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Pain Management

Releasing 7 years of pain and much more

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Study this detailed account of 4 EFT sessions conducted by Deborah Miller from Mexico. While the major pains disappeared in the first session much more work was done and, by the fourth session, Deborah gives this summary, "She was still without pain and enjoying it. Her menstrual cycle arrived the day before and it was without pain. She is still overweight but doesn’t have any of the inflammation she’s had for years. She is also losing weight now. Her skin is better and her hair is starting to shine. She hasn’t been back to the hospital. Normally she ends up in the hospital 2 or 3 times a month because of the pain." Please consult physicians for all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, PhD


            This is one of those stories you love to hear about and even more to participate in. Nyllirma contacted me to set up an EFT session because someone had recommended it. What transpired in the first session was incredible; she released the daily pain she had been experiencing for the previous 7 years. This first session occurred three months ago and the pain has not returned.

            I’ll share a detailed account, including some scripts of what transpired and at the end a testimonial from Nyllirma written three months after our first session. The process always amazes me even after years of working with EFT.


Deborah Miller, Ph.D.

Session 1:

Nyllirma is a 35 year old child psychologist who was first diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome, then lupus and finally systemic progressive sclerosis. Even though she has been in remission for 2 years, she has a lot of pain, inflammation in her joints, headaches, weakness and fear that the symptoms will return.

            I used the movie technique with her so we began by her sharing a specific example describing her pain. She recounted a time where she was lying down, actually had been in bed for 3 days with pain. Her shoulder hurt and it was difficult to move her arm. Even though she knew she needed to stay positive and was telling herself she was ok, she knew she wasn’t. She felt embarrassed, angry, very sad, and very depressed. Her 0-10 emotional intensity level was a 10.

            We did a quick round of tapping on the emotions she felt. Her intensity level dropped to 5. She felt the same emotions but they were less intense.

We then tapped the following:

Even though I’m angry at everyone, at the world, at myself for the injustices in life, that it isn’t fair that I have this problem, I love and accept myself. I want to feel free, but I’m not free. I’m still angry, so much anger.

Even though I’m sad because of everything that’s happened, for everything I’ve lost or missed out on, for everything I want but am afraid to have, I love and accept myself completely and profoundly. I forgive myself for being so angry and for feeling bad and I forgive everyone who taught me to feel anger.

Even though I am angry, I love myself.

This intense anger, it burns, it hurts, it causes wounds.

All of this anger.

My anger, sadness and fears.

All of my fears.


My fears of being good, of completing things, of receiving and of giving.

All the rest of my anger.

I release all of the anger.

I release all of the anger I have and don’t remember why I have it.

I release all the rest of the anger with myself.

I am free of this anger that causes problems in my body.

I am free of this anger and feel peace, tranquility and flexibility.

I love being flexible and healthy.

The intensity level dropped to zero. I asked Nyllirma to retell the story to find out if there was any “charge” left or anything we had missed, but it was still zero.

            I asked her to tell me of another incident. She described an incident that was very difficult for her. She couldn’t get up. She had again been in crisis for three days. She was receiving IVs with medications. The medication was strong and afterwards when she went to look at herself in the mirror she didn’t recognize herself. Her face and hands were puffy and her clothes didn’t fit well because her whole body was swollen. She was very sad to see herself look like this. She said it was impressive to look so ugly because of the treatment and illness. She felt self-rejection and asked herself who is this person in the mirror; it certainly isn’t me. She didn’t feel pain, but a loss. Her emotional intensity level was an 8.

We started with the eyebrow point without the setup this round:


Lost in an inflamed body.

Lost without emotion, without pain, like I don’t exist.

Such sadness.

So much sadness.

So many fears to be me – not this swollen woman.

My whole body is swollen.

I don’t recognize myself and I feel lost.

Everything is swollen.

I release this inflammation in order to find myself.

I am. I am here.

I am complete, fulfilled.

I am in peace and happy.

My life is mine; I can do what I want.

I am free to enjoy my life, myself, my body, my time.

I am a grand woman.

I love myself even though I have this illness.

Her emotional intensity level dropped to zero. She felt bright and cheery. Even when she described it again it was a zero. So I asked Nyllirma to describe the beginning of this illness. She said 7 years ago she had respiratory problems. She went to see a doctor. There was a false positive in the exam she received, which led to many more exams. They found respiratory infections; and kidney problems like proteins in the urine. In addition, she had trouble raising her arms.

            I asked her what she was going on in her life at this point. She said two years prior she had finished her Masters and had returned to where she used to live in order to work in a hospital. She said she was never ill when she was living away and studying. She recognized clearly that she was never ill when she lived away from the State where she grew up. The illness occurred after she returned.

I asked if she had ever been ill during her childhood. She stated that she had a few white spots on her skin (scleroderma) since infancy. She only remembered having a sore throat when a child. Then she spontaneously described her birth. She knew that when her mother was 6 months pregnant, there was an emergency and she and her mother were flown across the Mexican border to a hospital in Phoenix. Her family lived in a small village near the border without the facilities to do a C-section. After the birth her mother was not allowed to stay in the US so she was left alone in the hospital in an incubator for two months since she needed a respirator because she weighed less than 2 kilos (4.5 lbs).

We tapped the following:

Alone in an incubator.

I was all alone and I didn’t know why.

I felt so alone.

I felt abandoned.

Why did my mother leave me there alone?

I was too small to understand.

It wasn’t my fault.

I’m a good girl, a lovely baby.

I couldn’t breathe.

Hardly anyone to touch me or talk to me.

My mother wasn’t there.

I am ok. It wasn’t my fault.

I’m a good girl.

I can breathe now.

I am loveable and loving.

I’m never ill when I’m away from my home state.

I’m ill when I am.

I only had a few colds when I was a child.

But I was in a hurry to come into this world.

I was born under difficult circumstances

Then I was left alone for 2 months.

I was scared and lonely.

I was alone.

Without love.

Without my mama.

After this round Nyllirma felt liberated and at peace. And she was pain free. We discussed how interesting it was that her subconscious took us back to the time of her birth. It was something neither of us expected when we began the session. She said she’d ask her parents more details about her birth before our next session. This was the end of our first EFT session.

Session 2:

Nyllirma was excited. She had been without pain now for 10 days. This is the first time without pain in 7 years. Isn’t it wonderful that in one hour such pain can be released?

            Since the pain she normally felt was gone and even discussing it didn’t bring it back we chose to focus on a different pain that she feels. She was close to having her menstrual cycle. Before her cycle she has lots of pain, inflammation, headaches, and cramps and sometimes ends up in the hospital. Her cycle is irregular and painful. She feels desperate.

            We started tapping on the physical pain, the cramps, the irritation, the pain, feeling tired, desperate, the irregularity of her cycle, always with pain, that when she is in pain she doesn’t want to be a woman. Then we did positive phrases of feeling peaceful, being free of pain, irritation, cramps, etc. I included phrases about her body “knowing” how to function perfectly, how to release the tissue and blood without pain. Phrases about how she doesn’t need to have pain with her cycle even if her culture says that a woman needs to suffer, that these were false beliefs so she could release the pain and that her body is healthy.

            The intensity dropped by half after the first round. I asked her for a specific incident. She told me that sometimes she feels uncomfortable because she can’t readily go to the beach or a pool when she has her cycle because she bleeds so heavily. She has to be very well prepared and it takes a lot of effort.

We tapped on these issues and how it is restricting. Again we added positive phrases to instill these concepts within her. This time I included having faith in her body, that her hormonal system and metabolism function at maximum capacity and is in harmony. Then I added that her cycle could be a pleasure because it is light and easy. The intensity dropped to zero and she said she couldn’t recall anything about the scene she previously described.

We did another scene as a check. This time it was about going to a pool to swim the week before. She felt frustrated because she wanted to swim but felt she couldn’t. We worked on the frustration, feeling alone, different, not good enough, that it hurt, and that she was being punished. The intensity dropped from a 6 to a zero in one round.

            Then we returned to check on the status of her birth. Since our first session she spoke to her mother and father about her birth to get more of the details. I wanted to check if there were any aspects about her birth that needed to be addressed.

            This is what she found out. Her mother didn’t want to get pregnant because it was too close to the recent birth of Nyllirma’s brother. For her mother being pregnant again was a surprise. Her mother was tense thinking about what could happen with her health, that it could be dangerous, and that she wasn’t ready to have another child.

            When her mother was about 6 months along, she felt uncomfortable and was taken to the local hospital. Her placenta was releasing too early and a C-section was required. Since the local hospital didn’t have the facilities to do so she was sent to a US hospital. After the birth her mother had to return to Mexico and Nyllirma was left in the hospital alone. When she asked her mother why she didn’t come to visit, she was told it was because she was too weak to travel. Nyllirma felt confused by this because she couldn’t imagine leaving a newborn alone for two months without the desire to come and visit. In the end her father was the one who came to pick her up and he told how it was difficult for him. She was so small while the hospital bill was so large.

            We did EFT on these topics, including these and other phrases, my mother left me, I wasn’t important enough for her to come visit me, she said she was too weak, I wasn’t planned, she wasn’t ready to be pregnant, I was alone for two months, it wasn’t my fault that she got pregnant because the “church” says you can’t use protection, I forgive her and my father for having me so soon, I forgive my mother for all of her negative thoughts and tension when I was in her womb, that she didn’t want me, want this child, that she wasn’t ready, that it was too soon and that she was too weak to have another child. Then we instilled new thoughts like I’m free, I’m happy, I choose to enjoy my life, I am so happy with my life, my body and my health, that I love myself and I am 100% loved and loving.

            She felt completely relaxed and felt no charge when speaking of her birth.

Session 3:

I checked again to see if she has had any pain, and again she said no she has been without pain since the first session.  

This session we chose to work on the effects of being on cortisone off and on for seven years. The effects of cortisone she recognizes are a change of skin color, her hair was long and grew well, but not now, her body became wider and she gained 55 lbs. She felt inflamed. Emotionally she felt sad, and she didn’t recognize herself in the mirror. We tapped on all of the items she mentioned. We also tapped to instill the following positive concepts: my body is free of the effects of cortisone; they leave quickly and easily, my body knows how to liberate these effects, it is easy for my cells to free my body of this damage, my cells know how to eliminate these toxins, it leaves so easily, I’m free of these effects, my skin is soft, my hair is long and shiny and my body is slim, my cells are healthy, my body is healthy, and I healthy, I happy.

            Her intensity dropped from 8 to 0. She felt calm. I asked if she had a mirror handy. She got out the mirror and looked at her face. She noted that it didn’t look as inflamed and then mentioned that a couple of days ago a friend of hers told her that she is recovering her natural beauty.

            I asked for another story to do a check. Nyllirma told me that she feels swollen and out of shape. She can’t or couldn’t exercise because of the pain she used to have. She told me that she used to be an aerobics instructor until the pain came on and then she couldn’t even lift her arms up. So it was a drastic change from exercising a lot to not at all. She knew that swelling involved her kidneys retaining liquids. She felt the change in her arms, her back and chest. She felt she retained liquids as if her kidneys don’t function. She told me about a time that she put on a white sweater. When she passed by a mirror thought she looked like a snowman.

            We tapped on all of these negative issues and then included phrases to instill the new concepts, like her kidneys working well, that she will be teaching aerobics again, that she will return to her ideal weight, she will enjoy exercising again and that her body is healthy. She felt wonderful.

            She mentioned wanting to be a boy not a girl when she was young. She told me that her mother said she was a very sentimental and sensitive girl who cried easily, that there were things her brothers could do because they were boys, not girls. So she started to climb onto the roof, up trees and anything that a boy would do because she didn’t like what was offered to her as a girl, e.g. cleaning the house while her brothers watched TV. As she got older she lived alone, without family, as far away as possible in order to maintain this strength. She paid for her own education so as not to be a woman (or really the cultural version of what a woman could be).

            We started with the phrase that is wasn’t fair that her brothers didn’t have to do anything in the house, that she cried a lot as a child, that her brothers said she could cry because she was a girl. We did some forgiveness phrases toward herself, her mother and her brothers. Then I continued along the following line: I’ve paid my dues, I completed what I said I’d do because I didn’t want to be a woman, I’m strong like a man, I also store my fears, anger and frustration in my body that is why my body had to become ill. My body was storing all of this anger against society and my culture that says women are servants and don’t have value. I stored my anger, frustration, and acted like a man until I got ill. Now I free myself of the need to act like a man. I can be a woman, feminine and strong. Women are intelligent, strong and intuitive. It is good to be a woman. I am balanced between my masculine and feminine side so that I feel good. I am a Sacred Woman.

            After this round Nyllirma realized that with the cortisone her physical body had become more masculine. Her back was wider, her arms stronger, her chest bigger and her whole body bigger due to the hormonal changes caused by the cortisone. So we continued along this line.

            We tapped on the effects of the cortisone and how it made her body more masculine and how it helped her transform from a female to a male to complete her desire to be masculine not feminine. Even though the cortisone caused her body to become more masculine it also made her breasts larger to remind her that she was still a woman. There was a conflict in her body and mind about being a woman and wanting the lifestyle of a man. Her body was fighting. It left this pain in her body. Then we instilled new beliefs about being a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman. That she could still do everything that she thinks a man can do and be gorgeous. Each day she is more beautiful as a woman because she now understands the beauty of being a woman.

            At the end of this session she felt completely relaxed and was conscious of all that she had done to be masculine in order to not have to fit into her societies’ beliefs about the roles of women.

Session 4:

           This session became a check on all that had transpired up to this point. She was still without pain and enjoying it. Her menstrual cycle arrived the day before and it was without pain. She is still overweight but doesn’t have any of the inflammation she’s had for years. She is also losing weight now. Her skin is better and her hair is starting to shine. She hasn’t been back to the hospital. Normally she ends up in the hospital 2 or 3 times a month because of the pain. She has a school where things usually were difficult, as well as her feeling little tolerance. Now it is difficult for her to feel bothered by anything. In addition, the local municipal agency painted the school and will help her purchase land for the school instead of renting. Everything is flowing with ease. Imagine all that, besides feeling wonderful.

            The only thing she noticed was a feeling of sadness because she was without a partner. It wasn’t that she thought much about getting married because it wasn’t that important to her or should we say she wasn’t desperate to get married. She believed it would come at the right moment. So she was curious as to why these feelings were coming up at this point.

            We did some tapping on her lack of time to have a boyfriend that subconsciously she had wanted to be a man, that it wasn’t important to her to be married, that she was busy studying, etc. Afterwards we instilled new concepts such as she is a wonderful woman whether she has a boyfriend or not, she is content with her life, it’s ok to want to have a boyfriend, and now that she is not in pain she could share her life with someone special, she would determine what her requirements, needs and desires are in terms of a loving relationship. The intensity dropped after this one round.

            I had her repeat stories on various topics that we had done EFT on, but none brought up any intensity. She said she could appreciate that everything comes in its moment and since she is without pain she can see so many beautiful things in her life. She feels that everything in her life is coming together.


            All in all we did four EFT sessions in the period of a month. Working with Nyllirma reminds me of how quickly one can transform especially when you have tools like EFT and allow your subconscious to bring up the core issues. It has been an absolute treat to be invited to guide her during this transformation. I appreciate her openness and willingness to share her story with all of us. I am so happy for Nyllirma.

            I thought it would be lovely for all of you to hear Nyllirma’s point of view on this transformation.

Nyllirma’s Testimonial:

            I’m Nyllirma Celaya and as Deborah states 7 years ago I started to have health problems that were diagnosed as progressive systemic sclerosis. I am a psychologist with a master’s degree in mental health. I have lived 7 years with daily pain in my body and the largest pain I now know was caused by holding onto so many things that I ignored about myself without knowing it. And yes, it appears as a miracle, I’ve been without pain for 3 months (not even the normal menstrual pain, yeah), without symptoms of the illness and feeling very well not only in my body, but in my environment, my work and in my relationships.

When in the sessions with Deborah I let go of the irreconcilable emotions that were hidden so deeply; I finally freed what had caused me to become ill. I let it go and it is gone. I have tried many things, but I hadn’t forgiven myself for my situation and not known about EFT or Deborah. Whatever things that had happened in my life, including those I don’t remember, they are gone. And I have stayed free of pain, I am strong and secure because I don’t feel it anymore. And now I know what to do to confront what may happen.

Now I would like everyone to know about EFT because it is so simple to be well. Thank you Deborah, may millions of blessings come to you.

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