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Using EFT for issues with the dentist

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Visiting the dentist is not exactly our favorite experience and thus many issues can come up during these circumstances. Helene Zijderveld from the Netherlands had a client with several such issues and shows us her EFT methods for handling them. Notice how she picks up on her client's belief in past lives to produce success in one of the issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Helene Zijderveld

Dear Gary,

Sorry for any language mistakes, English is not my native language.

I have been studying EFT for a couple of months now and I am really convinced of it’s great opportunities for healing and I am very enthusiastic about it. I have been trying it on myself, my children and my mother.

I am always a bit insecure about trying it on others. I think that I am afraid it won’t “work” and thus people won't experience the possibilities of EFT.

But last week a friend of mine, who has had some big problems the last years, asked for my help.

That week she had been to the dentist because of crown in the back of her mouth had broken off. So did the tooth under the crown. The dentist said that he would try to pull it but, if unsuccessful, she would have to go to the hospital, to the tooth-surgeon (sorry, I don’t know the right word). It was up to her.

Because she was there already she let the dentist give it a try. But the dentist failed and so she still has to go to the surgeon.  She was angry with the dentist for getting the injections for nothing, leaving it up to her to make the decision etc.

We first worked on the incident itself, from breaking the tooth to going to the dentist, using the Movie technique.

She got rid of her anger at the dentist, and recognized that he had tried to help her and she could forgive him. To test her, I let her tell the story again, but there were no emotions left.

Then there was her appointment with the surgeon. 

We went deeper into her fear of pulling teeth because she wasn’t afraid of root canals, but just the pulling.

She told about her childhood (she and her sister as children were never accompanied by a parent to the dentist) and that she had passed out twice in the past at the dentist while he was pulling teeth.

We used phrases like:

“Even though I don’t like the sound of the pulling, it feels like my jaws are being ripped apart, I accept myself…"

“Even though I am terrified about pulling my tooth and that’s why I don’t want to be in that chair and I faint, I accept myself…."


Trying to find the core-issue, we both felt at some point that it had to do with a previous life. (She is very spiritual) and the funny thing was, we both got the same idea at the same time.  We thought we would give it a try.

So we tapped:

“Even though I am still afraid of pulling my teeth and maybe it has something to do with a trauma in a previous life, I don’t know what, but my subconscious knows, I accept and love myself and I choose to forgive myself for any contribution to that trauma, I forgive anyone else in that life for any,  contribution to that trauma and I ask forgiveness to anyone I may have hurt in that life.“

After two or three round her fear was completely gone!

I don’t know how exactly, but it worked.

I tried to get her scared again, exaggerating the equipment of the surgeon, imagining the surgeon with his foot on her chair because he can’t get the tooth out etc. The result was that she kept laughing and laughing and kept saying: “I don’t get it, it’s gone, I’m sure I’ll survive the procedure”.

I asked her if it felt good for her to go back into her childhood-issues concerning her parents not being there when she had to go to the dentist but it wasn’t necessary at this time.

(I know about her problems from childhood with her parents and that is something we will be working on next time.)

We ran out of time and had to stop. On her way out she told me that in the movie Schindler's List, there is a scene at the end where the people let their golden teeth get pulled and the teeth are collected to make a golden ring for him. She said she got very emotional about the movie and that special scene.

Later that afternoon she called me to tell me something so amazing. When she came home, she sat down on the couch with a cup of tea and turned on the radio. It was playing the film music of Schindler's list, and it was the part with the golden ring. She said she listened to it, completely shocked (in a good way) and then she felt so really proud of herself!!

Was it a coincidence? Well, we don’t think so.

We will be working on other issues in the future but this session has really given me a boost. EFT is a great healing “instrument”.

I have helped a little girl with her fear of blushing, my mother with her fear of riding the train (because of the suicide of my brother), my mother in two short rounds with riding a bike after 5 months of recovering from an accident where she had been riding the bike and got hit by a car), my daughter of her fear of bees, and myself from a 10 year old fear of sleeping alone in the house with my children in the dark (my husband had to work a night shift)

Greetings from Helene Zijderveld, The Netherlands


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