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How to help a vomiting 9 year old boy from thousands of miles away

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Jasmina Kovacev was in her New Zealand home while her 9 year old son was in Europe visiting grandparents. At 2am came a panicky call from the grandmother because the young boy had been vomiting for hours. Jasmina resolved the whole problem in half an hour by doing EFT on the phone with her son. This article tells you how she did it. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, EFT CC-Adv

Hi Gary,

Recently my 9 year old boy went from New Zealand to Europe to spend some time with his grandparents. Few days ago I had a phone call from my mother telling me in a panic that she does not know what to do. Nicholas was vomiting since 8pm till 2am in the morning and mum was so worried that she wanted to call emergency. Nicholas first reaction was – "No, I do not want to see doctor, please call my mum, she will help me."  My mother gave me a call at 2am their time, expecting that I will convince Nicholas to accept a doctor's visit. My first thought was in that direction, but then I thought why not try EFT first.

We tapped on:

“Even though I have this pain in my stomach, I am a good boy.”

“Even though I have headache in my forehead, I know that I am OK.”

I heard over the phone that he started vomiting. During few minutes while waiting for him to come on the phone, I did proxy (surrogate) tapping.

We carried on tapping together:

“Even though I have nausea in my stomach, I am a very good boy.”

“Even though I feel dizzy in my head, I know that I am safe.”

“Even thought I have pain in my stomach, I love myself and my mum loves me.”

Nicholas stopped me saying - "I am ok now; I am tired and want to sleep."

I asked him how he wants to feel and he said healthy and restful. We did the choices trio (from Dr. Carrington) with healthy and restful:

“Even though something is in my body that my body does not agree with me I choose to be healthy and restful.”

He was ready to sleep.

I carried on for another 5 minutes doing proxy tapping. All together we were on the phone for about half an hour.

I called Nicholas in the morning and he was up before anyone else. I asked him how does he feel now and his answer was – healthy and restful. We both laughed.

I have learned again “Try it on everything,” as You would say.

By the way, Nicholas uses EFT on a regular base. Children are often not comfortable doing EFT in public till they really need it. Very recently he got a pain in his stomach when we were on the green market. He told me that he thinks that the pain is from too many sweets that he had that morning at a friend’s place. I was not happy with that and I asked him what we can do about it now. His response was – "Can I tap?"

I was surprised that he was prepared to tap in public as he usually does not like that. His pain was 9. I was standing next to him and observed. He tapped a few rounds and said -" it is 5 now, I will do some more." Another 3 rounds and Nicholas said- "it is 3 now and I can cope with the pain." His embarrassment for tapping in public became stronger than the pain and he was happy to leave it on intensity 3 till we went back to the car.

Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, EFT CC-Adv

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