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Fears And Phobias


Taking care of an elevator phobia and a painful knee at the same time

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Penny Horsburgh from the UK gives solid details behind collapsing her client's elevator phobia and notes that a painful knee improved as a side benefit. In the UK, elevators are called lifts and thus the term lift is used throughout the article instead of elevator. Please consult physicians for all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Penny Horsburgh

If EFT had been there for me before I began my long study of homeopathy I'd be a total EFTer. I enjoy working with tapping so much.

Homeopathy is a marvellous system of medicine which takes time, concentration and mental gymnastics. Each time a patient sits in front of me I am observing their every word and gesture and mentally matching these to remedies, sifting and refining until I have worked out the remedy I am sure is right for them. It is a great pleasure to practise. Yet EFT, being so intrinsically simple, is where I start with my clients these days. And the results are amazing and so quick. Even when there are many layers and levels to tackle, improvement generally starts right away.

I have known Wendy (not her real name) for years as a friend. She knows I practise homeopathy and Reiki so when I met her 4 months ago by chance (synchronicity!) she was quick to tell me how disappointed she was that her right knee was very painful and she was so worried that she would be unable to play bowls this season. Wendy is a grass bowls champion and the season was due to start. She agreed to come along to see me that afternoon.

Wendy is 72, a capable, smart and busy lady, always helping other people and has little time to take care of her own needs. Telling me of her concerns about her knee, her anxiety about being fit to play and her worries about her general health and lack of energy as she leant forward, talking a lot. She is also impatient and wanted help right away. She had not heard of EFT and looked dismayed when I began to describe the set up and points to tap.

Wendy: I thought you would just give me a tablet or something!
Me: I'd like you help with EFT as I need to practise. Let's just try it on something simple. Do you have any fears?
Wendy: Fears! Flying, lifts, I've got loads!
Me: Which fear comes to mind first when I ask you if you have any fears?
Wendy: Lifts, because I have to use the stairs when I'm out shopping and my knee is painful.
Me: What is it about lifts that frightens you.
Wendy: I have never liked them but I got stuck in one over 40 years OK and I can't even look at them now.
Me: On a scale of 0-10 where 10 is the most intense, what number comes to mind when you think of a lift?
Wendy: Only 10? It's much higher than that!

I asked Wendy to make a mental movie of the experience of being stuck in a lift. She closed her eyes and became pale and beads of sweat appeared on her upper lip. She opened her eyes saying, 'I have never told anyone about this or been able to think or talk about it for all these years. When I'm shopping in that big store I make sure I always keep my back to the lift, I don't even want to look at it.'

I did a round of tapping on her getting her to say along with me, 'Even though I have not allowed myself to think or talk about my experience in the lift all those years ago I am safe here and in control.' Three rounds from KC to UA and the top of the head brought that down to a 0.

Interestingly I was going to work on her knee but here was an intense phobia with a hidden memory which is feeding off her energy and causing a physical problem.

Wendy proceeded with her mental movie, stopping each time there was an intensity so that we could tap on it and bring it down. Her mental movie started with walking up to the lift feeling OK and ready to do some shopping. There was intensity at the following points and we tapped on all of them -

Standing in front of the lift
Even though standing in front of this lift makes me feel sick in my stomach I deeply and completely accept myself

Pressing the button to summon the lift
....... I am afraid to press the button because the lift will come and I will have to get in it..........
The doors opening
........... makes me want to turn and run, ....... Afraid of that small space ............. Someone might see how silly I am......

The doors closing with Wendy on her own inside - lots of intensity there and many rounds of tapping ........ I can't get out ......... there's no air in here .........

Pressing the button to move
......... now I've done it ......... it's all my fault ............. I did this...........

Lift getting stuck afraid.........afraid of being a fool .......... Trapped and can't move.......

Pressing the panic button
.........afraid to press the button and make a fuss ..........

Lift jerking and moving again
....... People will be there when I get out .......... Making a fuss..........

Doors opening and getting out
.....embarrassed ......... heart pumping ........... fearful and foolish

The 0-10 intensity started at 10 for most of the intensities. What is interesting is how she shifted from being afraid to being perceived as a nuisance, of making a fuss, of being a fool. We were tapping into much deeper issues than her fear of lifts.

During the tapping and running of the movie Wendy's facial colour shifted from red to pale and back again, she cried, she laughed, she trembled and she kept going. She was determined to carry on as she could feel shifts in her throat and chest. As is often the case, I could feel them in the same spots in myself too. Is this in sympathy with the client or simply being so in the moment with them and sharing auric fields that we were working as one energy on this issue?

Running her movie again there was no intensity. Imagining going into the lift at the local store had no emotion attached to it.

And her leg had stopped hurting! Wendy was tired and yet elated when she left and thought she might be able to try going in a lift.

I saw Wendy again in 3 months later and she told me she had been in two lifts without any problems. She was bowling in the championship and her leg was better. Best of all her energy level was much greater and she felt well and happy.

How I love doing EFT. It's the most rewarding therapy I know.

Penny Horsburgh



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