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Tapping for the United Nations

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Louise Kittel was motivated to use EFT for the problems of the United Nations. While she received some personal benefits from doing so, she also remarked, "What amazing transformations might take place globally if everyone who knew how to do EFT spent just a minute a day tapping to heal the world? "

Hugs, Gary

By Louise Kittel

Dear Gary,

I am another newbie, practicing for about 6 months now on everything from my migraine headaches to my mom's sciatica to my dog Pickles' abandonment issues leftover from her days of being a shelter dog. 

I've had remarkable success in all these areas, and since I've taken your advice to use it on everything, I found myself automatically tapping today for an unusual subject:  the United Nations. 

I walk by the U.N. nearly every day, and am always impressed by the number of visitors it attracts, especially the busloads of school children who come, wide-eyed and taking pictures, and full of hope that the U.N. can actually fulfill its mission of creating peace among nations. 

Too bad, I thought, the U.N. itself has been so plagued with problems, cover-ups, deceptions, and in-fighting.  I began to feel anxious and sad about this, and then it hit me:  why not do surrogate tapping for the U.N.?

Speaking as the U.N., I proceeded as follows:

Even though I feel like a big dysfunctional family...

Even though some of my family members have brought me shame...

Even though I feel I've lost my credibility....

Even though I feel it will be impossible to sort myself out...

Even though I sometimes feel I can't make a difference in the world...

I now choose to remember my mission for being in the world...

I choose to take strength from the thousands of people working within me who are noble and good...

I choose to remember the millions of people in the world who are counting on me...

I choose to believe I can fulfill my purpose of peace, beginning with me.

I wasn't at this for more than a minute when I personally began to feel more peaceful.  And then amazingly, out of the blue, two beautiful white pigeons landed at my feet!  They circled me once, then flew off in tandem toward the U.N. building, and disappeared into the sun.  Make of it what you will, I couldn't help but feel something very magical had just happened.

It seems to me it's not only people and animals that run on energy systems.  Companies, countries, and institutions are corporate bodies too.  It stands to reason that if EFT can help any, it can help all.  What amazing transformations might take place globally if everyone who knew how to do EFT spent just a minute a day tapping to heal the world? 


Louise Kittel 


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