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Helping a 97 year old man to die peacefully

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This touching story by Valerie Saint-Gaudens Swink is yet another glowing example of the usefulness of surrogate EFT. Her 97 year old father-in-law was in great physical pain but was "hanging on" to his clear detriment. Through surrogate EFT, Valerie and her husband addressed his "need to survive" quite successfully.

By Valerie Saint-Gaudens Swink

Dear Gary,

I've never written to you before, because I'm sure you get hundred of testimonials, and I don't want to burden you with more of the same. I'm inclined to break that trend now, however, because my husband and I tried EFT on his 97-year-old father who was physically ready to die but wouldn't let go spiritually. The results were amazing.

His wife of 60 years had left her body 11 weeks before. Basically he was healthy internally and mentally, but his body was in terrible pain from arthritis and getting around was growing more and more difficult for him. He had a great sense of humor, and delighted his caregivers with jokes about making it to 100, "by Golly".

We were so sad for his physical misery, however, wishing for his release and feeling helpless, all the while watching him hang on and on.

One night as we were talking about how sad it all was, I suggested that we do a surrogate tapping session together on his father. We went out into the jacuzzi and sat in the warm water praying for a few moments. I tuned into his soul and noticed that he felt very confused by his body's breakdown, as well as a profound sense of loss from losing both his wife and his mobility.

Then the thought came that he had spent his whole life in a sort of "Survival Mode" which had driven him for 97 years, and was driving him now. His was a really hard life, having to drop out of school in the 6th grade to support his family after his father ran off. From there it was working in the mines and oil fields, etc. His whole life was about surviving. I told all this to my husband, and we both began to tap for him:

"Even though I have to survive..."

"I've lived my life surviving and have to keep on surviving"

"I don't understand what's happening to my body...."

"I feel like I'm losing everything and I have to hang on..."

"Even though I don't want to let go and I'm afraid of letting go...."

"Even though I'm afraid that there's nothing beyond this life, I trust that God has a better plan for me than that."

"I can let go and be at peace."

"I can go be with Jo"

"I can let go"

"I know I'll be safe if I let go"

To be honest, most of what we said felt like it was channeled through us because I'm having a hard time remembering it all. As we finished, we both felt a sense of calm, loving peace inside. The next day was the first day he stayed in bed, and from that day on, he didn't get up again. He simply withdrew, closing his eyes, appearing to sleep. He asked for his sons, which he had never done before, and woke up when they came, but only briefly. Four nights after we tapped for him, he died peacefully in his sleep. We got the call, and my heart was filled with happiness for him, as I prayed to his soul, "Good Job, Dad!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!"

I believe that we helped free his soul from the strong pull of his emotions with EFT. Dying is simply another process we go through, isn't it?

Valerie Saint-Gaudens Swink


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