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Do cold sales calls give you the chills?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

In this article, Cathleen Campbell gets behind her client's reluctance for making cold sales calls. As you will see, EFT turned the process from a terrifying event to an enjoyable one.

Hugs, Gary

By Cathleen Campbell

Dear Gary,

After having cleared an intense emotional or physical pain, clients frequently begin asking what else this magical EFT can be used on and are quite elated to find that just as you suggest, it can be used on everything!

Such was the case with my client, Karin.  An exceptional organization and time management expert, Karin confided to me one day that, though she was indeed an expert complete with a PhD. and a growing business, she had one issue that was standing in the way of her true success - she hated cold-calling!

Here’s a bit of Karin’s story:

Karin is extremely outgoing, personable and interesting.  While she has a solid grasp on the services and products she offers, her business background prior to beginning her own consultation service did not include sales, marketing or public speaking.

Her business began growing organically, one referral to another, but in order to sustain and grow her company, Karin began to realize that she would have to take on the tasks of marketing and direct sales.  As an expert and a professional, Karin began researching, reading and learning the practical techniques and theories she would need to implement in order to grow her business successfully. 

In theory she was perfectly comfortable with these concepts, but in practice a torrent of fears, anxieties, trepidations, traumas and blocks began to surface.  Of all the specific tasks, cold-calling posed the biggest challenge: she not only hated it, she was terrified!

At first Karin told herself she was just too busy with her current projects and clients to begin making calls, she’d make them next week she would tell herself.  Being a time-management and organizational expert, she would go so far as to create the lists she’d use, schedule time in her calendar and create the actual scripts she would use to speak to new prospects.  But try as she may she never quite got around to it, and finally requested that we work to clear whatever underlying issues were holding her back.

While her level of anxiety and discomfort around the subject of cold-calling was an intense 10, our sessions were really fun and lighthearted.  Karin was prepared for difficult emotions, but when we delved into the subject we actually found that the blocks were not that deeply rooted.  In fact, most of the blocks she felt had no basis in reality!

The fear of rejection and other intense blocks were more along the lines of “what if’s” rather than something resulting from a past traumatic experience.  While just as we all do, she did have some past experience with rejection or disappointment, mostly her fears and blocks came from a sense that she had no experience in this area and could, potentially, fail.  Focusing on that possible failure, her mind began filling in the gaps to support that thought with her “what if’s” since she actually had no factual basis to support that possible outcome.

We began, as I always do, by doing a general round of balancing.  No matter the issue, I’ve found that I can get quicker results if we include statements like:

Even though my energy may be unbalanced now, especially around the issue we’re going to work on, I ask my subconscious mind to bring my energies into balance, clear my meridians and I give myself permission to feel safe to heal now.

Karin noted that after the initial balancing she felt calm and happy.  But of course the moment I asked her to even think about calling a prospect she’ d never even spoken to her entire posture stiffened, her face became taut and she lost some of her color.  Clearly the anxiety she felt was real.

Some of the issues we tapped on include:

Even though I’ve never done cold-calling before and I don’t know what I’m doing…

Even though I’m afraid people will be rude and mean to me…

Even though I know I’ll be interrupting them, bothering them and annoying them, I choose to release my judgments because I can’t really know what others are thinking and it’s not my place to choose for them.  They could really need my services and by not offering to help, I’m actually being more destructive than if my call does bother them.

Even though I feel that calling people I don’t know to tell them about my work seems like pushing, I love myself and I know I offer a valuable service, and I know that people do like me.

Even though I’m afraid it will look like I’m hurting for business, unsuccessful and unprofitable, I choose to realize that everyone needs to get customers, even Bill Gates, and I’m just doing what other successful business people have had to do to build their business, so if anyone does have a bad thought about me that’s their ignorance, but I love accept and forgive myself and them too!

Over a series of just a few sessions, we cleared all the underlying issues related to preparing for the cold calls, creating the proper script she felt confident in using and could adjust on-the-spot to respond to each prospect individually, following through on the actual calls and quelling any negative emotions that came up before, during or after the process.

Karin now reports the following astounding results:

  • She not only got over her anxiety but now truly finds the entire process fun!
  • She LOVES to share with people the helpful services, tools, systems and products she offers knowing that she is helping them create less stress, more productivity and a better life for themselves and their families!
  • She calls on everyone she meets, or anyone attending a networking event, as well as truly cold prospects she finds by researching various lists!
  • She has an astounding 50% reach rate on the initial calls, and at least half of them turn into a discussion or an in-person exploratory consultation!
  • Of the meetings she has, she’s got an 80% close rate on the spot!
  • These new clients are already referring her to even more prospects and new clients!

Karin’s business is growing by leaps and bounds, in ways that she can manage and feel comfortable with throughout the process.  Whenever she does come up against a block, she now readily recognizes it and either is able to handle it with the tools she’s learned or seeks support through a clearing session she now knows will help her turn the corner.

Her clients and business associates have all commented on how, while she was always a lovely person and interesting to be around, her “energy” has really improved and is just delightful to be around!  Karin tells them it’s no coincidence that they are actually using the word “energy” to describe the changes she has undergone and the warmth she feels.  She tells them she’s balanced and cleared using the magic of EFT!

Karin’s a shining example of using EFT on something that could have been brushed under the table because it wasn’t a crisis or a challenge.  As we clear our traumas the issues that fall below the surface begin to rise allowing the opportunity to heal them as well. 

In my practice I refer to these underlying issues as having a water-torture effect on us - the damage they impose is not pressing, but consistent and ultimately destructive.  While we often focus on the bigger traumas, I feel that these seemingly unimportant issues actually rob us of a great deal of valuable energy and can create damage equal to or greater than a single traumatic issue.

In clearing the negative emotional blocks she had around cold-calling, she’s now enjoying a newfound enthusiasm, energy and joy for her business, a level of abundance she’d never seen before and a future with unlimited possibilities!

As for anyone looking to grow their business, change careers or take their career to new heights, EFT is the most effective tool I’ve ever encountered to help not only clear the blocks, but also to give a solid foundation to the practical skills that one needs to be successful.  From clearing client relationships to improving productivity, removing creative blocks to changing those dreaded administrative tasks to joyful experiences, EFT is the healing tool to help us all create abundant and joyful businesses!

All the best

In Living Harmony,



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