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How to get EFT into Schools

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT Master Mary Stafford has a dream that EFT will be taught in schools. Indeed, what greater gift could we give our children ... and their teachers ... and their parents? To assist in this goal, Mary gives a check list that needs our attention.

Hugs, Gary

By Mary Stafford M.Ed. LPC, EFT Master

My dream is that every child will learn EFT in elementary school -- and then go home and teach their parents!  I had a call from a woman, yesterday, asking me how to get EFT into schools.  I am writing this article to share my ideas with the rest of you.  If children could learn how to tap, they could release anger, hurt, sadness, embarrassment, etc.  They could recover from difficult situations and proceed with a much better quality of life.

  1. Tell every parent you know about EFT.  Invite parents to EFT introductory groups in which parents learn how to use EFT for their children and for themselves.  Call attention to the many articles written on the subject.  Many are on . 
  2. Participate in research projects.  Such projects are studying the effectiveness of EFT to help kids overcome test anxiety and math anxiety.  They are also looking at the effect on drop out rates in high schools.  The more research done in schools, the easier it will be for more schools to incorporate EFT.
  3. If you currently work in a school, and use EFT, teach other staff members how to use it for stress management. If teachers, with their stressful jobs, used EFT for themselves, that would be a benefit in itself.  After a good experience, they will be likely to use it for their students. 
  4. If you are a parent, with kids in school, go to PTA meetings.  Tell other parents and school staff about the benefits of EFT for kids.  Direct them to  Most of them will have never heard of it, and will thank you for informing them about EFT.
  5. If you are a parent and have time, volunteer at your child’s school.  When you are there tutoring kids, you very likely will have an opportunity to use EFT with a child’s learning problem.  Be sure to share the result with the teachers.
  6. If you are an EFT trainer, prepare brochures focused on how EFT helps children.  Mail them to school counselors, and put them on bulletin boards.  Order the compact disk EFT Specialty Series #1. In that video training series, Ann Adams makes a great  presentation on how to use EFT for children’s emotional issues.  During your trainings, present information on how to use EFT for kids.  Have books available on this special subject.
  7. As an EFT trainer, if you have trained at least 1 school counselor, ask the counselor to keep case histories of their use of EFT with children. Follow up by making a presentation at your state school counselors association conference with the counselor you trained.  Use real data from the school counselors case histories to encourage more counselors to accept the training.  I have presented at the last three Arizona School Counselors’ Conferences and have trained a number of school counselors as a result.

Mary Stafford


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