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Serious Diseases


Impressive cancer result from consistent tapping

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Sonia Novinsky, one of our premiere EFT practitioners from Brazil, provides us with this persuasive example of the value of consistent daily tapping. The client, Cecilia, was given 2 days to live by her MDs but, with consistent tapping, she is ready to check out of the hospital with her cancer apparently under control. While we are not claiming a cancer cure here, it might be appropriate to bring this case to the attention of your physicians.

Please note that English is not Sonia's first language. Nonetheless, her message is clear.

By Sonia Novinsky

Dear Gary,

I need to tell you a good story about EFT and cancer issues.

One of my trainees in EFT, Patricia, a Psychologist working in Sao Paulo start working with Cecilia in the end of the last year. Cecilia had a breast cancer like 10 years ago and the cancer showed up again in all abdominal area in February. Her belly was full of malignant cells in a liquid form. She was hospitalized in April and they tried to do chemotherapy but with no results.

Patricia was starting to work with her emotional issues. Cecilia is 59 years old and has many emotional issues. She lost her husband in her twenties and she could never recovere. She never re-started her life. She is a very angry and resentful woman, becoming very attached with Rosana her unique daughter. Rosana has been working with me since many, many years. Rosana and her mother had many issues between them, hating and loving each other at the same time. Rosana is very familiar with EFT.

When the cancer showed up early this year we decided that Patricia and Rosana would tap many times a day on Cecilia at the hospital. Rosana sometimes had to do a surrogate tapping, and Patricia worked twice a week with Cecilia, tapping for the cancer and the emotional issues at the hospital.

The MD said there was no hope for Cecilia, who was not eating anymore through her mouth and was practically sleeping day and night physically very weak but with a strong wish to live. MD said to Rosana: "We are not doing more any procedure because your mother wont live more than a couple of days."

Despite all MD pessimism, Rosana and Patricia continued to tap continuously daily. Suddenly Cecilia gtt stronger and more alive. The MDs assumed the chemo produced good effects and they decided to do a second chemo which first was out of consideration.

MD was astonished. Cecilia started eating again, and in a couple of days she will be released from the hospital. They said the cancer is under control. I don't know if it is gone but she is not in a life danger anymore, for sure.

They keep tapping every single day. They work with the healing intention also, visualizing a healing abdominal area, which is possible after tapping for negative emotions and its roots in negative experiences.

Love, Sonia


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