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Irritable Bowel Symptoms disappear after resolving an emotional issue

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Rebecca Marina expertly relieves her client of a core issue of "feeling trapped." Simultaneously, her client's Irritable Bowel Symptoms disappear.

Hugs, Gary

By Rebecca Marina

Here is an interesting case of a client, "Liz", who felt"trapped" in any situation like a classroom, church, or social gathering where there were lots of people. Her anxiety sparks Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that makes the whole situation much worse. Her biggest fear was that she would be trapped in a roomful of people and feel the urge to"go" and not be able to do so.

Liz had a seminar coming up where she would be in a classroom setting and was was feeling a lot of anxiety just thinking about being in a room with lots of people and having to "sit there".Since the upcoming seminar was about Quilting, a hobby very dear to Liz's heart, she really was hoping EFT could help her feel free to enjoy it.

I asked Liz to close her eyes and imagine she was at the seminar and to just tell me how she was feeling just imagining sitting there with the room full of people and the door closed.

Liz replied, "I feel I just want to run, if I can't get out of here soon, my intestines will explode." She reported a 9 level of intensity.

We began using her own words as setup phrases. (If you listen, the client will always give you the setup phrases)

"Even though I just want to run and I feel like my intestines are going to explode...."

The intensity was only down to an 8 and I sensed this went much deeper.

It was almost as if Liz's self worth was somehow tied up with emotions about not being

free to go to the bathroom. So I asked Liz if she could "tune in" to the first time she felt this sense of panic and shame

about feeling trapped in a room full of people and not being able to go to the bathroom when she needed to. She remembered an incident when she was 3 years old and she had an accident and was shamed in front of other people for it.

(Here, I allowed my intuition to fully take over and just went with the flow of the guidance I was given.)

I asked Liz to imagine she was a little girl and get into her 'inner child".

"Even though I was shamed because I had an accident...."

"Even though I was to embarrassed to ask permission to go...."

"Even though I feel everybody is looking at me when I need to leave...."

"Even though I am afraid I will have another accident and be so embarrassed...."

As a practitioner, I could "feel" the intensity going down and felt it was time to bring in a little humor, so we continued...

"Even though I had an accident as a kid because I was too shy to insist on going...."

"I am a big girl now and I can potty when I want to."

""I can potty when I want to and I don't have to ask permission of anybody."

" I can potty when I want to and God help anybody that tries to stop me"

"I am in control of my bodily functions and I will leave any room when I want to and 'potty up a storm'!"

We were both just cracking up with laughter by then and I had Liz tune back in to the class room scenario.She said, "Why, if I was in that class room and needed to potty, I would just get up and go, what is the big deal?" ZERO intensity!

A week later, Liz called me and told me she had the perfect opportunity to put our session to the test. A cousin of hers died unexpectedly and she went to the very crowded church for the one and a half hour funeral.

She reported no anxiety at all.

She said that what surprised her most of all was her peacefulness at the "after funeral"gathering. The house where the gathering was held was just jam-packed with mourners. She was trapped in a corner as more and more people poured into the room. The doorway was blocked and there was no way out without shoving a few people to the side.

Liz said that she was simply amazed at how calm she felt, it did not bother her in the least. "Normally,I would have been climbing the walls and would have done anything to get out of there",Liz reported, "EFT is so awesome!"

I encourage other practitioners to learn to "tune in" to their clients and not be afraid to use humor when it feels right. It is also very insightful to ask if they remember an original event and heal the oldest wound. Allowing the client to "tune in" to the inner child will often bring up a core issue that may have been sparking a multitude of other issues.

In Liz's case, the humiliation she experienced over her "accident" had very far-reaching repercussions that did not come out until much later in life. Thank goodness for EFT, life is so much richer in every sense because of this wonderful, healing modality.

I hope this case study helps individuals and practitioners who may be in similar circumstances.

Rebecca Marina


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