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Pain Management

Pain--A decision to use EFT instead of meds and surgery

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Andy Bryce, from Canada, encountered serious and painful injuries to his knee and neck and thus contemplated both medications and surgery. He chose to go the EFT route first and, as you will see, has vastly minimized his pain. A subsequent X-Ray has even shown some regeneration of a damaged disk in his neck.

Decisions regarding medications and surgery must, of course, be done with qualified health counsel.

By Andy Bryce EFT-CC

Hi Gary,

I am writing in regard to a conversation that we had a few weeks ago. I told you about my first experiences with EFT and how I became so committed to the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

You had helped me so much when we did the Demo session in Flagstaff (now on the Borrowing Benefits DVD's) that I have overcome a fear of public speaking, a fear of rejection regarding my written efforts and we also cleared the effects of a repressed memory regarding an experience with a man on a horse roping me like a rodeo calf.

Not bad for one session, Gary.

I have also used EFT to deal with the death of my Father and my beloved dog, the loss of my twelve year marriage and my ten year job as a youth counselor, all of which occurred in about a year and a half.

While you do know about most of those things you were surprised to hear about the results that I got with some chronic pain issues.

While I have had many positive results with EFT, this article is about my use of it for severe pain.

I had been in constant pain for over a decade, due to sports injuries and car accidents. I have broken my MCL and ACL in my left knee and I had a pinched nerve and damaged discs in my neck.

I tapped on "this pain in my knee" for about five minutes, including the gamut point, and the pain receded immediately. Since then if I ever have pain in the knee I tap a round or two and it goes away.

My GP had suggested a dozen pain killers a day for the pain, but, after EFT, I don't use any medication at all. When I spoke to a surgeon I was told that even if I had surgery I would still have pain in my knee, so I declined the surgery. (This summer I went on a mountain hike in the High Sierras 7,000 feet up over 10,000 feet and my knee was pain-free).

I had two different feelings in my neck. I had a pain that felt like an ice-pick, a sharp, fierce, focused pain that was almost constant at a 5 or 6, and a deeper tooth-ache kind of pain that was an 8 at least and sometimes went higher, if I was tense or upset.

The ice-pick pain in my neck was resolved in the first few rounds of EFT as well, I have not felt that pain in five years. The deeper ache was quite another matter. It took nearly a year to release all that pain.

I found that there was a great deal of emotional trauma in there as well as physical damage. Six years ago I went to a chiropractor, Dr Michael Gagnon, and he took X-rays of my neck, a few weeks ago we took a new set, and instead of the normal deterioration that we expected, the discs in my C5-C6 and C6-C7 have actually increased in thickness!

GC COMMENT: I have had many reports of regenerative healings like this and have experienced them myself. In Andy's case, he sent me his X-Rays so that I could see the increased disk thickness myself. Indeed, it was there.

ANDY CONTINUES: My neck is pain free and it is in better shape at 56 years old that it was at 50.

When I was working on my neck, massage or chiropractic helped for a while but EFT cleared the pain and the way to restore my health permanently.

I tapped on my stiff neck, Even though "I don't see many options in my life" and "I am not flexible and I am rigid in my thinking" and " "I have not forgiven my parents" as well as "I carry the burden of other people's emotions on my shoulders" among many other tappings. These began to release the muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, which eased the pain and then allowed my body to restore itself to health.

I also did affirmations such as "I am only accountable for my own feelings" and "I move with ease and comfort."

I have the X-rays and a report from Dr. Gagnon to support my claims and my experience of freedom from pain and limitation.

Thank you for EFT, which has become my vocation and the vehicle through which I can help others achieve similar successes in all areas of life.

With Gratitude and my Highest Regards,


Andy Bryce EFT-CC
Reiki Master

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