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Pain Management

Broad issues, sleeping problems and chronic pain

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Syena has been an EFT'er now for only a few months. I thought you would enjoy her writing style and enthusiasm as she tells of some recent experiences that range from very broad self esteem issues to sleeping problems to chronic pain. Along the way, please notice the link between the clients' emotional issues and their physical ailments. Also notice Syena's use of intuition and her ability to be a detective in finding core issues.

Hugs, Gary

by Syena

Dear Gary....I just have to tell someone so I'll tell you. This is like the domino effect....a domino of success. I just came back from working with a lady named Brenda. Not a stranger but not a close friend. She had heard about the EFT I have been doing through a mutual friend who is just-a-gong with telling everyone how incredible this is. First there is Faith....(her name)

Faith phoned me the day before yesterday. She is dealing with a whole cluster of issues but all basically wrapped up in stress. So...she is a dear friend and I invited her over and we worked for a few hours. The first thing I did was deal with her fear of water. She could not even stick her face under the shower...only the back of her head and always used a face cloth to wash her face.....We tapped on that and she went into the bathroom and we tested it. She splashed water on her face for the first time that she can remember. We didn't test the shower.

So...with this success to spring-board from we went into some other issues. I saw a lot of release but none of this could be tested really...they were sexual in nature..and self esteem things...fears of growing old..losing sexuality...etc. So...she went home...The next morning I phoned...wanting to follow up and see if anything came up for her that she couldn't deal with. Well...I woke her up....but that was ok...because she was so happy. Apparently she also cannot remember the last time she had a full night's normal sleep....every time she lay down thoughts piled on top of thoughts...and weird ones at that. So...that night she closed her eyes and that was that....a refreshing night and a dream of dancing in a childhood sweethearts arms..No nightmares...the first in years until I phoned.

She has since sent me two other people. One is also a therapist who wants to learn this and wants to send me some of her clients. The other is this lady Brenda.

She phoned me today...saying things like "I'm at the end of my rope"..." If I could shoot myself..I would " etc. I just said..."be right over"...she has no money...doesn't matter. So it turns out that there is tremendous pain in her body from head to toe...Quite literally. This has been the case for two years from an automobile accident. When I saw her she could hardly look at me...her eyes were squinty...shoulders hunched...shuffled and limped...hopeless feelings. You know what I mean....When we started she wanted to go into all of her issues...and I just listened...and asked a few questions trying to uncluster and sort out where to begin with this.

I decided that the overwhelming pain she was in was probably coloring everything else...and started with that. And I'll tell you...honestly...I didn't know for sure how successful this would be. I haven't dealt with anything this major...chronic pain...compensation..therapists...fused spine...the whole bit. She had just been told to apply for early pension..disability pension, that she would never work again. And she is only around 50 or so. She described sitting down as feeling as if there was "a huge nail up my ass". (Her words not mine) Pain in both legs and arms...neck...couldn't turn her head at all..etc. I mean she could not pick a spot to work on...."everywhere" she said. So I started with her neck. Got that down to a lower level...worked all over...nothing would drop below a 7 or 8.

So...something said to talk about anger....tremendous anger at her lawyers...tapped on that...Gone. And so was the neck pain. More tapping on anger...there went the pain in one leg. And on it went. Then I focused back for the third time on the base of the spine where the "injury" was. Still could not get that to go below an 8 or the rest of her...So I went inside myself and asked what to do. The next thing I said was "have you ever said to yourself that something in your life was a "pain in the neck?"" She said "Oh yeah...but my favorite, and one that I have been saying for years is...."Life is a pain in the Butt!" My intuitive "AHAh! Gotcha!" kicked in and so I did one round...tapping on "even though life is a pain in the butt I....da da da.." And her pain went to a 2 !!

I would not stop at that even though she was satisfied. "Is it a zero?" I asked. "Well no...", "Come here," I said and we tapped again...Zero....and every single pain in her body was gone!!!!! She could turn her head for the first time in two years.! No pain when she sat down. Nothing...Nada. And I said that she had no money, right? Well I came home loaded down with about 40 pounds of preserves...Peaches, Pears, name it....Man oh man...this is such a blessing to my heart and soul....Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to offer real help to amount of money can give me that...I left her saying that she was going for a nap...looking forward to a pain free rest......that's it......Bye for now.


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