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Serious Diseases

Asthma Relief

Client collapses asthma, rage, a height phobia and an allergy to bed feathers in one session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Ramona Wagner from Germany provides this important case that started with asthma and ended with the relief of several other issues. It illustrates several EFT principles.

1. That physical issues such as asthma are often contributed to (or completely caused by) unresolved emotional issues (rage in this case).

2. You can collapse an issue (asthma in this case) without having that issue present at the moment.

3. Sometimes we get unexpected positive side effects.

Hugs, Gary

By Ramona Wagner

Dear Gary,

I want to tell you about a woman , who called me up because of her asthma. Her MD told her, that she would have to take medicine and spray for the rest of her life. She knew me and EFT from an EFT-Presentation and she had read that asthma could have psychological reasons, too. So she asked me to help her with her asthma. I told her I think her suffering could be alleviated, for I believe all physical problems have emotional roots that contribute to them.

So she took part in my next EFT-Basic-Seminar. During the first exercise she and her partner tapped "Even though I have this asthma,..." Please note that she had no breathing problems at this moment and thus had no way of knowing (for now) whether or not her asthma was subsiding.

I told her that this approach might be too global and thus it might help to aim at specific emotions that may be contributing to her asthma. Thus, for the following rounds I asked her: "If there was a feeling behind your asthma, what would it be?"

And immediately she stated "rage!". I wanted to know, where she feels this rage in her body and it was a pressure on her chest. It was a 10 (on a 0-10 scale). I asked if it was O.K. for me to tap on her and I tapped smoothly the points from EB to UA and the finger points while I asked her about her rage and the circumstances. She told us, that she has a colleague who smokes at work and she hates this. But only when she had breathing problems did she dare to tell him that she becomes ill from his smoking. Nevertheless he didn't change his behavior. The pressure on her chest went down to 8 from this tapping.

We then tapped using the whole EFT Basic-Recipe with the 9-Gamut:

"Even though this idiot doesn't care about me,..."

"Even though nobody takes my needs seriously..., I choose to take my needs seriously."

"Even though he doesn4t fulfill my wishes,..., I recognize, that I can say no, too."

"Even though I gave the power over my well-being to him and his cigarettes..., I decide to gain it back now."

The group could see, how the burden fell from her and her face got a complete different and light expression. During the tapping she was near to tears, but at the end her intensity with the rage and the pressure on her chest went down to 0.

In another exercise I demonstrated the Movie Technique with her fear of heights and we treated a specific event when she walked upstairs a tower and suddenly had to go down immediately, because she couldn't stand to look down.

I called her up two months later and she hadn't needed any medicine or spray since that seminar. Besides that, her allergy to bed feathers faded.

With my best wishes from Lauf, Germany for you and all EFTers

Ramona Wagner


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