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Eye condition improves after the client

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Please follow along with this emotional article by Ilana Weiler from Israel. It points yet again to how emotional issues often underlie physical problems -- impaired eyesight in this case.

Hugs, Gary

By Ilana Weiler

At one of my EFT workshops an attendee, Eli, chose to work on her eye problem in front of the group.  She explained that she had a chronic problem in her right eye with constant infections and black shadows, like clouds that are always present and interfering with her sight.  As a result of all the medical tests she did, she takes steroids daily, and the doctors said the situation will get worse through the years, and in time will affect her left eye as well.

Eli had an appointment scheduled with an eye specialist the next week so she practiced daily tapping for 20 or 30 minutes a day.  She said that all those black stains changed their color and are now much lighter colored.  But she didn’t know how to find the emotional connection and only tapped for the physical symptoms; this eye problem … these black stains … this weak eye … why is it the right eye, etc.

She asked that I work with her during the demonstration.  So we began by repeating her own sentences as appeared above.  I find this a good way of connecting a person to what she did before, and that creates a sense of continuity.  

Then I asked her to write on a piece of paper that looks like a ruler, major events that happened in her life around the time that her eye problem started.  She said she didn’t have to write anything - that she got divorced at that time.  We all burst out laughing.  We certainly had a good emotional beginning.  We tapped; Even though, my eye problem started the same time I got divorced…

I asked what she felt or thought when she said that.  She said “I wish he would go to hell.”  So we tapped one round for that and I asked why she wanted to send him to hell.  “He left me alone, with 3 little kids, and no money,” she replied while tears dropped down her face.

There was no need to measure her level of intensity as she was tuned in to the problem.  I asked, “What is it that you saw, at that time?”  I used the verb SEE, as a metaphor as well … not just the actual physical "seeing” but also the emotional or cognitive seeing as one would use in English as well saying I see, and meaning I understand.  Eli said “I didn’t see anything … I was using all my energy for making a living … I had to work all day long in order to make a living.”  I want to mention, that while I do all the questioning I keep tapping on the client non-stop.

Now we tapped, Even though, I didn’t see anything … I had to work all day long… She said it was so irresponsible of him, to leave her like that.  So we tapped for that now; Even though, he was so irresponsible, and I had to be soooo responsible … I had to be the father and the mother … I had to earn enough money for us, like two people should earn.

Now we tapped for, Even though I had to be a mother and a father, I hated being a father as well…  Then I guided her to make the connection to the function of the left hemisphere of the brain: control, responsibility, achieving a goal, the father masculine role.  I want to emphasize that Eli is a modern woman, and feels equal to men in her rights, etc.  But she was honest enough to share these feelings with the group.  We tapped, Even though, my left hemisphere was functioning full-time, I was completely left brain oriented, I fully love and accept myself and respect the woman within me. 

At this point Eli was calmer, not crying and just looked very much into the process, curious to see what was going to be unfolded.  I explained that the right side of the body is connected to the left side of the brain, and now we all saw the link.  Now we continued, and I asked how she was feeling and we tapped, Even though, I hardly had anytime for my kids I hardly saw them…

Tears were running down her face, and on other women’s faces as well.  Continually tapping she said, I hardly saw the kids … I felt I was missing parts of their lives … I wasn’t there for them when they needed me … It was so painful.  Even though it was so painful not to see them, but it was also very painful to see - to recognize the fact that I don’t see them…  I did the best I could … actually I am a superwoman.  We did a few rounds for that sentence which was highly emotional.

Our time was running out, and since Eli looked calm, and said she felt a calm, empty-like feeling … and even happy, we ended the demonstration.  I suggested a few sentences for her to work on at home, to use the skills she learned already with the group.

At the end of the session Eli said that those black stains were lighter, that she felt much more relaxed about driving back home now in the dark (she didn’t mention that before and we didn’t address this in the tapping.)  What the results will be, I don’t know.  Maybe after the meeting with the specialist, we will know more.  Maybe Eli would be able to reduce or even give up the steroids she has been taking daily.  I will keep you informed.  With best regards, and a thankful heart for this method and this group.

Ilana Weiler


Two weeks later after Eli saw the eye specialist.  The doctor recommended stopping all the medications.  His diagnosis was that the problem might just disappear - that the stains might sink … whatever that means.  Eli should keep visiting her doctor every 6 month for regular check ups.  Isn’t that amazing?  Love to all of you.

Ilana Weiler


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