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Panic attacks and fear of darkness

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By Sam Smith

Hi Gary,

I am so excited by the application of EFT in the following cases. It makes my heart sing!


I've had the opportunity to work with a young boy (15) recently who had been suffering from a form of panic/anxiety attack for the past three years or so. His caring parents had tried just about everything and I was recommended as a sort of 'last resort'. Anyway I made the trip to their home and spent about an hour and 10 minutes with this young man.

It seems the attacks usually came around at about the same time each evening. He would have a pain in his stomach and sometimes a headache and he stated that he always had some sort of pain within him. That it never left him so to speak. He was also on sleeping pills to help him rest at night. I explained EFT to John (not his real name) and from the outset he thought I was a bit wacky in the head.

Anyway I played along with his belief system and stated that EFT was a bit wacky and 'out there' - his terminology - but as I was there anyway it wouldn't do him any harm to try it. I pointed out that not many guys his age get to try out wacky new ideas in their infancy. This appealed to him and so I obtained an 8 from him regarding the feeling in his stomach which was always present. Two full rounds later were down to a 5; then another two rounds we were down to a 1.1/2, with John stating that it had NEVER been that low a feeling in his stomach. I kept applying rounds but couldn't get lower than this 1 to 1.1/2. But as John was really, really happy at this stage I left that aspect and I went on to his headache. After three rounds it went down from 5 to zero.

I then went to the 'panicky' feeling that he got each evening and the surprising result - although it shouldn't be should it? - was that he couldn't access that panicky feeling. He tried and tried but couldn't get it back. That night he did not get any panic/anxiety attack nor did he over the next few nights. I've given him my mobile telephone number and asked him to call should he have difficulty in applying the procedure and since then he has called only once and we were able to get the feeling down from a five to the 1.1/2 I mentioned before. He's delighted with his progress as are his parents. I know there is some more work to do but I just had to tell you about it.


GC COMMENT: While the example below is not with a child it parallels children's issues and emphasizes the fact that we carry our childhood issues into adulthood.

A girl at work had been hearing about me applying EFT and she asked me to help her out. She had this fear of darkness; or more specifically this fear of her being attacked in her own home when it was dark - particularly during the night when she needed to go to the bathroom. What this meant was that when she retired for the night and she turned out the light she would not or could not visit the bathroom during the night without switching ALL the lights on in her home. More often than not she would just stay in bed and suffer. This was very annoying and of course painful to her and for her boyfriend who was disturbed by her tramping about the house switching on all the lights. Anyway I am very pleased to report that after one session of EFT where we applied four rounds of the basic recipe she now visits the bathroom whenever she needs to and without turning on every light in the house. Her boyfriend says she's so comfortable around the darkness now and of course he can get some undisturbed sleep too.

My love to you and your family,

Sam Smith

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