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Serious Diseases


Alzheimer's client remembers husband

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This is a critical article for those with Alzheimer's disease and, just as importantly, for those living with and caring for Alzheimer's clients. It points to the use of EFT for recalling specific memories. Depending on the memory, of course, this can be monumentally important to quality of life. In this case the client remembers, and recognizes, her husband--an event that creates a major restoration of life quality. Many thanks to Virginia McConnell for her diligence in this case and for sharing her procedures with us.

By Virginia McConnell

My name is Virginia McConnell. I am a practicing Hypnotist and have been using EFT for about 5 years. I use EFT with almost all my clients in conjunction with hypnosis and most of the time EFT eliminates the need for hypnosis. This was the first Alzheimer person I have worked with and I have no idea how long the changes will last. Most of our sessions were short( less than 30 minutes) because Elaine's attention span was short. Below are my notes on this case.

November 30

Elaine doesn't know who her husband Leo is and is reluctant to go to bed at night with a man she doesn't know. We plan to use EFT to bring back the memory of her husband. Leo will also learn how to use EFT for his wife and with himself to relieve the stress of taking care of her. Elaine is 74 years old

First appointment was to get to know Elaine and pretend to work on husband Leo for tremors. Elaine tapped along with us to get used to it. I then asked her "who is this man?" She replied " this is Leo, my husband". Both Leo and Elaine's daughter, Debbie, were surprised and so was I. I told her we would play the tapping game as she looked at her husband. I had her repeat after me on each point

"This is my husband, Leo". Next, As I tapped, I had her repeat whatever I said.

"This is my husband ,Leo, who takes care of me. This is my husband Leo and I love him"

She added "Sometimes" We all laughed and continued to tap on "This is my husband, Leo, and I love him sometimes".

Elaine began to get fidgety so we stopped. I told Leo to tap with her 10 more times during the day. Also to ask her, periodically who he is. I will see her tomorrow.

December 1

Elaine went to bed easily last night and still remembers who Leo is. He tapped with her 8 times yesterday and asked her who he is frequently. She has retained the memory for 24 hours. Leo decided to only tap on the issue twice today unless her memory faded.

I tapped with her saying

"Sometimes I don't remember things but it's all right because Leo takes care of me."

She got nervous and decided to go upstairs. Leo said she doesn't like to talk about herself. We continued to talk about other issues to work on that would be helpful. He said she doesn't recognize herself in pictures and doesn't like to be around old people. We decided that Leo would stand behind her as she looked in the mirror and tap on her saying.

"I am Elaine, this is me, this is how I look."

He plans to do this several times during the day.

Elaine returned to the room and said she had had enough for today and it was time for me to go. I agreed with her. As Leo walked me to the door, I said "I think she is jealous". Leo agreed. So tomorrow I plan to have Leo sit across from Elaine and tap on her as he repeats whatever phrases we decide to use.

December 6

We have been delayed because Elaine's daughter, Debbie had her baby. This is the first time I have been back since December 1. One week later, Elaine still remembers who Leo is. She has gone to bed with him every night with no problem. She has even slept through the night the last two nights so Leo could get an uninterrupted sleep for the first time in a long while. Elaine told a story about her baby but couldn't remember who the baby was. She told Leo that they should do some more lessons so she could remember who the baby was.

I showed her a family picture and pointed to her picture and asked her who was the pretty woman. She answered, "well that's me". I had Leo face her and tap on her saying,

"That's me Elaine, that's what I look like."

As she looked at the picture.

Elaine didn't like to work in front of the mirror because she doesn't like to look at herself. Leo did tap with her in front of the mirror again while I watched. .She may be getting used to it because she seemed very calm while he tapped on her as she looked at herself.

Leo asked me for some statements to use on himself to reduce his stress as a care giver.

Even though it is difficult being a caregiver....

Even though she can't help it and I get frustrated with Elaine.....

Even though I don't know why this happened to us and it makes me angry.....

Even though this has ruined our golden years.....

Sometimes I feel so stressed and I hate our situation.....

He is to continue to work with Elaine in front of the mirror and looking at pictures of herself until I see them again.

December 8

She still remembers Leo. He tapped on her to remind her they had been married 48 years. I showed her a picture of her new grandson and asked her who he is. She knew he is the new baby but didn't know his name. Leo then tapped on her as she looked at the baby saying,

"This is Jack , my grandson."

Elaine got tired of tapping and didn't want to do it anymore. Leo complimented her and told her that she was really helping him.

December 13

Elaine still remembers Leo and the baby Jack's name. He said he questions Elaine but has not had to repeat the tapping because she remembers him. He understands that if her memory fades, he'll need to resume tapping. Her new statements are:

"Every day my memory gets better and better."

"Even though I feel and sound cranky, I'm going to have a good day."

He only needs to use the second statement only when it applies.

We made up some statements to help her be more willing to go to the senior center when she gets back home. She still thinks she is much younger than the other people and is uncomfortable because she doesn't know them.

"Even though I don't know these people, I can still have a good time."

"I can have a good time with people of all ages."

Leo said he had been using the statements I gave him for himself and is not having hand tremors any more.

I have Leo's email and plan to stay in contact with him. We will add or reinforce statements as necessary.

Virginia McConnell


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