few rounds of the EFT every morning and night, and whenever it comes up in the day until you start "forgetting," then just do as needed. My son rarely stutters now, and when it comes up (usually as a result of anxiety about something), he knows he can do his "Magic Tapping" and it will disappear. Awesome.

GC RESPONSE: Even though the stuttering seems almost gone, I would still be tempted to dig around for whatever emotional issues might be behind his occasional recurrence. Stuttering, to me, is a symptom rather than a problem. It is a convenient and clear sign that there is more to do. When the stuttering is gone completely then we have evidence that all the causes are gone.


Martha Delafield


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